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Galva Power is de enige groep in Europa die een complete waaier van geintegreerde diensten kan aanbieden op vlak van oppervlaktebehandeling

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HSH Aerospace Finishes HSH Aerospace Finishes, your cost saving partner HSH hsh air aircabin cabin interior maintenance coatings waterborne water borne aviation boeing embraer airbus refurbishment OSU fokker interplan FAR 28.853 FST BAC DA manckiewic

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...for the ultimate use. Often primers are not required and Direct To Metal DTM topcoats can be applied after treating the steel with zinc or iron phosphate, or anodizing an aluminum substrate. For example a High Temperature muffler application over steel would not require a primer. Stainless steel and galvanizing may only require a wash primer. Let U.S. Paint help you with...

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Anti - Slip Labo

Niet-gespecialiseerde handelsbemiddeling | overige werkzaamheden in de bouw

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Als een industriŽle, no-nonsense dienstverlener verbeteren wij mechanische machine-uitrusting. Door de levensduur van de onderdelen te verlengen, bieden we onze klanten een toegevoegde waarde voor de totale eigendomskosten.

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...thermal spraying process. Hard Facing By means of autogenous processes, various types of topcoats can be obtained depending on the application. Machining In addition to our coating department, Plasmajet has an extensive machine workshop. 40 years of experience Since 1968 Plasmajet specialises in wear resistant surface treatment. For over 40 years we have been developing technical coat...

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...scratch, abrasion resistance, washability and enhancing the surface aspect properties in topcoats and sealers. Thanks to their shape and ball bearing effect, the glass beads improve the fluidity and the ease of application in various applications epoxy flooring, polyester coating, SMC BMC ? OMicron solid glass beads are used alone or combined with other additives in paints...

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Ateliers BOUVY

...of quality imposed on these paints is Draconian. We essentially use two part polyurethane topcoats which provide a high level of resistance to scratching and to erosion due to climatic change, as well as having excellent colourfastness in the face of UV attack. Our external balustrades and guard rails are produced and installed to the same high standards of quality as our internal meta...

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BV Nails Only

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...a medium oil alkyd emulsion at 50 solids used in Interior and exterior primers and topcoats for wood, metal and joinery application Corrosion resistant primers Alkyds have many benefits. They are based on renewable raw materials. Alkyds cross-link to form a tough and hard film. They have a high gloss potential. Alkyds have a good open-time and thus an easy workability. They show...

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Awlgrip is a global leading supplier of topside finishing systems to not only beautify but also protect your yacht, no matter how big or small.

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...sheetfed inks at a recommended level of 4.0-6.0. This compound can also be used in UV topcoats. CeraSPERSE 174 is a high performance paste compound that provides excellent rub and slip properties along with good gloss retention. This product has a soft rheology, and will easily and uniformly disperse in lithographic compositions at any stage of the ink processing. CeraSPERSE 31 Cera...

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BV Florence Nails

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...coatings Wash, epoxy and polyurethane primers Various epoxy, polyurethane and alkyd topcoats Bonding primers Teflon coatings DAG coatings e.g. for EMC applications Patrick Schumans Lakspuiter Lakspuiter Surface Treatment Nederland BV Hazenspoor 16 6051 AB Maasbracht NL T 31 0475-463835 F 31 0475-464635 Belgium NV Grotenhoutlaan 1 B-2300 Turnhout B T 32 014-403960 F...

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...coating performance for indoor and outdoor applications, including wood and metal topcoats and wood stains. Our acrylic emulsion polymers provide excellent weathering properties and good color stability and flexibility for freeze thaw resistance in concrete coatings. NMP-free polyurethanes from Allnex are excellent in varnishes and other high-demanding architectural application...

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