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DRONE@WORK specializes in aerial photos and videos in fields such as industrial inspections, 2D and 3D terrain mapping, and photo and video optimization with the help of UAVs (unmanned aerial vehicles).

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Drone luchtvideo en fotografie bedrijfsvideo en fotografie

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Septentrio Satellite Navigation Lat: 50:52:09N Lon: 4:42:45E About Septentrio Corporate profile Septentrio & European Projects Careers Community Products GPS receivers GPS/Galileo receivers GPS/GLONASS receivers Accessory Product range

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...to topographic surveys. Countries Belgium, France. MOBILE MAPPING GEOxyz is using mobile mapping scanners for detailed and highly accurate 3D mapping. The laser scanner is a calibrated and mobile unit, which can be used on board of a survey vessel or on any other vehicle. Countries Belgium, The Netherlands. Sites Blankenberge, Oostende, Wenduine, Port of Rotterdam, Amsterdam. MONIT...

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...of Square, a spectacular show consisting of contemporary dance, music, fireworks, video mapping hellip Stam STAM, Ghent?s city museum is located on the Bijloke site, in a listed Convent that was entirely hellip CCC The Centre de Cration Contemporaine-CCE in Tours is a cultural center specialized in contemporary art. Phiilippe Chiambaretta hellip I Love EU For the openi...

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9230 Wetteren

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Flying-Cam company brings Close Range Aerial Filming to the entertainment industry with remote helicopters Flying-Cam // Close Range Aerial Filming Aerial camera, FlyingCam, Flycam, Helicam, Coptercam, Aerial production, Cable

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Chaussée de Tubize 483A 1420 Braine-l'Alleud

1420 Braine-l'Alleud

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...of Square, a spectacular show consisting of contemporary dance, music, fireworks, video mapping Stam STAM, Ghent?s city museum is located on the Bijloke site, in a listed Convent that was entirely CCC The Centre de Création Contemporaine-CCE in Tours is a cultural center specialized in contemporary art. Phiilippe Chiambaretta I Love EU For the opening ceremony of the Bel...

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...for Search and Rescue, scientific applications, infrastructure, inspection, film, mapping. From FPV flying to advanced range RC, thermal imaging components or enhanced flight times, we are here to help Xdronestore is proud partner of Acecore technologies, Workswell, Gremsy, Xfold, Amimom, and DJI Inovations . Contact us TEL 32 472990995 E-mail sales@xdronestore.eu Product...

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...Height measurement Distance measurement Other devices Forestry consulting Digital Forest-mapping Estimation and controls of private forest areas Planning and management of projects Forest worker training Wildlife International Development Close Project Share Project Description Film production Spalywood controls the whole process of film production planning, production and post-prod...

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Mosterd Holding BTX-eenheid

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...bruggen, enz. inspectie van pijpleidingen, waterwegen, terreinen 8211 mapping ifv landbouw, archeologie, natuur, stads- en gemeentebesturen? 8211 inspectie van schepen en vliegtuigen 8211 media 8211 sport- en livestream events advertising toerisme 8211 verzekeringsdossiers schade brand ongeval 8211 wegen en verkeer 8211 Voor meer inf...

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Kunstgalerijen evenementen organisatie paintball catering concerten catering evenementen catering manifestaties

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B.V. Techwatch

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Mikrocentrum Activiteiten BV

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Uwyn company website, use what you need. Uwyn is custom software application development that specializes in dynamic web applications, rich internet applications, web 2.0 and ajax, platform-independent programs, and interoperable web services. Uwyn i

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...telephone. Navigation A device that uses GPS Global Positioning System to provide route mapping and directions NC Rating See Noise Criteria Negative Feedback See Feedback. Neodymium A rare earth magnet that is several times more powerful than conventional materials such as ferrite. This allows for very compact loudspeaker motors, which can be designed to be self shielding to minimi...

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...for wide audiences. more info Doris DORIS is a research tool designed for sampling and mapping European lobsters Homarus gammarus in the marine environment. DORIS exists as an Android smartphone app, database and public website, and is designed for researchers to use in the challenging conditions of small fishing boats at sea. more info Betablocker BetaBlocker is a livecoding per...

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e-BO Corporate Services

e-BO Enterprises ontwikkelt beveiligde platformen voor de distributie van content en levert daarbij diensten voor het beheer van netwerken, cloud computing en infrastructuurbeheer.

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International B2B pr & communication

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