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We focus on the development of unique and innovative solutions for the textile market. We invest in the future. We believe in working together and discover unexpected ways to face the challenges of the future.

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EcoChem focust op milieuvriendelijke alternatieven voor brandbescherming. EcoChem verdedigt een productontwikkeling die gericht is op oplossingen zoeken, terwijl de meeste van zijn concurrenten eerder een goed-gedefinieerde (volume) productstrategie.

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...printing finishing auxiliaries Yarn preparation Kleurstoffen Hulpproducten Flame retardants Home Links Contact Colorants Colorants Lomat International nv - Henri Lebbestraat 190 - B-8790 Waregem T 32 56 620 410 - F 32 56 620 411 - info@lomat.be Disclaimer Privacy Masters communication...

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...printing finishing auxiliaries Yarn preparation Kleurstoffen Hulpproducten Flame retardants Home Links Contact Disclaimer Disclaimer Lomat International nv - Henri Lebbestraat 190 - B-8790 Waregem T 32 56 620 410 - F 32 56 620 411 - info@lomat.be Disclaimer Privacy Masters communication...

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de Broquevillelaan 12 1150 Sint-Pieters-Woluwe

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Managing the Elements of Success...Ampacet is the leading independent producer of color and additive concentrates for the plastics industry. Ampacet masterbatch,Black, White,Color concentrates,additives,plastics,thermoplastics,pigments,antistat,antif

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...Latex Compounds - Talc - Calcium carbonate - Aluminium hydroxide - Flame retardants - Clay - Pigments - Zinc Oxide Flooring - Coloured and uncoloured quartz - Bauxite - Brown Fused Alumina - Flame retardants - Barium sulfates Plastics and Rubber - Metakaolin - Clay - Pigment - Talc Building, Concrete and Mortars - Carbonate fillers - Metakaolins - Fluorspar - Water Re...

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...Beaulieu Fabrics is a participating member of the VECAP programme for bromated flame retardants. We are offering Broom- and Halogen free flame retardants to our Customers who require fabrics to comply with flame retardant standard BS 5852. Production processes have been x-rayed and subsequent process re-design has resulted in reduced waste materials being generated throughout the pro...

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...U.S. EPA ENERGY STAR? partner. Fire Safety FactsGet the facts Albemarle s flame retardants are effective and safe when used for their intended purposes. Upcoming Events Albemarle Events EPCA Vienna 10 4 2014 - 10 8 2014 AFPM QA 10 5 2014 - 10 8 2014 CPHI WorldWide 10 7 2014 - 10 9 2014 CEE Turkey Refining and Petrochemicals 10 14 2014 - 10 16 2014 23rd Annual FlexPO Conferen...

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...behaviour and fireproofing. Thus they are compatible with fillers, certain flame retardants and antistatic agents. Synthomer?s latices can be applied according to numerous different processes - frothed or compact, at a foam-table, with a foulard or with a full bath. To meet the demands for the production of high elastomeric carpets with properties to provide a high degree of mec...

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Altitude is a communication, creation and graphic production company established in Brussels for more than twenty years. Our offices and team are located in the city centre a few yards from the European Commission and Parliament. We offer a wide rang

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...impact assessment of BFR-free plastics The ban on concentrations of brominated flame retardants BFR above 0.1 in plastics has had an impact on plastics recycling. As more and more products include recycled plastics, it has become critical to know the BFR concentration in these plastics, either by tracing the origins of the recycled plastics to establish the BFR concentrations, or...

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Wetenschappelijk en Technisch Centrum van de Belgische Textielnijverheid

...for technical applications in textiles, as for example the biocide, sunscreen, fire-retardants fireproof, abrasion -resistant, dirt-repellent, self-cleaning, antistatic or hydrophobic and oleophobic finish. Lees meer Multitexco In the last decade, advanced textiles materials have been developed as a result of a number of research and innovation projects addressing in particular the...

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...II products on hand? Updated date December 5, 2013 What about materials with flame retardants like ABS? Updated date December 16, 2013 What is the maximum temperature of Porcerax II? Updated date December 5, 2013 What is the recommended way to re?open the pores of Vortex pins plugs after machining? Updated date November 19, 2014 What size pore should I use for my resin? Updat...


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