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Kipco Damaco

...Read full article Posted April 01, 2014 General New products - fibres and vegetables Kipco-Damaco is ready to introduce the latest line of Kipco-Damaco brand products Spices, Fibres, Additives Seasoning, as well as the new Damaco Foods Frozen Vegetables Read full article Posted April 01, 2014 General The foundations of meat flavours Taste may be king, but consumers ar...

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OfficiŽle Webpagina van Dirafrost Frozen Food Industrie n.v. DIRAFROST FFI frozen, food, industry, diepvries, voeding, industrie, groothandel, fruit

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JOGREX is located near the port of Antwerp, in the centre of Europe. Over the years JOGREX became a reputed supplier for major food industry worldwide. JOGREX, Fresh & frozen preserves semi-manufactured foods from Belgium.

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DefaultHomePage Welcome to tecnoband.be ! This is a place-holder for the tecnoband.be home page. If you are the domain owner: Log in to the Site Administrator interface to start managing this site (you might want to bookmark this link). Through the S

2018 Antwerpen

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...and fruit spreads, compotes, canned deciduous fruit, frozen vegetables, canned vegetables and dehydrated vegetables. Visit their website to find out more http www.profel-europe.eu The brochure hereunder Sustainable Production of Healthy Food, Available to All, Affordable by All was launched during the 7th conference of the Vegetable Processing Industry on April 29th 2011. P...

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Storax Benelux

...high-bay capacity for frozen vegetables 21-10-2010 New high-bay capacity for frozen vegetablesIn just three decades, Bondu Lees meer Ardo investment with respect for nature 4-8-2009 Ardo started its vegetable growing and trading activities in the fifties on the family farm Lees meer D.J. Middelkoop Zn. wint ruimte met STORAX verrijdbare stellingen 29-7-2009 Transportonderneming D.J...


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