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...technology moisture management technology after wash technology allergen control technology durable water repellent technology Thermoregulation Technology masterbatch technology 15 04 2016 We have moved to our new offices in Ronse Read more...

9600 RONSE

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Als Belgisch bedrijf spitsen wij ons al sinds 1978 toe op de vele uitdagingen waarmee professionals worden geconfronteerd bij technisch onderhoud en herstellingen. Professionals, dat zijn techniekers, onderhoudsmechaniciens, carrossiers, aannemers,..

2250 Olen

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Vertellus Chemicals

...polymer intermediates and performance enhancers for the plastics industry. Vapi?s key technology is sulfonation. Since acquired in 2011, the site has had significant investment to expand capacity and ensure compliance with global health, safety and environmental standards. The facility is ISO 90012008 certified. Weifang, China With a majority interest in this joint venture, Vertellu...

1000 Brussel

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...sulfonation, alkylation, amination and maleation is the facility?s key reaction technology. Additional capabilities include alkylation, bromine chlorine halogenation, esterifications and hydrolysis. The site is an ISO 90012008 certified batch-processing facility. Nantong, China This facility produces pyridine and picolines as well as cyano pyridines. In 2001, the Nantong facili...

2040 Antwerpen

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...Speedwear Concept INDIVIDUAL Speedwear TECHNOLOGY Technological fabrics Cycling insert technology Clothing properties NEWS ABOUT US Mission Statement Timeline Champions and innovations Why Bioracer Bioracer DNA Careers Press FIND US Store locator Representatives Distributors Webshop CONTACT HOME TEAM CLOTHING Cycling Triathlon Running Mountainbike Leisure Wear BMX Skate Cycling paddi...

3980 Tessenderlo

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Ravenshout 5.2. 3980 Tessenderlo

3980 Tessenderlo

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Rietmusweg 100 3700 Tongeren

3700 Tongeren

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Nord Resine si occupa di pavimenti industriali in resina e pavimenti per negozi e show rooms. Resine e impermeabilizzazioni Trattamento pavimenti esterni in resina amianto cemento armato intonaci - prodotti per l'edilizia

4800 Verviers

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Wetenschappelijk en Technisch Centrum van de Belgische Textielnijverheid

...special and time-consuming hygiene procedures. This will be accomplished by a unique technology with antibacterial agent integrated into the microfiber of the cloth. The advances in this technology will allow significant reduction of cross-contamination and bacterial regrowth. Infectious diseases arising in the home setting are a significant concern. Lees meer Safe@Sea The main obje...

1000 Brussel

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Generaal Lemanstraat 38 2600 Antwerpen

2600 Antwerpen

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Comatra was founded in 1982 and has played an important role in supplying heavy equipment worldwide . We supplied one of the first mobile crusher units used for the construction of the roads for the Olympic Games in Barcelona

3800 Ordingen

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Avventura.be Welkom!! Welkom bij Avventura, de ski- en outdoor specialist van Belgie!! Kleding Schoenen Bepakking Tenten Slapen Ski & Snow Rock & Ice Fiets & Bike Nordic Walking Koken op kamp Gezondheid Navigatie Optiek Tools Verlichting Kids Travel

9000 Gent

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Harco Group supplies different types of raw materials and chemicals to a diversified of industries such as plastics, rubber, petrochemicals, textile, coatings, pharmaceutical, cosmetics, adhesives, inks, paper, etc...

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Produit et distribue profils d'étanchéité, clips, agrafes, rivets pour vitrage auto et distribue outils, systèmes de réparation, détecteurs et embases. ICOR :: You've got the right address

1300 Wavre

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...SMARTER WINDOWS Watch our video to see how Dow Cornings innovative Smart Window technology could one day be used to create windows that change from transparent to opaque at the touch of a button reducing cooling, heating and lighting requirements. BRIGHTER THINKING FOR LEDs Dow Corning silicones help protect and aid in the lead-free assembly of LED-based lighting modules, thank...

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Manufacturers of Refugee Tents, Relief Tents, Hospital Tents and Relief Suppliers of Blankets and emergency relief supplies Relief supplies relief tents relief tent refugee tents relief aid hygiene parcels blankets sleeping mats cooking sets jerry ca

7911 Frasnes-lez-Anvaing

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...used by more than 600 rescue organizations worldwide. In emergency situations, RECCO technology enables rapid directional pinpointing of a person?s precise location using harmonic radar. NANOPLUS provides superior water oil repellency and protection against spills and stains. Nanoplus delivers durable long lasting protection. BIONIC FINISH ECO is a water-repellent, breathable finish...

9831 Sint-Martens-Latem

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Tunnelweg 3 2845 Niel

2845 Niel

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Tervurenlaan 168 1150 Sint-Pieters-Woluwe

1150 Sint-Pieters-Woluwe

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...short video images are all a possibility. what does SEPIA products do? We integrate LED technology in various items that SEPIA products designs and produces. Some examples Menusigns Napkin holders Money trays Coaster holders Glorifiers bottles Glorifiers range Shelving systems SEPIA products would love to help to put your brand in the centre. Led Panels LED panels technology LED-signs...

9120 Melsele

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Nicols international Nicols international Fr Es En Nl De FRESENDENL

1400 Nivelles

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Wash Oner werd in 1992 opgericht in Brussel. Haar oprichter, Patrick Togni, een groot liefhebber van auto's, heeft een concept voor het wassen van auto's gecreëerd dat tegemoet komt aan de verwachtingen van zelfs de meest veeleisende klanten.

1050 Elsene

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...products would love to help to put your brand in the centre. Led Panels LED panels technology LED-signs of SEPIA products use up to 20 less energy than the LED-signs of our competitors. Just one sign will not change that much. But imagine that all your LED-signs use 20 less energy? Together we can save a whole lot of energy. By using SEPIA products LED signs instead of tradition...

2880 Bornem

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Rue des Poiriers Rue des Poiriers 5030 Gembloux

5030 Gembloux

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8550 Zwevegem

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PRODUCTEN VOOR VOCHTBESTRIJDING EN RENOVATIE VAN GEBOUWEN Behandeling van optrekkend vocht Droog en bewoonbaar maken van kelders Afwerken van vochtige zoutbelaste muren Hydrofoberen van gevels Onzichtbare houtbeschermi

9300 AALST

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