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We focus on the development of unique and innovative solutions for the textile market. We invest in the future. We believe in working together and discover unexpected ways to face the challenges of the future.

9600 RONSE

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Rue Guillaume Fouquet Rue Guillaume Fouquet 5032 Gembloux

5032 Gembloux

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Some years ago, the Driven by Perfection became our device. Not to inject new life into Deslee Textiles. Nor because slogans are in these days. But only because it precisely says what we stand for. Driven by perfection. we permanently strive for it.

8790 Waregem

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tag: allergen control for textiles

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9100 Sint-Niklaas

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Sensient Flavors Belgium

Sensient Technologies, fragrance flavor color, Universal Food Welcome to Sensient Technologies Sensient Technologies, fragrance, flavor, color, Universal Foods, pharmaceutical, cosmetic, inkjet, Kenneth Manning, savory, dye, food technology, aroma ch

3001 Heverlee

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de Haernestraat 42 1040 Etterbeek

1040 Etterbeek

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