Stay on top of your meter-to-cash processes.

MECOMS Customer Information System (CIS) provides you with all the functionalities for the complete "Meter-to-Cash" process. First, it allows you to create products and to sell them to your customers in the form of contracts. MECOMS then offers several methods to bill your customers for the commodities they use. In the end, the platform also takes care of credit management to process payments and deal with late or non-paying customers.


Customer Management
The customer is the central entity within the module of customer management. This allows you to retrieve all your customers in an easy and efficient way within the solution.​ By making use of 360░ cockpit screens you have a complete overview of your customer, including his contracts, invoices and cases.

Contract Management​
Based on the products you offer, you create a contract for your customer. MECOMS 365 automatically takes care of these contract arrangements in billing and other administrative processes. Not only for B2C but also for B2B we offer an advanced pricing and quotation suite. Advanced contract conditions, such as automatic renewal, auto-balancing, cash-out and take or pay, are all possible.​

Billing is a core process for any utility company. MECOMS 365 is designed to rapidly deliver impeccable bills, to encourage timely payments and to maximize the payment rate of every customer segment. ​ MECOMS 365 also provides out of the box support for real time pricing and billing.


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General Manager Dhr. Franky Baert (NL)
Commercieel Manager Dhr. Geert Janssen (NL)
Financieel Manager Dhr. Steven Nuyts (NL)
HR-Manager Dhr. Alain Bastiaens (NL)
Aankoop Manager Dhr. Franky Baert (NL)
Marketing Manager Dhr. Wim Mangot (NL)
Marketing Communication Consultant Dhr. Michel Delvaux (NL)
ICT-Manager Dhr. Dirk Michiels (NL)
Technisch Manager Dhr. Dirk Michiels (NL)

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