proxtech international-sinaai-waas
proxtech international-sinaai-waas
proxtech international-sinaai-waas
proxtech international-sinaai-waas

ProxTech offers various RFID and proximity solutions.

Our company´s strategy is very straightforward: We offer our customers all read-only and read/write systems, as well as a full range of transponders, all from one supplier.

ProxTech is one of the few companies offering solutions in MIFARE©, Legic©, I-code, Hitag 1,Hitag 2 and random pre-encoded technology ( EM4102 read-only ).

Located in the center of Europe (Belgium), we are able to supply on a wordwide basis.


  • Transponders rfid
  • Rfid technologie
  • Pintbare rfid tags
  • Data opslagen op chip
  • Rfid tag
  • Radio-frequency identification
  • Informatie opslaan op afstand
  • Identificatie met radiogolven
  • Ontwikkeling klantspecifieke rfid-software
  • Ontwikkeling rfid projecten
  • Transponders in iso kaarten
  • Transponders in sleutelhangers
  • Transponders in schrijflabels
  • Transponders in armbanden
  • Transponders in horloges
  • Specialist toegangscontrolesystemen
  • Compacte toegangscontrolesystemen
  • Usb lezer multitop
  • Usb lezer desk
  • Usb lezers
  • Usb modules
  • Rfid module compact-iso
  • Rfid module flex
  • Compact-des rfid module
  • Compact-em rfid module
  • Compact-ht rfid module
  • Oem module
  • Rfid transponders
  • Usb rfid penlezers
  • Usb rfid desktoplezers
  • Rfid modules
  • Proxlin rfid lezers
  • Nova rfid lezers
  • Usb desktop rfid lezers
  • Rfid lezers
  • Premium rfid lezers
  • Mini rfid lezers
  • Mcr rfid lezers
  • Mcr/k rfid lezers
  • Rfid oplossingen
  • Proximity oplossingen
  • Random pregecodeerde technologie
  • Ontwikkeling identificatiesystemen
  • Productie identificatiesystemen
  • Onderhoud identificatiesystemen
  • Rfid readers
  • Modules
  • Stand-alone systemen
  • Elektronische rfid
  • Rfid-transponders
  • Rfid-terminals
  • Specialist rfid lezers