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Veltec Services is uw betrouwbare industriŽle dienstverlener. Zij biedt ondersteuning voor On Site Machining, reparatie van lekkages, monteren en demonteren van boutverbindingen, laseruitlijning, staalconstructies of werkplaatsactiviteiten

2950 Kapellen Veltec

03/660 12 50

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Opgericht in januari 2008 staat TRS ondertussen garant voor totaal oplossingen betreffende het gecontroleerd aanhalen van boutverbindingen.

9120 MELSELE (BEVEREN) Torque & Repair Services

03/336 76 36

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...Hydraulic bolttensioning Bolting calculations and procedures Manufacturing and sales of bolting equipment also fit to purpose Special applications Machining in situ Flange facing Milling, facing of pedestals Linishing, grinding Shaft turning Inline boring Drilling and tapping hydraulic digital controled unit Spark erosion in situ metal desintegration Removal of broken drills a...

3980 Tessenderlo Lenmatec Prio

013/67 66 90

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...a versatile range of models that will provide the amount of power you need, no matter your bolting application. The pumps are available in two versions air driven explosion-proof, or electric driven, 110V or 220V. They come in three sizes small, medium and large. Photos Video See the product in action This is application description This is application description This is applica...

1050 Elsene Corodi

02/358 19 33

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