General Information

  • checked Venture N.: BE0404.284.716
  • checked Turnover: > €100.000.000
  • checked Staff members: 1-5
  • checked Founding Date: 25-01-2007

Official NACE headings

  • Vervaardiging van elektrische en elektronische benodigdheden voor motorvoertuigen
  • Other types of works with regard to the completion of buildings
  • Wholesale in electronic materials, inclusive of material for installation
  • Other personal services
  • Wholesale, drives
  • Dealers in computer peripherals
  • Software vertical applications
  • Software vertical applications
  • Manufacture of motors, generators and electrical converters, distribution equipment and electrical control
  • Programming, advice and other computer activities
  • Manufacture of electrical transformers
  • Manufacture of batteries and electric batteries, including batteries for motorised vehicles
  • Manufacture of appliances for cutting, sectioning, protection, connection, joining or connection with electrical circuits: switches, commutators, circuit breakers, etc.
  • Setting of telecommunication systems and computer installations
  • Transmission of sounds, images, data or other information by cable, wireless, by base or by satellite
  • Production of electronic parts
  • Production of other electric devices
  • Production of medical and dental instruments and related items
  • Installation of industrial machines, devices and equipment

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