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  • checked Venture N.: BE0424.436.564
  • checked Turnover: €2.500.000 - €5.000.000
  • checked Staff members: 20-49
  • checked Founding Date: 01-07-1983
b. rekencentra-edegem
b. rekencentra-edegem

Moving Your Business Forward Safely, Economically, ... Successfully!

Operating successfully since 1983 as software- and solution provider. We supervise projects from the consultation and conception, system development, integration and administration to the point of training and support.

Our Solutions:

A fully open and customizable ACARS messaging system supporting downlink and uplink. (Learn More...)

Integrated and user-friendly graphical terminals management system. Specifically developed for 3-modal container terminals. (Learn More...)

Manual and automatic optimised load distribution and balance for cargo and passenger. (Learn More...)

Software for:


  • Sable
  • Container terminal software
  • Load distribution
  • Aircraft communication
  • Cargo logistics software
  • Flight operations software
  • Tms
  • Tos
  • Acrs
  • Ramp handling
  • Reservation systems
  • Weight software
  • Balance software
  • Robomatic
  • Sable cargo
  • Ground communication
  • Ground communication server
  • Message interpretation
  • Messaging system
  • Messaging routing
  • Message processing
  • Aircraft communication adressing and reporting system
  • Arinc
  • Airplane software
  • Airplane systems
  • Flight deck crew program
  • Airplane program
  • Terminal operation program
  • Terminal management system
  • Terminal operation system
  • Acrs messaging system
  • Load balance software
  • Ar-com
  • Interman

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Sales Manager M. K. Tavernier (NL)
Sales Manager M. Dirk Van Gompel (NL)
Marketing M. C. Tavernier (NL)
IT-manager M. David Van Gompel (NL)