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We focus on the development of unique and innovative solutions for the textile market. We invest in the future. We believe in working together and discover unexpected ways to face the challenges of the future.

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Some years ago, the Driven by Perfection became our device. Not to inject new life into Deslee Textiles. Nor because slogans are in these days. But only because it precisely says what we stand for. Driven by perfection. we permanently strive for it.

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Caldic Techniek Belgium

Are you looking for solvent-based chemicals, acids and alkalis, food ingredients or specialty chemicals? Caldic is your one-stop shop and reliable partner for all segments! We offer valuable services for our customers.

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GEA Farm Technologies Belgium

...Project has now presented GEA an award for its reporting on measures in the area of climate protection ?Best Improver Germany 2015.? 13nov 2015 GEA Highlights at P-MEC India On-Demand Drug Production and Operator Welfare A longstanding exhibitor at the event and a well-known brand in India, GEA is taking the opportunity of P-MEC India to display, for the first time in the coun...

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...Item No. MEDIUM WARMTH Medium down comforters provide year-round warmth in a range of climates. Designed for cool nights and summer evenings, they appeal to a wide variety of tastes. The patented nodes stitching system allows the goose downs to extend to its very best volume distributed in 4 different chambers in order to make you benefit from its lightness, softness and insulation...

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...oblate stones and sandy parts photo. We pass Tin Toumaitek. Wind erosion and the arid climate have strewn the plateau with rock formations resembling stone forests. We climb to one of the highest points to get a good view over the area but we don t see the drivers anywhere. According to our guide it isn t a good sign. He shows us in which direction we can move on while he himself...

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