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Marie Curiesquare 12 1070 Anderlecht

1070 Anderlecht

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tag: azure stack

Posthoflei 1 2600 Antwerpen

2600 Antwerpen

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tag: azure stack
Sobelco Technics

Mijnwerkerslaan 29 3550 Heusden-Zolder

3550 Heusden-Zolder

011/53 10 71

tag: azure stack

Guido Gezellestraat 57 8400 Oostende

8400 Oostende

0498/5 2 17 34

tag: azure stack

...of its rehosting stack 09 10 2014 Raincode releases version 2.0 of its mainframe rehosting stack, developed specifically... Read more 2014 Raincode. All rights reserved.Sitemap Webdesign by ProduWeb Sign in classic Username Password Remember me Forgot password? Sign up Required fields Username Email I agree with Raincode Terms Privacy Policy...

1000 Brussel
tag: azure stack

...2016 Gaat u geheel of gedeeltelijk naar de cloud? Met Openstack houdt u grip op de volledige stack waarop uw applicaties en data draaien. Remco Toele legt in zijn blog de voordelen van Openstack uit. 13 12 2016 Microsoft vervangt Enterprise Cloud Suite door Secure Productive Enterprise Suite. Onze Duitse collega Thino Ullmann heeft hierover een blog geschreven met ene uitleg. Heeft u v...

1020 Brussel

02/373 14 11

tag: azure stack
SOFTWARE ADVIES best practices, vb Troy Hunt Heeft geen probleem om verder te kijken dan de MS stack, bijvoorbeeld naar OSS libraries frameworks om van te leren In staat om kennis door te geven, een goede technische oplossing te vinden voor eender welk probleem, de algemene code kwaliteit Clean Coder, Uncle Bob te bevorderen Ervaring met Continuous Integration TeamCity, TFS, 8230 B...


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tag: azure stack

Prins Boudewijnlaan 41 2650 Edegem

2650 Edegem

03/451 23 82

tag: azure stack

Cegeka is a full-service ICT company: customers call upon us for consultancy, staffing services, software and web development, on-site and remote management of ICT infrastructure up to outsourcing. With our data centres, we`re fully equipped for ...

3500 Hasselt

011/24 02 34

tag: azure stack

Ternesselei 229 2160 Wommelgem

2160 Wommelgem

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tag: azure stack

Steenweg van Grembergen 27 9200 Dendermonde

9200 Dendermonde

052/42 73 70

tag: azure stack

...about this ORACLE Our Oracle expertise is primarily focused on Oracle s Fusion Middleware stack and more precisely on Service Oriented Architecture Business Process Management Read more about this SAP In the SAP universe we focus on XI, PI and PO Read more about this SOFTWARE AG In Belgium, we are Software AG s largest service partner regarding Integration Intelligent Business Ope...

2500 Lier

03/366 06 89

tag: azure stack

...general reason Heroku was really designed with RoR in mind, and even though they made a new stack for java apps, the old rules still apply if an application takes more than 60 seconds to boot, it is crashed. There is no way to adjust this timeout, and we all know that it can be pretty common for a java app to take a little more than that. another consequence of this slow boot intoler...

1325 Chaumont-Gistoux
tag: azure stack

Veldkant 33 A 2550 Kontich

2550 Kontich

03/451 23 97

tag: azure stack

Kortrijksesteenweg 40 9830 Sint-Martens-Latem

9830 Sint-Martens-Latem

0479/5 1 66 53

tag: azure stack

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Oude Gentweg 26 9840 De Pinte

9840 De Pinte
tag: azure stack
TIM PASHUYSEN technology platforms for Fortune 500 Clients leveraging a cutting edge web stack. They have a track record of 15 years in delivering and creating enterprise marketing technologies for international leading brands in various fields such as FMCG, retailers, pharmaceutical, media and agency networks. Stylelabs operates globally with clients across Europe, Asia and the U.S...

1700 Dilbeek

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tag: azure stack

Waalbeekpark 9 9870 Machelen

9870 Machelen

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tag: azure stack
Progress Software

A. Stocletlaan 202 2570 Duffel

2570 Duffel

015/32 12 60

tag: azure stack
Milnor International

Woluwedal 30 1932 Zaventem

1932 Zaventem

02/721 21 00

tag: azure stack



02/714 06 70

tag: azure stack

Langestraat 65 1750 Lennik

1750 Lennik

02/217 00 28

tag: azure stack

...Scorecard Manager. At that moment the biggest gap in the Microsoft Performance Management stack was the missing CPM functionality, mainly in the exploding Planning and Budgeting market segment. This functional gap was filled with the introduction of Microsoft PPS Performance Point Server 2007. Next to new Planning and Budgeting functionality, the scorecarding capabilities of Busin...

9000 GENT

0477/7 8 80 33

tag: azure stack

...remove and install the entire engine assembly from the model. Starting assembly, clutch stack, fan and motor pulley are installed on one shaft that is directly mounted onto the engine itself. This assures that everything with the engine is perfectly aligned for smooth transmission. General Specifications Main rotor diameter 1548 mm with 690 mm size blades Tail rotor diameter 305...

1560 Hoeilaart

02/346 08 40

tag: azure stack

TrueGEN is a young and dynamic company specialised in IT Network Security. Our portfolio combines mature technologies with cutting-edge solutions, covering new challenges and threats within the network security world.


03/613 23 00

tag: azure stack
C3WAVE help you develop your cloud products. Most platforms offer different development stacks and take a different commercial approach. It is important your choice reflects your company direction, your expertize, your skill set and your long term vision. There are a few key players in this space, the below list is non-exhaustive. Microsoft offers Windows Azure and SQL Azure SalesF...

2650 Edegem

03/449 09 42

tag: azure stack

...Already since 2003, U2U is providing Business Intelligence courses on the Microsoft stack, as well as presenting BI technology at conferences. Read the details on the U2U courses on Business Intelligence in PDF Business Intelligence Executive Overview SSIS, SSAS, Tabular models, Power View The list of Microsoft BI technologies sometimes seems to be endless. What does each of...

1731 Asse

02/466 00 16

tag: azure stack

Veldkant 33A 2550 Kontich

2550 Kontich

03/451 23 91

tag: azure stack

Vierhuizen 44 2250 Olen

2250 Olen
tag: azure stack
Alain Lydia Computer Services

Hoogstraat(As) 101 3665 As

3665 As

089/65 01 90

tag: azure stack

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Ministerstraat 4 1170 Watermaal-Bosvoorde

1170 Watermaal-Bosvoorde

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tag: azure stack

Koedreef 48 9070 Destelbergen

9070 Destelbergen

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tag: azure stack

Diestsevest 32 3000 Leuven

3000 Leuven

016/24 56 10

tag: azure stack

...Denis Ghys I see a tremendous opportunity on the Benelux market in really building a full stack agency offering that excels in building integrated customer voyages that convert.? Toon Diependaele Chief Strategy Officer These Days ?Labstore needs the focus and drive of a dedicated lead and team that is immediately enabled by These Days strong expert centers and local and internati...

2018 Antwerpen

03 286 44 50

tag: azure stack
E2 Partners

...CQRS cqrs deel 3 - Architectuur patronen referenties cqrs deel 4 - Demo technologie stack en architectuur cqrs deel 5 - Demo in Visual Studio Big Data, Hyper or reality 26 Maart 2014 - Geert Van Laethem Geert Van Laethem geeft je in een 4 korte video s een overzicht van Big Data en het technologisch landschap daarrond. Big data deel 1 - Intro Big Data deel 2 - Wat is het? Bi...

2160 Wommelgem

03/322 88 16

tag: azure stack

Our mission? Support our customers with ICT services that really make a difference. Realize their ambitions, answer their requirements and solve their problems. The result? A customer who considers ICT to be a driving force for his business.

3001 Heverlee

016/39 39 39

tag: azure stack

Roodborststraat 2 9870 Zulte

9870 Zulte

0475/8 3 21 74

tag: azure stack



011/24 02 34

tag: azure stack

...MP3, 687 kB, 0058, 44kHz, 96kbs, mono Greg Holmes, Canada L-BOW-V, 3x Rough Crystal stacked humbuckers, DaCapo preamp disengaged passive. Here s a solo instrumental performance of Cole Porter s beautiful tune. For this MP3 file, I just played once through. I used a BassLab L-BOW-V five-string bass, but put lighter strings on it and tuned like a guitar, but two frets down actu...

1190 Vorst

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tag: azure stack

Hertenbergstraat 61 3080 Tervuren

3080 Tervuren

02/230 31 01

tag: azure stack

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