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We provide you with the best in gas monitoring, petrochemical testing and temperature calibration. Our 'total care concept' guarantees that you can rely on your instruments around the clock, 7 days a week.

9140 TEMSE

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...and process equipment. Tradinco develops and sells a broad of pressure test- and calibration instruments for portable and benchtop use. Capability in modular calibration systems. Kern, weights and masses from class M2 to E1, from 1 mg to 50 kg. D.Marchiori, digital air data test sets and systems to aviaonics. Pitot-static certification and leak testing. Over ons Overzicht van de...


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European Lab Services


9140 TEMSE

03/744 05 02

tag: calibration

Oude Straat(STE) 73 9190 Stekene

9190 Stekene

03/451 96 01

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Etablissements FABRITIUS

Van Volxemlaan 180 1190 Vorst

1190 Vorst

02 343 39 32

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Leuvensesteenweg 613 1930 Zaventem

1930 Zaventem
tag: calibration

ABB Benelux is de lokale vertegenwoordiging van het wereldomvattende ABB-concern. Wij zijn marktleider op de gebieden energie- en automatiseringstechnologie en helpen nutsbedrijven, industriële klanten en eindgebruikers hun prestaties te verbeteren..


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1348 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve

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Prins Boudewijnlaan 30 2550 WAARLOOS


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Industrielaan 19 1740 TERNAT


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Begoniastraat 17 9810 Nazareth

9810 Nazareth

Molenbaan 20 2387 Baarle-Hertog

2387 Baarle-Hertog

052/40 95 74

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...notre newsletter, vous serez toujours jour sur nos dernires promotions, offres et calibration des vhicules Email Address Prnom Nom Champ requis Nous contacter AddressRue de l Industrie 1C, 1400 Nivelles Phone32 67 21 17 77 Copyright Powerconcept 2016 MISE EN GARDE Certains de nos produits et modifications sont destins un usage exc...

1400 Nivelles

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Industriepark Mechelen Noord G1- Oude Baan 1 2800 MECHELEN


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Industrieweg 27 3190 Boortmeerbeek

3190 Boortmeerbeek

016/60 66 75

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...of turn-key projects, including equipment, qualification and routine maintenance and calibration. Visual Inspection Many companies are facing Visual Inspection challenges We offer Visual Inspection solutions from compliance, technical and operational efficiency Turn Key solutions We offer a wide range of services for pharmaceutical machines From the selection until the installatio...


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Burg. de Lausnaystraat(O) 63 9290 Berlare

9290 Berlare

09/367 06 92

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...for automated monitoring purposes was built. Our results also showed that an in situ calibration of the selected algorithm was needed, for which a novel procedure was proposed. Once calibrated, this algorithm successfully simulated the leaf temperature of a well-watered tomato plant during several days given that the environmental conditions in its microclimate were accurately measur...

9030 Gent

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Joe Englishstraat 47 2140 Antwerpen

2140 Antwerpen

03 236 84 24

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Avenue de Ramelot 3 1480 Tubize

1480 Tubize

02 531 11 21

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15 years of experience in training & consulting Chemometrics and Applied Statistics for Pharma, Chemistry and Food.

3000 Leuven

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Vriesenrot 22 9200 Sint-Gillis-bij-Dendermonde

9200 Sint-Gillis-bij-Dendermonde

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...standard, calculating the resulting measurement uncertainty, and creating the calibration certificate recording this uncertainty. Considerable contribution towards quality assurance The calibration of measuring instruments therefore makes a considerable contribution towards quality assurance and the prevention of rejects, reworking, or claims for compensation. Testo Industrial...

1000 Brussel

02/700 94 40

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Ottergemsesteenweg 711 9000 Gent

9000 Gent

09 243 77 50

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...verder 05 05 Sponsoring van Kom op tegen KankerLees verder 10 04 Did you know? pH calibration is best using buffer solutions of pH 4 and 7?Lees verder 23 02 Did you know? relative humidity has an influence on the calibration of your DO sensor?Lees verder Bekijk alle nieuws Agenda 08 sep Kleur Psychologie hoe communiceren met kleur?Seminarzaal Elscolab BVOpleiding Nederlands 15...

9150 Kruibeke
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Adriaenssens & CO

...Meer info Diagnose en calibratie software, MemoSens sensoren- MemoSuite Simple pre-calibration of the sensors.The MemoSuite software allows quick and easy calibration... Meer info KNICK Multichannel, Multiparameter transmitter This product range enables to combine two pH measurements on one transmitter or combine a pH... Meer info KNICK Enkelvoudige pH meters The KNICK STRATOS line...

9150 Kruibeke
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...UV VIS CONSUMABLES UV VIS Consumables A wide range of accessories including UV VIS calibration standards, a fully complete UV cuvette line for spectrophotometers and fluorometers, plastic disposable cuvettes, micro cells, cell washers, and much more S.A.F.I.R. specialized in providing quality quartz cuvettes, cells and microfluidic chips to help researchers get their work done mor...

8300 Knokke-Heist

03 889 47 71

tag: calibration

Pelikaanstraat 16 2018 Antwerpen

2018 Antwerpen

03/227 07 44

tag: calibration

Lenniksesteenweg 64 1500 Halle

1500 Halle

0470/5 2 36 90

tag: calibration

Opgericht in januari 2008 staat TRS ondertussen garant voor totaal oplossingen betreffende het gecontroleerd aanhalen van boutverbindingen.


03/336 76 36

tag: calibration

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...a future-proof nominal plan based on realistic link budget assumptions and an accurate calibration of your propagation models. Commsquare has proven methodology in tuning calibration models, reviewing and defining link budgets and generating nominal site plans. UMTS Nominal Planning and Propagation Model Calibration.pdf UMTS Initial Radio Tuning and Parameter Planning Is your radio d...


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tag: calibration

Avenue de la Métairie(RR) 1 4120 Neupré

4120 Neupré

043/72 03 79

tag: calibration

Merksemsebaan 270 A 2110 Wijnegem

2110 Wijnegem

03/326 22 66

tag: calibration

...automatically using a compressor. No calibration is needed thanks to the unique auto-calibration feature. After having chosen the type of test to perform the instrument runs the test procedure fully automatically and displays the results on the PC-screen. These results can be printed out and or stored in the patients directory for futher analysis and consultation later on. The S.I. V...

2200 Herentals

014/22 59 09

tag: calibration

Geldenaaksebaan 15 3001 Leuven

3001 Leuven

016/31 42 42

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...Technical specifications Measurement duration 10 seconds Display LCD Calibration Auto-calibration Port USB Temperature range 5 to 40 degC Measurement date Internal date and time Data output RLU Relative Light Units Data memory 2000 analyses Power supply 2 x AA alkaline cells or 2 x nickel-metal hybrid batteries Outer dimensions W x H x L 65 x 32 x 175 mm Weight 235 g excluding...

8520 Kuurne

056/37 26 40

tag: calibration

Rue Auguste Piccard 48 6041 Charleroi

6041 Charleroi

071/34 76 21

tag: calibration

...all its products. CALIBRATION PRESSURE TESTING CLEANING WAKE FREQUENCY CALCULATION Our calibration laboratories and programs for thermocouple sensors and RTD?s are traceable to N.I.S.T and CSA and meet the requirements of MIL STD 45662A, ANSI -Z540-1, and ISO 10012-1. ABOUT THERMO ELECTRIC COMPANY, INC. Established in 1941, Thermo Electric is a multi-national company specialized in the...

Kent ME9 8PS

014 81 52 47

tag: calibration

Rue de Néverlée(RH) 11 5020 Namur

5020 Namur

081/25 50 50

tag: calibration

...rented for additional QA, QC purposes Trace oxygen analyser Oxygen analyserwith auto calibration capability. Oxygen Humidity analyser combined in a single instrument If you need further information about Belswan or products, please donrsquot hesitate to contact us newsletter Voornaam Naam E-mail contact Belswan Boomsesteenweg 930 2610 Wilrijk Antwerpen België L...

2610 Antwerpen

03 877 59 75

tag: calibration

...prize. Grading of Stones Available AAA - Super quality well cuttings, shapes, calibration, clean top color. AA - Medium color, clean and rest as per above. A - Light color, clean and rest as per above. AAAC - Top color, small included as per above. AC - Light color included. Commercial all quality mix color included full no perfect shape and calibration....

2018 Antwerpen

03 231 08 78

tag: calibration

Gentseweg 242 A 8792 Desselgem

8792 Desselgem

056 77 22 58

tag: calibration
NAVISAFE breathing air compressors can be serviced as required. Pressure and temperature calibration kits are being calibrated and certified....

2030 Antwerpen

03/233 30 03

tag: calibration

...assembled system calibration data yields perfect sine curves. The probe39s calibration data is compared to the perfect sine curves. Then, a series of proprietary algorithms will calculate mathematical adjustments until it finds the best fit to the perfect sine curves. As a final check the probe39s performance is tested on a fixed track. The probe is passed through the tr...

2627 Schelle

03 451 77 39

tag: calibration
Monument Chemical

...are recommended for particularly sensitive applications, e.g. organic synthesis, calibration, analysis or solvent extraction in the production of cosmetics, pharmaceuticals and agrochemicals. For more product information, please contact us. vision mission values auf Deutsch anzeigen Contact Us Legal Notice GTCs...

9130 Beveren

079/38 39 72

tag: calibration

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...Repair of electrical- and mechanical rotating machinery. Calibrations Repair and calibration of instrumentation and torque wrenches Shiprepair Workshoprepair Calibrations Created by Ninewaves bvba...

2030 Antwerpen

03 541 20 90

tag: calibration

...certification notifying the devicersquos owner of pending certification and recalibration of the detector bull Providing additional onboard detectors as needed by the vessel bull Ongoing technical assistance UNIservice Belgium T 32 03 569 00 19 F 32 03 569 00 21 Emdenweg 23 Port 217 2030 Antwerp copy 2015 UNIservice Belgium - Emdenweg 23 Port 217 - 2030 Antwerp...

2030 Antwerpen

03/569 00 19

tag: calibration

...the first projects. Included is a calibration session, explaining and performing full calibration on the system. Special focus the specific pitfalls that may be encountered on your system. For those people having a change of dyno operators, it may be good to properly train all new operators. This assures that your investments remains effective. Training is performed in a class room an...

2275 Gierle

014/65 24 95

tag: calibration

...a quick snapshot? No problem the ?live image? tool does the job. Includes a camera-calibration module for correction of camera rotation and tilting. IMAGE ANALYSIS Images recorded by the UGR software can be used as input for analysis software of your choice. Personalized output can be arranged like special metadata formats etc... If DCILABS analysis software is used, a pipe-lined p...

3140 Keerbergen

03/265 24 60

tag: calibration

Steenbergstraat 47 9520 Sint-Lievens-Houtem

9520 Sint-Lievens-Houtem

050/51 33 08

tag: calibration

Noordschippersdok 13 2060 Antwerpen

2060 Antwerpen

03 225 32 73

tag: calibration

...Lenregistrement et limpression dun rapport utilisateur sont intégrés Module 2 calibration il permet de réaliser facilement les étalonnages périodiques des équipements banc de débit et manomètres de contrle. Lenregistrement et limpression dun rapport sont intégrés. Une traçabilité peut tre établie entre les équipements à étalonner, les capteurs de vérification, une référe...

5150 Floreffe

0473/5 2 39 95

tag: calibration

...Product Low Pressure Calibrator These Pressure Calibrators are very precise calibration instruments for the calibration of pressure transmitters, pressure switches and pressure gauges. The Low range is pneumatic. The portable housing incorporates the pressure generating pump, a high precision reference sensor and the measuring electronics. The transmitter under test is connected to the p...

4020 Liège

043/43 21 75

tag: calibration

...and maintenance engineers Construction supervision. SAT, commissioning and start-up of calibration laboraties high and low pressure and complete metering system installations of any make and type wordlwide PLC, SCADA, RTU communication Recalibration on site. Maintenance preventive or corrective Third party validation, optimalization of existing metering systems troubleshooting Tr...

2920 Kalmthout

03/217 97 70

tag: calibration

...should be chosen which have values near the expected sample value. Only fresh calibration solutions should be used Changing all solutions daily is a good practice. All solutions should be maintained at equal temperature. Rinse the electrode twice between measurements first thoroughly in distilled water and then with a small amount of the next sample to be measured. Allow the...

2300 Turnhout

014/41 12 79

tag: calibration
De Bruyne Instruments

Paepestraat 73 9260 Wichelen

9260 Wichelen

050/51 33 08

tag: calibration
CLEMACO CONTRACTING and many others. Our support includes preventive maintenance, repairs, calibration and refurbishing. MILITARY PRODUCTS SERVICES Radio and satellite communications more info EOD equipment more info Optical devices more info special forces diving equipment more info Personal locator beacons more info Unmanned platforms more info Sint-Sebastiaanstraat 5 840...

8400 Oostende

059/50 74 51

tag: calibration

...light sources for hands-free viewing. User-adjustable color temperature permits easy calibration with a single button. SmartLogic technology and automatic energy-saving model significantly extend lamp life....

2050 Antwerpen

03/219 03 35

tag: calibration

Rue d'Autre-Eglise 20 1367 Ramillies

1367 Ramillies

010/47 06 40

tag: calibration

Koning Albert I-straat 140 9280 Lebbeke

9280 Lebbeke

0476/3 2 99 27

tag: calibration

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...Designing and implementing ?Routing-Documents? lubrication, cleaning, checking, calibration, ?. Technical implementation of any CMMS-system SAP, Rimses, Maximo, Ultimo, Api-Pro, Carl-Software, ?. Developing a Maintenance Organization tasks, roles, functions, with RASCI-classification. Setting up structures and procedures of ?work preparation, ?planning?, ?stock management?...

3511 Hasselt

011/85 15 08

tag: calibration

...of the traceable harmonic phase calibration procedure Invention of accurate IF phase calibration procedures Invention of the dynamic bias measurement concept which allows to add the measurement of time varying bias signals typical under modulated signal conditions to the LSNA data Invention of the sampling frequency convertor algorithms, allowing e.g. optimal use of the IF bandwidt...

1785 Merchtem

0479/8 5 59 39

tag: calibration
PUMP SERVICE AUTOMATIC a maintenance contract tailored to your size, in which the compulsory annual calibration can be included as well. As accredited company, we are authorised to deliver the necessary metrological certificates and to seal the equipment. Pump Service Bisschoppenhoflaan 601-603, B-2100 Deurne E T 32 03 324 49 95 F 32 03 326 08 84 Download corporate mo...

2100 Antwerpen

03/324 49 95

tag: calibration

...or default calibration in case of difficulties for the patient to perform a good calibration Real time analysis Automated or very intuitive manual analysis Options DI 14050X-VHITL Video Head Impulse Test only Lateral testing DI 14050X-VHIT Video Head Impulse Test 6 canals DI 14050X-BASIC Vestibular testing Positional, positioning, Spontaneous Nystagmus, Gaze, Dix-Ha...

4700 Eupen

087 89 80 80

tag: calibration

...est unique dans le texte ou dans limage et vous permet datteindre votre cible. Une calibration journalière vous garantit une qualité optimale et constante. Il n y a pas d opération préparatoire. Pour améliorer encore cette qualité, pour augmenter notre capacité de production et raccourcir nos délais, nous imprimons depuis aot 2008 vos documents sur une nouvelle machine aux caracté...

7536 Tournai

069 22 83 39

tag: calibration

...Calibrators are processed in the sample carousel BIO-FLASH determines a stable working calibration curve Intuitive software and touchscreen Simplifies training and day-to-day operation Status screen allows immediate access to system information OPERATIONAL CHARACTERISTICS Operational mode Random access and continuous load with priority STAT handling Operator interface Touch screen moni...

1930 Zaventem

02 725 20 52

tag: calibration

...fancy cut diamonds allow us to satisfy the most discerning tastes and criteria. Our calibration is accurate to a tolerance of 0.05mm a precision which is hard to find elsewhere... Schupstraat 15, 2018 Antwerp - Belgium, Tel. 32 3 203 45 67, Fax 32 3 231 16 34, E-mail 2015 IGC Group nv sa - Last updated 24 Jun 2015 - Contact the webmaster - Webmail - Privacy policy - Created...

2018 Antwerpen

03/203 45 67

tag: calibration

...for consistent accuracy and reproducible sample delivery. All tips are provided with calibration lines at specific volumes, acting as visual checks to minimise any risk of errors during sample aspiration. Made of high quality, low adhesion, polypropylene. Production complies with EN ISO standard 8655 and DIN 12650, controlled according to DIN 12600. Autoclavable at 121?C for 15 minut...

1420 Braine-l'Alleud

02/353 15 05

tag: calibration

Rue des Artisans 8 4280 Hannut

4280 Hannut

019/32 33 72

tag: calibration

...casings. He took all this obtained knowledge to Belgium. That is how the cleaning and calibration of casings, which were collected from farmers and small abattoirs, began. The current factory in Lille makes sure the company is no longer depending on a specific abattoir. The natural sausage casings are bought on the free market. This means our company is totally independent and has an...

2275 Lille

014/88 30 44

tag: calibration
PS TAXES a maintenance contract tailored to your size, in which the compulsory annual calibration can be included as well. As accredited company, we are authorised to deliver the necessary metrological certificates and to seal the equipment. Pump Service Bisschoppenhoflaan 601-603, B-2100 Deurne E T 32 03 324 49 95 F 32 03 326 08 84 Download corporate mo...

2100 Antwerpen

03/324 49 95

tag: calibration
Pump Service a maintenance contract tailored to your size, in which the compulsory annual calibration can be included as well. As accredited company, we are authorised to deliver the necessary metrological certificates and to seal the equipment. copy Pump Service Bisschoppenhoflaan 601-603, B-2100 Deurne E T 32 03 324 49 95 F 32 03 326 08 84 Download corpora...

2100 Antwerpen

03/324 49 96

tag: calibration
CEREAL TESTER, 9-volt battery, quick start guide, and one year manufacturer s warranty. 20 calibrations free of charge.. mini GAC mini GAC Contact us for more information Specialist in laboratory instruments for grain, feed and food analysis. Return to products...

6224 Fleurus

071/81 55 83

tag: calibration
DMP HAASRODE first generation video dermoscopic devices with simple zoom optics. Automatic calibration To provide uniformly standardized image quality in different magnifications, the integrated microprocessors can adjust the exposure intensity and colour mixture automatically a unique feature. The automatic calibration ensures that the system does not make any changes even years later,...

3053 Oud-Heverlee

0475/4 5 77 88

tag: calibration
Crown Graphic the recorder and always present the nib in exactly the same position to avoid re-calibration of the instrument after every pen change. Graphic Controls?s pens represent the best quality available supported by a team of technical experts who are able to solve recording problems resulting from unusual conditions. Please use our Chart Search and our Pen Search to find the charts and...

9041 Gent

09/228 10 46

tag: calibration
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