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2820 Bonheiden

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ARA vellen op grootformaat max 180 x 140 in een ongeeumlvenaarde kwaliteit. Ook heat transfers om op kant en klare kledij aan te brengen behoren sinds een jaar of drie weer tot ons gamma. Ook hier onderscheiden wij ons door een betrouwbare kwaliteit en ultrakorte leveringstermijnen. over ons home producten contact nieuws Wax Interactive...

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tag: heat transfer

Tampondruk bij Critis tampondruk voor het bedrukken van niet-vlakke dragers en de bijhorende automatisering in voorwerpbedrukking. Tampondruk aan de hoogste kwaliteit.


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Star Oil



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...Arteco Japan Arteco Russia Contact our offices worldwide Products Engine coolants Heat transfer fluids Engine test fluids Specific developments Innovation Research Development Technology Systems About Arteco Mission vision History Careers Manufacturing supply Sustainability Stay informed with our newsletter e-mail Leave this field blank 2016 Arteco Privacy policy...

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...Veys printing plant Flat printing Pad printing Rounded Conical printing Hotfoil Heat transfer printing Machines Gallery Contact Rounded Conical printing Brighten up rounded or conical objects such as cups, pet-food bowls or candles with snappy text or a cheerful motif. You can choose between monochrome or polychrome prints. Products for the food industry are printed with dishwasher-proof...

8740 Pittem

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Société Technique des Echangeurs de Chaleur S.A.G.

...iumliquestfrac12iumliquestfrac12? SAG - Innovative solutions in thermal heat transfer SAG est votre partenaire privileacutegieacute dans la technologie des eacutechangeurs de chaleurs, depuis plusieurs deacutecennies. Gracircce agrave une expeacuterience de plusieurs deacutecennies dans la technologie des eacutechangeurs de chaleur, la SAG-Industries a su...

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Parc Industriel de Seneffe 1 7180 Seneffe

7180 Seneffe

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2820 Bonheiden

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...yourAirFin cooler, or condensers ?can be boostedand optimized by our experienced heat transfer and mechanical engineers. The skilled DECOMETA task force of engineering, production, and construction specialists stands ready to upgrade your air cooled heat exchangers, whether from DECOMETA or not . Engineering re-engineeringwill be done in accordance with customer requirements and...

3600 Genk

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...Textile Heat Transfer is al jaren de standaard flex van Roland DG waarmee u hittetransfers voor katoen en polyester kunt maken. Het is uitermate geschikt voor donkere stoffen. Lees meer Sublimatiepapier Het sublimatiepapier van Roland DG is een sneldrogend transferpapier van 95 g m dat u voor tal van toepassingen kan gebruiken. Lees meer Displaytextiel Roland Displaytextiel 2...

2440 GEEL

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...Soluzioni Inglese Evaporative cooling 739.63 KB Application information Inglese BAC Heat transfer products 4.48 MB Product information S Inglese Enfriamiento evaporativo 666.14 KB Product information S Spagnolo Layout guidelines 2.8 MB Application information Inglese BAC original spare parts 5.31 MB Product information S Inglese Fundamentals of sound 5.28 MB Application informat...

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...a natural unfilled material generates fewer contaminants and makes it ideally suited for transfer of high purity chemicals. Back pullout system In order to facilitate inspection and maintenance, this series employs the back pullout system. This enables one to conduct inspections internally and replace parts without removing piping. The pump is designed to include safety measures that...

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...Cooling after cooking roasting Cooling a production tool High-performance heat transfer Our solutions Renowned expertise in refrigerant fluids and other technical fluids enables Climalife to better understand your industrial issues and to guarantee you innovative and appropriate solutions Designing and manufacturing custom distribution and storage systems Recovery and trea...

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8340 Damme

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...alternatives. The Evapcold product includes several state-of-the-art innovations in heat transfer technology, energy efficiency and microprocessor control for reliable low charge operation. Video Kurt Liebendorfer Evapcold Interview with Refrigerated Frozen Foods at IIAR San Diego https watch?vVG4zfcJM7j8 Highlights EvapCold Product Video File Downloads Evapcold B...

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...moulders looking to bring product decoration in-house. Presented application heat transfer labelling ?At the Xeikon Caf 2017, we are showing realistic ideas that inspire, concludes Weymans. ?Equipment that is in daily use at converters will be running commercially viable jobs and applications. It is the ideal chance to hear directly from industry suppliers and experts abou...

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...Heat Transfer Heat Transfer Labeling A ldquono-label lookrdquo solution. Heat transfer labels, made up of wax and ink, adhere to a bottle through heat and pressure. This type of labeling applies well to a variety of container sizes for round, oval and straight-walled bottles. Heat transfer labels are durable and moisture resistant. IML In-Mold Labeling IML Allowing the el...

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...Our European network Full catalogue Climalife Jobs Our products Refrigerants Heat transfer fluids Oils Equipment Cleaning Brazing alloys Analysis Services Services Department Regulations Newsletter Legal references Contact Site map 2009 Climalife Groupe Dehon 26, av. du Petit Parc 94683 Vincennes Cedex Tl. 33 1 43 98 75 00...

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...1000 Litre IBCs. Company Johnson Controls Thermera is an environmentally friendly heat transfer luid, made from natural ingredients, The ThermeraAC was monitored for the Business Commercial and Industrial Refrigeration water and betaine which is a natural com- next three months and it has performed to Location Meriden, Coventry. pound produced when manufacturing sugar. It expec...

1090 Jette

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SOTRAGAL BELGIUM a skating rink. plied special containers and devices necessary vapour appeared, this transfer was interrupted During this season, running from October to for this operation, monitoring and eliminating to pick up liquid again from the two tanks. April, the building is mainly dedicated to the the hazardous waste produced and providing training of young hopefuls. qualiied professiona...

1090 Jette

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2640 Mortsel

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3300 Tienen

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Arena Ice

...detection if you wish. Why an aluminium ice rink? Aluminium cooling floor direct heat-transfer Rubber ice floor insulator Aluminium system 35 less energy consumption Aluminium system an end to leaks Aluminium cooling floor always ice and open on schedule Satellite Ice Archimedesstraat 11 8400 Oostende T.32059 23 59 90 F.32059 29 94 67 Archimed...

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...was considered grounds to award DC Comics the domain. The domain owner did not dispute transfer of the domain to DC Comics. In a case where the domain is simply taken the infringing domain owner may be getting off lightly courts have been known to award plaintiffs up to 100, 000 per domain name violation. The lesson? Conduct your due diligence before buying a domain name ensure t...

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...sections provides a wide heating surface to its component guaranteeing an optimal heat transfer. The use of heat transfer mastic between TE-system and wall will avoid any air-gap and additionally will act as corrosion barrier. Constant and equal heating will avoid cold or hot spots. The combination of its cost advantage over jacketed piping and its thermal and reliability advantages...

2930 Brasschaat

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...2013 Jiffy Latch-Lok Assemblies Can Jiffy Latch-Lok Assemblies be used for die casting or transfer molding applications? Updated date December 5, 2013 How should timing of the Jiffy Latch-Lok Assemblies be handled? Updated date December 5, 2013 What are the design guidelines and major considerations for use Jiffy Latch-Lok Assemblies? Updated date December 5, 2013 What size Jiffy La...


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...Slugs of gas generated by the withdrawal valve of the cylinder, the poorly insulated transfer tubing, and by flashing from higher pressure to atmosphere, caused erratic vacuum fluctuation within the chamber. Vacuum jacketed piping alone did not solve the problem. Although it is highly efficient, attempts to pipe directly from a central house supply proved unsuccessful due to large...

1380 Lasne

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...Nitrogen LN2 Cryoshrouds are required to pump residual gases within the chamber. LN2 transfer to MBE equipment has always posed problems the quality of the liquid once it reached the shrouds has been less than optimum due to the characteristics of LN2. A typical MBE ?piping system? used to consist of 160 liter Dewar positioned as close as possible to the equipment and connected t...

1480 Tubize

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SERVERSCHECK with third party software so your options aren?t limited. Reliable data transfer matters in the event of a crisis. Analysis is important when guarding against heat damage. Speed and preparation are key if something does happen. The device offers protection against heat related crises. This is an overlooked risk to server integrity. Don?t be caught out by something pre...

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...Nederlands English Lubricants Hydraulic oils Relating box oils Oils for slides Heat transfer oils Compressor oils Universal lubricant for nautic vessels propulsion and hull groups, etc. Chain oils Greases Coolants Oils for fork lifts Motoroil for cars Aerosols and sprays Cutting oil cooling agent Penetrating oil and lubricating oil Chain lubrication oil Silicon lubricants Metal protecti...

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...were developing. Explore Our Stories Taking Energy Expertise Underground To safely transfer of crude oil over a record-breaking 700 km, Pentair assisted Cairn in developing the world?s longest heated and insulated pipeline. Show Only Energy, Valves, Commercial, Oil and Gas Explore This Story Greening the Ballpark Pentair partnered with the Minnesota Twins to develop the innovat...

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Avenue Wilson 622 7012 Mons

7012 Mons

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...van eigen merk of logo. Afhankelijk van uw budget en wensen werken we met jacquard, heattransfer of borduringen. Zo maakte Jules Clarysse in het verleden reeds producten voor Unilever, DHL, Ford, Gilette, HM, ... en produceert ons bedrijf ook de badstoffenlijn van belangrijke merken in licentie. Heimtextil beurs 2017 Read more Volg Jules Clarysse Jules Clarysse Brugsesteenweg 106 87...

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...van eigen merk of logo. Afhankelijk van uw budget en wensen werken we met jacquard, heattransfer of borduringen. Zo maakte Jules Clarysse in het verleden reeds producten voor Unilever, DHL, Ford, Gilette, HM, ... en produceert ons bedrijf ook de badstoffenlijn van belangrijke merken in licentie. Heimtextil beurs 2015 Read more Volg Jules Clarysse Jules Clarysse Brugsesteenweg...

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...for thermal conductivity, total surface heat transfer coefficient and convective heat transfer coefficient. Functions compatible with TRISCO v12.0w automatic split for grid refinement equivalent thermal conductivities for cavities with different surface emissivities. Show temperature or heat flux under the cursor in the graphic output. 3D visualisation of sun position at any time...

9990 Maldegem

050/71 14 32

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...Op maat gemaakte herbruikbare tas vervaardigd uit 100 gerecycleerde PET-flessen met heat-transfer bedrukking. Deze tas is 100 recycleerbaar en 100 herbruikbaar want u kan het in de machine wassen. Alle vormen en acccessoires beschikbaar ritssluiting, knop, velcro, zakje, lange en of korte handvaten, bedrukking binnenkant, enz.. MOQ 1.000 stuks ...Lees meer Katoen tas Bio Fai...

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Flanders-Fieldweg 37 8790 Waregem

8790 Waregem

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Noordkaai 8 8870 Izegem

8870 Izegem

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Lochtemanweg 42 3580 Beringen

3580 Beringen

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Mecs Europe/Africa

...and countercurrent to the cold gas resulting in longer residence time and maximum heat transfer - MECS-ThermoZ Welded and OCAP Non-Welded Plate Air Preheaters, Monplex II Gas to Gas Heat Exchangers. MECS, Inc. Copyright 2014 Contact Us Sitemap Privacy Policy Terms of Use ?MECS? is a registered trademark in the United States, and is a trademark in other countries throughout the worl...


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...van eigen merk of logo. Afhankelijk van uw budget en wensen werken we met jacquard, heattransfer of borduringen. Zo maakte Jules Clarysse in het verleden reeds producten voor Unilever, DHL, Ford, Gilette, HM, ... en produceert ons bedrijf ook de badstoffenlijn van belangrijke merken in licentie. Heimtextil beurs 2017 Read more Volg Jules Clarysse Jules Clarysse Brugsesteenweg 106 87...

8740 Pittem

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...-3 stage high pressure compressors. -2 oil water separators. -Stainless steel heat transfer rings. -Long life active charcoal molecular sieve filter cartridge. -High flow intake filter. -High pressure filling hose with pressure gauge. LW 190B- Specifications Capacity 190 l min, 7.7 cfm Motor Drive 6 kW Honda gasoline engine End Pressure 225 330 bar, 3300 5500 psi Turning Speed 1...

9160 Lokeren

09/339 03 50

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...Refrigerant distribution and conditioning CO2, NH3, low GWP gases, oils, heat-transfer fluids...Learn more Export Export Gazechim Export distribue l?ensemble des produits du Groupe l?international. Il dispose de l?appui technique...Learn more Location Location Learn more About us Overview Know-How History Locations Activities Refrigerants Liquefied Gases Composites...

1200 Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe

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Noordkaai 8 8870 Izegem

8870 Izegem

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...are here Home Project Development CIMEX CIMEX Cell OUR PROJECTS CIMEX CIMEX Cell Heat transfers through the observation of controlled evaporation processes present at a liquid-gas interface. PICTURES PROJECT DETAILS Project details A joint design between Belgium?s QinetiQ Space and Germany?s EADS-Astrium Friedrischaffen for ESA, CIMEX is expected to be used on-board the Internati...

1400 Nivelles

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Esplanade 1 1020 Brussel

1020 Brussel

02/725 09 09

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...nabewerking van de productie Tweekleurige tampondruk op verfbasis Markering met heattransfer Assemblage Op vraag kan Plastiqual voorstellen uitwerken voor de assemblage van geproduceerde onderdelen of half afgewerkte gehelen. Verpakking en verzending Verpakking Voorbereiding tot transport en verpakking van de onderdelen geschieden door Plastiqual volgens klantspecificaties. Verze...

4800 Verviers

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LBC-CEPSA Tank Terminals Antwerpen

...of 12, 40 m 40 ft, 24 7 service for vessels and barges. Additional services Direct transfers from ship-to-ship. Forwarding and customs formalities. Expansion potential Additional tank capacity of 150 000 m3. Currently building 6000 m3. Available during 2014 Download this page...

2030 Antwerpen
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Van Nieuwenhuyze Danny

Kortrijksepoortstraat 1 9000 Gent

9000 Gent

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An der Baumschule 8 4750 Bà¼tgenbach

4750 Bà¼tgenbach

081/60 10 90

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1050 Elsene

02237 99 99

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Harsco Infrastructure Industrial Services

...135 years of experience, Harsco Industrial Patterson-Kelley is a leading producer of heat transfer equipment for institutional and commercial building applications such as schools, offices, apartment buildings, dormitories, hospitals and hotels. To learn more, visit Patterson-Kelley will be exhibiting the NUROreg Connect and its other product innovations at the AHR...


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Provinciebaan 60 2470 Retie

2470 Retie

014/67 12 72

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...was considered grounds to award DC Comics the domain. The domain owner did not dispute transfer of the domain to DC Comics. In a case where the domain is simply taken the infringing domain owner may be getting off lightly courts have been known to award plaintiffs up to 100, 000 per domain name violation. The lesson? Conduct your due diligence before buying a domain name ensure t...

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Rue des Wérihets (MOX) 3 4280 Hannut

4280 Hannut

019/69 72 01

tag: heat transfer

Ijzerlaan(D) 54 8600 Diksmuide

8600 Diksmuide

051/55 59 55

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...thus preventing it from boiling. After the hot water of the primary circuit has transferred its energy in the steam generator, a primary pump pumps it back to the reactor. The fuel assemblies are part of the reactor core. They are installed in the cylindrical reactor vessel with a hemispherical bottom head and a removable upper head fixed with studs and nuts the vessel contains...

1180 Ukkel

02/528 01 11

tag: heat transfer
VINàÏOTTE NUCLEAR SAFETY a heat exchanger, i.e. the steam generator. The heat from reactor coolant water is transferted to a separate secondary circuit the water-steam circuit. Due to a lower pressure in this circuit the water is converted into steam the steam is then used to drive a turbine connected to a generator. Finally, the steam leaving the turbine is converted back into water by cooling it. This...

1070 Anderlecht

02/528 01 11

tag: heat transfer
Bodegraven Metaal

Maatheide 106 3920 Lommel

3920 Lommel

011/54 06 53

tag: heat transfer

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...and Titanium. Sieve trays in 2RE69 for Urea Reactor Filters in 316L Pictures ... Heat transfer Shell and tube heat exchangers serving numerous functions, such as LP Reboiler in Duplex stainless steel OH Condenser in Duplex stainless steel Cooler Condenser in 2RE10 HP Condenser in Titanium Gr.2 Quench Gas Condenser in Titanium Gr.2 Evaporator in Duplex stainless steel Tail Gas P...

9300 Aalst

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tag: heat transfer

Rond-Point J.-B. Meura 1 7600 Péruwelz

7600 Péruwelz

069/88 69 88

tag: heat transfer

Hulstlo 27 8730 Beernem

8730 Beernem

050/79 11 35

tag: heat transfer

Software general internet it consulting computers consultants software consultant mobility isp security internet virtual private network vpn lotus notes management software spelling check cdrom dictionaries internet security internet security internet c

2000 Antwerpen
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Route de Wallonie (G.) 4B 7011 Mons

7011 Mons

065/35 62 10

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Kortrijksestraat 68 8520 Kuurne

8520 Kuurne

056/71 20 55

tag: heat transfer

...wax polishes. Rinse well with clean water . Be careful we cannot be held responsible for transfer problems to the leatherlook generated by textile dyes of poor quality. Sedac Textiles waives all responsibility for problems arisen out of transfer generated by textile dyes of poor quality or ignoring the cleaning instructions. Protect from direct sunlight, excessive heat, sharp objects...

8560 Wevelgem

056/41 28 81

tag: heat transfer

Drieskouter 1 8573 Anzegem

8573 Anzegem

056 66 76 53

tag: heat transfer

Rue Poty Daivière(THN) 3 6530 Thuin

6530 Thuin

071/59 38 08

tag: heat transfer

...of 10.60 m 35 ft, 24 7 service for vessels and barges. Additional services Direct transfers from ship-to-ship. Formulation. Warehouse 5 000 m 2 for hazardous and non-hazardous products. Surveyors on site. Forwarding and customs formalities. Expansion potential Additional tank capacity of 170 000 m 3 including new jetty with 14 m 46 ft draft. Haven 4035 Oude Maasweg 4 3197 XA...


015/28 73 10

tag: heat transfer

...cGMP. Chemical and petrochemical industry Continuous reactors, hydrogenation, heat transfer. In-line mixing of additives, pH control. Solid-liquid separation by filtration and centrifugation. Oil and gas Mixers for desalting oil, SUPERCLAUS units, NOx reduction. Upstream, midstream and downstream filters. Renewable Energy - Biodiesel Transesterification reactors, hydrolysis,...

9250 Waasmunster
tag: heat transfer

Vijverbeek 8 9688 Maarkedal

9688 Maarkedal

055/49 93 00

tag: heat transfer

...recalculated, refurbished and new pressure relieve valves were installed. New jacketed transfer lines needed to be foreseen. The existing pipe racks were recalculated according to the new loads and modified accordingly. Parts of the existinginstrumentation was renewed . new pumps and modifications on the existing pumps were part of the scope. A tempered heated warm water system to...

1860 Meise

02/267 64 85

tag: heat transfer
Crown Graphic

...industrial pen overview well logging papers catalogues well logging papers thermal transfer ribbons chart search pen search Medical Products patient monitoring supplies ecg electrodes lab supplies bloodbanks ultrasound films video emergency care products gels accessories veterinary supplies medical products search Life Science syringe filter overview membrane compatibility s...

9041 Gent

09/228 10 46

tag: heat transfer
Sterling SIHI ( Belgium )

't Hofveld 1 1702 Dilbeek

1702 Dilbeek

02 481 77 11

tag: heat transfer
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