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Overseas Import Lubricating

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9991 Maldegem

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...optimisation. Applications DANFOSS-SAFAG Pumps will handle lubricating oil, liquid gas, fuel oil, diesel oil, cutting oil, emulsions, kerosene, coolant and all other self lubricating fluids. These pumps are used in oil heating systems, hydraulic drives, power units, pressure lubrication and cooling systems. DANFOSS-SAFAG Regulating Valves may be used as pressure or capacity control as...

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...ValvesRN ValvesConcentric ValvesCS ValvesCT ValvesRings and PackingsXperSEALBCD RingsOFD oil wiper ringOT RingsPiston RingsRider RingsRT Radial and Tangent RingsSLP Ring GroupPressure Breakers Back-up RingsBack-up RingsBOT RingsControl SystemseHydroCOMHydroCOMCompressor Safety TechnologyCheck ValvesExplosion Relief ValvesReed Valves and Cylinder Heads Reed Valves and Cylinder H...

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...of fibres Oil field drilling Biodegradable drilling fluids for the production of crude oil Mining Industry Additives for the extraction of vanadium, cobalt, quartz Detergents Wash-active products for environmentally-friendly detergents, oil spill cleaning agents Soap Base raw materials for the production of soap Candles Basic wax for the production of candles Paper De-inking of...

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...engine oil and so on. It can greatly improve the anti-wear and anti-oxidant ability of the oil. It is also used in lubricating grease as extreme pressure additive. The product is brown-red transparent liquid. The recommended dosage is 0.1-1.0 as antioxidant, and 2.0-4.0 as extreme pressure additive. CHARACTERISTICS Prominent performance under extreme pressure Excellent ability of...

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...pressure gear greases modern adhesive Tooth gear lubricants more... Promicron Synthetic oils for fine mechanical and precision devices. more... Quick High pressure and Assembly Pastes more... Rabilub Biodegradable Oils Greases more... Romana For die casting of aluminum more... Sekorex High temperature chain lubricants more... Siligra Silicone based Lubricants and Release agents...

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...oil from Europe, Eastern Europe and Argentina beef fat from Europe and South America soy oil from the Americas palm, palm kernel and coconut from... More Natural Chemicals Natural Chemicals A natural chemistry OLEON?s raw materials are split up into their basic components which, after conversion or purification, are recombined with each other, or with other molecules. Fats and o...

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...Titrimetry ASTM D 4377 EC-HU009 Detection of glycol-base antifreeze in used lubricating oils ASTM D 2982 EC-HU010 Level of contamination by solid particles ISO 4406 EC-HU011 Sediment by membrane filtration ASTM D 4807 EC-HU012 Additive elements in lubricating oils ICP-AES ASTM D 4951 EC-HU013 Additive elements, wear metals and contaminants in used lubricating oils ICP-AES ASTM D...

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...traditions. products The product range has four main groups Chief Oil automotive lubricating oils and greases Force antifreeze coolants and washer antifreeze Chief Car anti-rust products for the automobile manufacturers and aftermarket Chief Car, car care products Ruscoforce supplies its products through exclusive distributors and importers and wholesale to garages, transport comp...

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...24 7. Our Area Managers bring in more than 10 years of experience on the EMEA refrigeration oil market.export.belgium@pli-petronas.com32 3 451 12 25 Stephan Dergent Steven Vandenheede Feel free to consult our Technical Support team for detailed technical product information. Our Technical Support team will also assist you with your used oil samples.ts.belgium@pli-petronas.com32 3...

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...Circulation Systems Chemical and Liquor Chemical Processing Combined Cycle Conventional Boiler Crude Handling and Treatment Delayed Coking Digester Flood Control Gas Processing Gas Treatments General Industry Ground Water Development and Irrigation Hydraulic Press Mining Oil and Gas Pharmaceuticals Pipeline Polymers Power Generation Primary Metals Production Pulp and Paper Refining...

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...?e?tina Nederlands English Franais Deutsch Sloven?ina Espaol Specialist in lubes, oils and cleaners. Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos

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...for automatic cleaning systems FilmClean Effective cleaner degreaser for films and foils Swarfega Auto Skin-friendly, heavy-duty hand cleaner Heatset Glue HG 665 200 Dispersion glue for automatic heatset gluing systems Roller Oil UNI Protective lubricant for NBR MIX EPDM PU rubber rollers running idle UV Tracer In-line monitoring of the applied BlueFold? softener under black...

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...for cars Aerosols and sprays Cutting oil cooling agent Penetrating oil and lubricating oil Chain lubrication oil Silicon lubricants Metal protectives Lubricant greases Grease removers Batteries Navigation Industry Trucks and cars Battery chargers Discs Sanding discs Sanding and purifying inox and steel Lamellae from hiqh-quality zirconium corundum Grain 40, 60, of 80 Diameter...

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...exchangers to supplement its range of oil system equipment Techspace Aero, a specialist in oil system equipment, also offers its partners heat exchangers for turbojet engines. This product allows the... Techspace Aero An extensive portfolio of expertise Under the Cenco International brand, Techspace Aero also offers its clients- whether engine makers, maintenance and repair cent...

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...Cassida Contact Us Home gt Products gt Compressor Oils Compressor and general lubricating oils RENOLIN 500 Series RENOLIN COOL RENOLIN SC MC Series RENOLIN SC Series RENOLIN UNISYN OL SERIES Go back to Compressor Oils...

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...laboratory, specializing in trendline oil analysis of all types of lubricating and hydraulic oils. In 1973 WearCheck International was formed when the original owners sold this laboratory and moved to the USA and set up a new WearCheck laboratory, Spectrometrics From 1975 to 1985 WearCheck International began to search the world for other oil analysis laboratories that met the criteria...

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...Gaskets Crankshaft Camshaft Seals Dynamic Seals Heat Shields Hot Gaskets Ignition Ignition Coils Industrial Spark Plugs Liners Pins Piston Rings Pistons Self-Lubricating Bearings Valve Seat Guides All LIGHTING Products Exterior Lighting Interior Lighting Light Sources Power Distribution All SEALING Products Mechanical Face Seals Wellhead Service Products All SYSTEMS PROTECTION Prod...

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...The most interesting property of solid lubricants is that they can still lubricate when an oil or a grease is not able any more of providing a good lubrication. When the oil film is broken down, the particles of graphite will fit between the metallic surfaces reducing the frictions and the wear. The size of graphite particles used in Xeon dispersions is smaller than 1 micro. Th...

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...a large number of leading companies. Quality Ruscoforce incorporates the best American base oils Pennsylvania. Ruscoforce receives for its products quality certifications from leading car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Daimler Chrysler Mercedes, Volvo and many others. Ruscoforce operates strictly according to the quality principles of ISO 9001 2000 system. advice on packaging...

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...resistance to oxidation and optimal detergent and dispersion properties are obtained. A strong oil film guarantees high lubricating power. MULTIGRADE SG CD SAE 20W50 product code 29147 This high quality mineral motorcycle oil has been exclusively developed and tested for V-Twin engines e.g. Harley Davidson. Its unique additive package helps prevent engine wear and ensures the engine...

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...was dismantled and the site was decided to be used as a recreational area. The soil between the tanks was contaminated with many years of hydrocarbon deposits and covered an area of approximately 1, 000 sqm. The hydrocarbons derived from diesel fuel and lubricating oils were predominantly in the range of C10 to C36. Our objective, to reduce the level of hydrocarbons in...

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...overview ENGINE 8729 M-Flush 8729 MoX-G 8729 Oil Stop Anti oil burn 8729 R-Flush 8729 Super Seal 8729 VX 300 8729 VX500 8729 XG-100K TRANSMISSION 8729 ATFX 200 8729 MG GEAR 8729 VX GEAR 8729 XP 100 FUEL 8729 Complex Petrol condiotioner 8729 Diesel Anti-Smoke 8729 Diesel Complex Conditioner 8729 Diesel Multi Conditioner 8729 DPF PRO 872...

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...Superior Soy Lubricant 59ml drop bottle ?7.70 View Product Super-lube Synthetic oil 7ml oiler pen ?7.10 View Product View as Grid List Sort By Position Name Price Set Descending Direction 18 Items Show 12 24 36 Get convinced of our superior quality products Request a sample Check out our products View Productpage Site Disclaimer Copyright Terms Conditions...

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...and Deugniet, which are equipped for delivering drinking water during bunkering of gas oil outside regular Port of Antwerp office hours. In addition, the Port of Antwerp has several loading points Kaai 75 Noordkasteel Kaai 536 Kaai 620 Petroleumbrug Kaai 1105 Kallo GASOIL INLAND NAVIGATION GASOIL INDUSTRY DRINKING WATER LUBRICATING OIL SHIPPING MATERIALS Tel 32 03 231....

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European Bitumen Association

...separation and chemical engineering unit processes used for refining crude oil into different oil products. ROAD OILS Term sometimes used for very soft VACUUM RESIDUE or harder BITUMENS that have FLUX OIL added, or CUTBACKS that have been produced using petroleum with a boiling point greater than 225C 435F added to reduce the viscosity. ROAD OILS are generally used to produce AS...

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Wolf Oil Corporation

...Oil should never be used to lubricate the engine. When the manufacturer requires an oil for the lubrication of all parts including the engine, he refers to a super tractor oil universal. 24 results 10 20 30 products in list 1 2 3 Choose your Type of Oil Select your type of Oil Passenger Car Motor Oils Heavy Duty Motor Oils Transmission Fluids Brake Steering Leveling Fluids W...

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Rue de Plomcot(WB) 6/3 6224 Fleurus

6224 Fleurus

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...29182 This is a full synthetic lubricant based on carefully selected very high quality base oils for 4-stroke engines, specifically used for competition in very severe circumstances circuit, cross, enduro, quads. It offers exceptional lubricating power, lowers oil consumption and reduces friction and wear, thereby enhancing the performance and lifetime of your motorcycle. MULTIGRAD...

2620 Hemiksem

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Hydroflex - Hydraulics Belgium

...brake and textile hoses up to diameter of 37 mm. MAIN FEATURES 1 air operated by air-oil multiplier 2 wide crimping head for crimping hoses with complex bends 3 safety protection. Hydroflex ref. 1450-TUBS33PI tech-specs S33PI Tubomatic S77 ES Tubomatic S77 ES was especially designed to crimp hoses having tight and complex bends thanks to a frontal rift which facilitates...

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... The term quotburnt oilquot refers to lubricant degradation resulting in heavily coked oil. The cause of burnt oil is typically due to lubricant starvation and the condition if not corrected, will lead to abnormal wear and bearing failure. Oil samples taken after the burnt oil condition starts exhibit a blackened appearance and burnt odor. To monitor and avoid failure due to bur...

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SCHENK TANKTRANSPORT BELGIUM Liquid fertilisers Lubricants Schenk is engaged in the transport of lubricating oil throughout the Benelux, Germany, France and in various European sea ports, supplying garages, factories and seagoing vessels on a daily basis. A fleet of very specialised tank trucks, ranging in size from 16, 000 to 37, 000 litres and with from 1 to 12 compartments, is available for this...

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...luchtafscheidend vermogen kopercorrosieweerstand staalcorrosieweerstand oil filtration oil filter skid hydraulic oil removal of moisture humidity water in oil contamination particle water contamination purifiers vacuum dehydration dehydrator oil dryer oil drying degassing oil separator flush unit flushing mobile offline filtration kidney loop by-pass bypass separate filtration...

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...for a wide variety of pump models. To simplify oil servicing, Cat Pumps introduced a line of oil level indicators which can be mounted in an area of clear view when the bubble gauge of the pump is hidden. In addition to easy viewing, the oil level indicators also feature a oil drain port for easy routine oil changes. Building on Cat Pumps reputation as the 1 pump in the vehicle wash...

2550 Kontich

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Mann + Hummel Hydromation

...for the agricultural machinery aftermarket. MANN-FILTER has a wide range of products for air, oil, hydraulics, fuel and cabin...full text 10.11.2013 MANNHUMMEL presents range of coolant expansion tanks First modular product range on the market At the Agritechnica 2013 MANNHUMMEL will present a range of coolant expansion tanks. The series for mobile and stationary industrial applica...

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Anglo Belgian Corporation

Wiedauwkaai 43 9000 Gent

9000 Gent

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...about 600 degrees Fahrenheit to 750 degrees Fahrenheit depending on the nature of the crude oil and desired products and subsequent condensing of the fractions by cooling. Aviation Gasoline Finished A complex mixture of relatively volatile hydrocarbons with or without small quantities of additives, blended to form a fuel suitable for use in aviation reciprocating engines. Fuel sp...

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...processing, facilities and combining cycles of heating and cooling. Turbine oils PRESLIA oils are intended for lubrication of steam and gas turbines, and combined cycles. Their formulation is the result of a long experience and meets the most stringent specifications of the manufacturers Chain lubrication under high temperature Continuous lubrication systems. Movements, roller cha...

4651 Herve

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...Solid Particles Water Sludge About Us Contact Us Sludge Varnish and Sludge, the hidden oil pollutants. TRIPLE R filter elements have been engineered to remove all contaminants, solid particles, water and also the oxidation by-products like varnish and sludge. TRIPLE R s level of performance is unequaled by any other manufacturer of oil filtration systems. It s the combination o...

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...the sinter is capable of being varied in terms of composition porosity and compatibility with oil enabling it to fulfill a wide range of special tasks. Of special interest within the range of wet- running plates is the friction combination steel paper lining. This is being used to an ever greater extent in transmission systems in general mechanical engineering and in the motor vehicle...

1780 Wemmel

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...anchor chain passes. Hawser - A cable used in warping or mooring the vessel. Heating Coils - Coils located in the bottom of cargo tanks that steam passes through to heat cargo. The heat lowers the viscosity of the cargo and permits easier pumping of the cargo at the discharge port. Vessels in clean service normally do not have or need heater coils as the viscosity of the clean products...

2000 Antwerpen

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...on roll changing cars Pressure monitoring cooling system Pressure monitoring in central oil lubricating systems Pressure monitoring on the cylinder of the pitch system Pressure monitoring on the accumulator Pressure monitorng on the cylinder of the pitch system Pressure monitoring of the accumulator Pressure monitoring hydraulic power unit direct drive Pressure monitoring hydrau...

1731 Asse

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...rust converter on rusted steel PDF GA BOILER WATER TREATMENT GA01 BWT ONE SHOT boiler water treatment one shot PDF GA02 HARDNESS CONTROL to adjust hardness and phosphate PDF GA03 ALKALINITY CONTROL to adjust alkalinity PDF GA04 CONDENSATE CONTROL to adjust pH on condensate PDF GA05 HIDRAZINE to decrease oxygen on HP, LP boiler PDF GA06 OXYGEN CONTROL SULPHITE t...

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...soft grease NLGI 1 4 8211 5 5 8211 6 Glass container lubricants IS lubricating oils Shear spray lubricants Delivery lubricants Blank swabbing compounds Pressware 8211 spray lubricants Automatic swabbing compounds Pharmaceutical swabbing compound Neck ring lubricants Mould release agents Conveyor Lubes home Contact us Distributors Partners Press VDV Lubricants n.v. Ste...

9200 Baasrode

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...Biodiesel a bio fuel is a renewable fuel produced from vegetable oils such as rapeseed oil, sunflower seed oil, soybean oil, hemp oil and Jatropha oil or sometimes from fats. Biodiesel contains no petroleum, but it can be blended with petroleum diesel to create a biodieselblend. close topic Why use Biodiesel? Why use biodiesel? Biodiesel has been demonstrated to have significa...

9042 Desteldonk

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...have everything in stock. We also have the various cleaning-rags for machinery. Waist oil pickup Our firm is also acknowledged collector of waste oil for seaships and fisheryships with the necessary licence of the OVAM. Specifically for this purpose, we own a waste-ship Fina 2 with a loadcapacity of 50 cub. Office and Storehouse Noordzeestraat 12 8380 Zeebrugge Tel 050 54...

8200 Brugge

050/54 42 69

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...DESCRIPTION Alpha 2000 2 Green is an over based calcium sulfonate in ISO VG 100 mineral oil, which meets GC-LB specification. It is characterized by exceptional mechanical stability, very high load carrying ability, excellent resistance to water, oxidation and corrosion, and outstanding performance in a wide temperature range of -40?F to 350?F. The product performs well in gear a...

3190 Boortmeerbeek

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Dellestraat 24 3560 Lummen

3560 Lummen

013/52 17 37

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...the milling cutter being cooled and lubricated. A combination of compressed air and cooling oil ensures a lubricating and cooling mist over the milling cutter and the workpiece. The coolant quantity is metered in such a way that after milling there is practically no more oil on the machine worktop. Dust extraction with cyclone Effective dust extraction is indispensable for keeping t...

8972 Poperinge

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...Brush Guard Seals Seal Catalogs Straight Mount Angle Mount Reverse Angle Right Angle Coils Cylinders Custom Brush Metal Channel Staple Set Twisted in Wire Brush Material Data Contact Us About Us...

3920 Lommel

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Rue Dieudonné-Defrance 16 4020 Liège

4020 Liège

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...sunday ClosedContact us Textile Chemistry NEW Silicon oil spray Special composed silicone oil to moisturize filters from polyprop machines. Very good quality at very competitive prices Aerosols from 500 ml NEW laboratory dyeing UGOLINI Laboratory dyeing and small production machines inox accessories. - type Redkrome - type Minidryer nuovo Glue to prevent fray Available in s...

8540 Deerlijk

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Klà¼ber Lubrication Benelux

...- Manufacturing according to GMP standards Special lubricants for demanding components Chain oils a strong link in the chain Compressors air, gases and lubricant under pressure Maximum performance with gear oils made by Klàber Lubrication Reliable lubrication for large girth gear drives The right lubricants for linear guides Longer bearing life with speciality lubricants Critical ma...

7711 Mouscron

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Laboratoire belge de l'Industrie Electrique - Belgisch Laboratorium van Elektriciteitsindustrie

...22 - 23 November 2016 Technical Seminar Condition monitoring of turbine lubricating oilsOur new brochure How cyber-safe are your industrial control systems? is now online Tags ELECTRICAL GRIDS, ELECTRICAL NETWORKS, LIGHTING, QUALITY CONTROL, TESTING Click to share thisClick to share this ABOUT THE AUTHOR Steve Steve Broucke View all posts by Steve Related news European Utility...

1630 Linkebeek

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...Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet ORION 245 Radiator Flush Removes loose rust and dissolves oily deposits from the cooling system. Cleans cooling system restoring efficiency. Product Data Sheet Material Safety Data Sheet ORION 288 laquoSeal Reconditionerraquo. Lubricates, protects and prolongs the life of engine and equipment seals. Prevents seal deterioration and assists in cond...

3001 Leuven

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Bollinckxstraat 43 1070 Anderlecht

1070 Anderlecht

02 522 32 33

tag: lubricating oil

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Prince Belgium

Pathoekeweg 116-118 8000 Brugge

8000 Brugge

050/32 24 27

tag: lubricating oil

...Silicone oil HR-37 DS 73 Lubricants which contain no grease or oil. For lubricating locks, hinges, conveyor belts, etc. Perfect for use in the food industry. Perfectly harmless....

9070 Destelbergen

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...more Panel Coking Tester The Falex Panel Coking Test determines the tendencies of finished oils to form coke when in contact with surfaces at elevated temperatures. The unit is equipped with three programmable temperature controllers, a variable drive motor with digital speed display, and an air flow regulation system. The Falex Panel Coking Test Apparatus provides an economical met...

3110 Rotselaar

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...sensors. Read more raquo I m interested Download the productsheet Lubricating Lubricating oil units complete with safety s, heat exchangers, reservoirs, etc. Read more raquo I m interested Download the productsheet Blending mixing Dosing, mixing and producing with only one compact and mobile unit. Read more raquo I m interested Download the productsheet Information form Plea...


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Alcon - Couvreur

Rijksweg 14 2870 Puurs

2870 Puurs

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tag: lubricating oil

Industrielaan 5 A 2250 Olen

2250 Olen

014/25 76 40

tag: lubricating oil

...sensors. Read more raquo I m interested Download the productsheet Lubricating Lubricating oil units complete with safety s, heat exchangers, reservoirs, etc. Read more raquo I m interested Download the productsheet Blending mixing Dosing, mixing and producing with only one compact and mobile unit. Read more raquo I m interested Download the productsheet Information form Plea...


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tag: lubricating oil

...Fiber 10C have an elegant feel and incredible softness. They have a unique ability to entrap oil. They have FluoroPURETM Fiber 10C is extremely flexible and can be used in mascara, hair and all silken cosmetic applications. It also can be incorporated into make-up to allow the true colors to come through in a natural fashion. MicroFLON and NanoFLON These PTFE powders are virgin PT...

3700 Tongeren

012/44 08 00

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Grotehertstraat 12 1000 Brussel

1000 Brussel

02/513 35 31

tag: lubricating oil

...AMAX garantee a unkeep at lower cost more than 23 points of greasing and lubricating oil AMAX is furnished with 3 bellows of protection anti-dust AMAX A MACHINE SIMPLY ET FUNCTIONAL MADE FOR WORKING The objective AMAX making machines and they very important accessories, guides, covers, carriage, offer the most serious qualities of strengh, precision, longevity, performa...

6900 Marche-en-Famenne

083/21 36 64

tag: lubricating oil

...?100, 200 in 3 years. After the changeover to the synthetic lubricant instead of the mineral oil that was being used, the intervals between drainage were multiplied by 6 in other words, drainage every three years instead of two drainages per year leading to a reduction in the costs of draining and maintaining the oil separa- tor and the costs associated with processing the used oi...

1090 Jette

02/421 01 84

tag: lubricating oil

...chemicals and appearance products? Valvoline is home to the world?s first lubricating oil, as well as Valvoline Instant Oil Change? quick-lube franchises and EagleOne? vehicle-care products. If you find yourself with a challenge that doesn?t seem to fit within one of our businesses, don?t hesitate to ask. We?re confident that, together, we can make great things happen. 2015,...

2030 Antwerpen

03/778 11 57

tag: lubricating oil

...and splashes. The situation has been exacerbated in recent years with the many different oil specifications that are now available. This has led to an increase in the use of five litre containers for each specialist variety rather than larger bulk packs, explains Millers Oils joint managing director Nevil Hall. With these different variants, it was necessary to find an on-pack...

9000 Gent

03/870 42 80

tag: lubricating oil

Emerson & Cuming Our Focus is Your Solution- Global Landing Page QUICK LINKSCORPORATE LINKS Please Select Region Americas Asia Pacific Europe Japan Products may vary from region to region. To better help us serve your business ...

2440 Geel

014/56 25 00

tag: lubricating oil
Trafuco the transport of different kinds of oils lubricating oil, transformer oil, base oil, oil for automobile industry, oil additives on temperaturehellip Transport can be done with different equipment Bulk trailers with one till 5 compartments insulated tank trailers equipped with pump, compressor, metershellip Packed goods transport of barrels, ibc Transport of packed go...

2627 Schelle

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tag: lubricating oil
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