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Overseas Import Lubricating

Vliegplein 27 9991 Maldegem

9991 Maldegem

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...redesign for pump optimisation. Applications DANFOSS-SAFAG Pumps will handle lubricating oil, liquid gas, fuel oil, diesel oil, cutting oil, emulsions, kerosene, coolant and all other self lubricating fluids. These pumps are used in oil heating systems, hydraulic drives, power units, pressure lubrication and cooling systems. DANFOSS-SAFAG Regulating Valves may be used as pressure...

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...conversion or purification, are recombined with each other, or with other molecules. Fats and oils are one of nature?s most important molecules consisting of glycerine and three fatty acid chains. More Natural Applications Natural Applications A natural chemistry Radia and Nourypol oleochemicals are used for their functional properties such as chemical reactivity, lubricating action,...

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GLOMAX EUROPE primarily used in blending high-grade internal combustion engine oil and lubricating oils with high shear power and viscosity index. It is bright yellow liquid. CHARACTERISTICS Strong thickening capacity Good thermal stability, chemical stability, shear stability and adhesion promotion ability Greatly improve the viscosity index Good compatibility with pour point additives PRO...

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...conversion or purification, are recombined with each other, or with other molecules. Fats and oils are one of nature?s most important molecules consisting of glycerine and three fatty acid chains. More Natural Applications Natural Applications A natural chemistry Radia and Nourypol oleochemicals are used for their functional properties such as chemical reactivity, lubricating action,...

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...ASTM D 4951 EC-HU013 Additive elements, wear metals and contaminants in used lubricating oils ICP-AES ASTM D 5185 EC-HU014 Determination of nickel, vanadium and iron in crude oils and residual fuels ICP-AES ASTM D 5708 ICP-AES Induced coupled plasma-atomic emission spectroscopy About us Instrumentation Our brochures Testing services Sampling Environment Metal surface treatment Met...

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...traditions. products The product range has four main groups Chief Oil automotive lubricating oils and greases Force antifreeze coolants and washer antifreeze Chief Car anti-rust products for the automobile manufacturers and aftermarket Chief Car, car care products Ruscoforce supplies its products through exclusive distributors and importers and wholesale to garages, transport comp...

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...Biofuels Bioprocessing Bleach Bleach Chemicals Boiler Circulation Boiler Feed Booster Boiler Feedwater Boiler Feedwater Systems Booster Brine Brine Disposal Brine Injection Brine Treatment Bulk Chemicals Butane Transfer Cargo Loading and Unloading Catalytic Cracking Catalytic Reforming Caustics Cement Production Central Cleaning Chemical Processing Chemical Transfer Chillers Chlo...

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...?e?tina Nederlands English Franais Deutsch Sloven?ina Espaol Specialist in lubes, oils and cleaners. Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos Photos

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...for automatic cleaning systems FilmClean Effective cleaner degreaser for films and foils Swarfega Auto Skin-friendly, heavy-duty hand cleaner Heatset Glue HG 665 200 Dispersion glue for automatic heatset gluing systems Roller Oil UNI Protective lubricant for NBR MIX EPDM PU rubber rollers running idle UV Tracer In-line monitoring of the applied BlueFold? softener under black...

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...Nederlands English Lubricants Hydraulic oils Relating box oils Oils for slides Heat transfer oils Compressor oils Universal lubricant for nautic vessels propulsion and hull groups, etc. Chain oils Greases Coolants Oils for fork lifts Motoroil for cars Aerosols and sprays Cutting oil cooling agent Penetrating oil and lubricating oil Chain lubrication oil Silicon lubricants Metal protecti...

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Mirtenlaan 15 1080 Sint-Jans-Molenbeek

1080 Sint-Jans-Molenbeek

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...Aero is a specialist producer of front bearing supports for... Techspace Aero Techspace Aero, oil tanks across the entire thrust range Techspace Aero and its subsidiary ACI Advanced Component International Llc are the leading players in this field, holding exclusive oil tank... Techspace Aero A specific range of test equipment The special equipment placed on an aero-engine in its te...

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...WearCheck is a group of independent laboratories, spanning the globe, dedicated to oil and wear particle analysis. Each member country belongs to the WearCheck International WCI. WCI is a consortium of laboratories guided by the WCI charter. The WCI charter outlines the necessary requirements to be a member of WCI, and includes specifications for testing capability, quali...

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...Gaskets Crankshaft Camshaft Seals Dynamic Seals Heat Shields Hot Gaskets Ignition Ignition Coils Industrial Spark Plugs Liners Pins Piston Rings Pistons Self-Lubricating Bearings Valve Seat Guides All LIGHTING Products Exterior Lighting Interior Lighting Light Sources Power Distribution All SEALING Products Mechanical Face Seals Wellhead Service Products All SYSTEMS PROTECTION Prod...

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...when an oil or a grease is not able any more of providing a good lubrication. When the oil film is broken down, the particles of graphite will fit between the metallic surfaces reducing the frictions and the wear. The size of graphite particles used in Xeon dispersions is smaller than 1 micro. The dispersions are particularly stable on storage. They have a black color. Copyri...

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...a large number of leading companies. Quality Ruscoforce incorporates the best American base oils Pennsylvania. Ruscoforce receives for its products quality certifications from leading car manufacturers such as Volkswagen, Daimler Chrysler Mercedes, Volvo and many others. Ruscoforce operates strictly according to the quality principles of ISO 9001 2000 system. advice on packaging...

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...and exhaust emissions. OIL LEAK STOP product code 70306 This product prevents and stops oil leakage through the seals. It makes seals swell back to their original size and regain pliability. It improves the viscosity of the motor oil and optimizes engine performance by enhancing motor compression. RADIATOR CLEANER product code 70307 This product has been developed to clean the...

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...was dismantled and the site was decided to be used as a recreational area.The soil between the tanks was contaminated with many years of hydrocarbon deposits and coveredan area of approximately 1, 000 sqm. The hydrocarbons derived from diesel fuel and lubricating oilswere predominantly in the range of C10 to C36. Our objective, to reduce the level of hydrocarbons in...

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...overview ENGINE 8729 M-Flush 8729 MoX-G 8729 Oil Stop Anti oil burn 8729 R-Flush 8729 Super Seal 8729 VX 300 8729 VX500 8729 XG-100K TRANSMISSION 8729 ATFX 200 8729 MG GEAR 8729 VX GEAR 8729 XP 100 FUEL 8729 Complex Petrol condiotioner 8729 Diesel Anti-Smoke 8729 Diesel Complex Conditioner 8729 Diesel Multi Conditioner 8729 DPF PRO 872...

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...Tri-Flow Superior Soy Lubricant 59ml drop bottle ?7.70 View Product Super-lube Synthetic oil 7ml oiler pen ?7.10 View Product View as Grid List Sort By Position Name Price Set Descending Direction 18 Items Show 12 24 36 Get convinced of our superior quality products Request a sample Check out our products View Productpage Site Disclaimer Copyright Terms Conditions...

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...We are the only bunkering company in Belgium that can provide guaranteed quality of Esso gas oil for both navigation of the Rhine river and general inland navigation. This is due to the fact that we have exclusive rights to the distribution of Esso oil. Also, we guarantee our gas oil is completely free of FAME fatty-acid methyl ester, more commonly known as bio-diesel, which decrea...

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European Bitumen Association

...distillate with a viscosity and boiling-range between those of KEROSENE and lubricating oil. H HARD BITUMEN A bitumen possessing low penetration value and high softening-point. These are used in the manufacture of high modulus ASPHALT MIXTURES. K KEROSENE KEROSINE A petroleum distillate consisting of hydrocarbons with carbon numbers predominantly in the range of C9 through...

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Toekomstlaan(HRT) 30 2200 Herentals

2200 Herentals

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Rue de Plomcot(WB) 6/3 6224 Fleurus

6224 Fleurus

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Hydroflex - Hydraulics Belgium

...brake and textile hoses up to diameter of 37 mm. MAIN FEATURES 1 air operated by air-oil multiplier 2 wide crimping head for crimping hoses with complex bends 3 safety protection. Hydroflex ref. 1450-TUBS33PI tech-specs S33PI Tubomatic S77 ES Tubomatic S77 ES was especially designed to crimp hoses having tight and complex bends thanks to a frontal rift which facilitates...

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SCHENK TANKTRANSPORT BELGIUM Liquid fertilisers Lubricants Schenk is engaged in the transport of lubricating oil throughout the Benelux, Germany, France and in various European sea ports, supplying garages, factories and seagoing vessels on a daily basis. A fleet of very specialised tank trucks, ranging in size from 16, 000 to 37, 000 litres and with from 1 to 12 compartments, is available for this...

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...luchtafscheidend vermogen kopercorrosieweerstand staalcorrosieweerstand oil filtration oil filter skid hydraulic oil removal of moisture humidity water in oil contamination particle water contamination purifiers vacuum dehydration dehydrator oil dryer oil drying degassing oil separator flush unit flushing mobile offline filtration kidney loop by-pass bypass separate filtration...

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CAT PUMPS INTERNATIONAL easy viewing, the oil level indicators also feature a oil drain port for easy routine oil changes. Building on Cat Pumps reputation as the 1 pump in the vehicle wash market, the ldquoBrdquo series special formulated brass manifolds were designed to prevent manifold washout. Washout is caused by material erosion that results in problems like pump leakage and loss of flow a...

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Mann + Hummel Hydromation

...leading diesel engine manufacturers and has...full text 10.06.2014 New, innovative spin-on oil filter from MANN-FILTER Three new models for Volkswagen passenger cars have been added to MANN-FILTER s comprehensive product range. The new spin-on oil filter models, which are equipped with a fully synthetic filter medium, have been available in the...full text 13.05.2014 End of the r...

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Anglo Belgian Corporation

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9000 Gent

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...low-grade oils into lighter products. Fresh Feed Input Represents input of material crude oil, unfinished oils, natural gas liquids, other hydrocarbons and oxygenates or finished products to processing units at a refinery that is being processed input into a particular unit for the first time. Examples 1. Unfinished oils coming out of a crude oil distillation unit which are i...

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...wear and corrosion. No carbon deposits even at high temperatures. Efficient separation of oil air and oil condensates. Heat transfer fluids Heat transfer fluids SERIOLA and JARYTHERM cover a wide variety of applications Domestic and industrial heating of premises, manufacturing processes in cement, paper, chemical and plastics processing, facilities and combining cycles of heatin...

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TRIPLE R EUROPE separated Typical applications Lubricating oil tank of a diesel engine Very contaminated oil TRCS-100 system Oil purifier system, combining a full automatic TRS-100A centrifuge and a SS305 oil cleaner. Working principle and setup Contact your local Triple R Representative for further information or send an email to Info TRIPLE R TRIPLE R holds the origina...

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...the sinter is capable of being varied in terms of composition porosity and compatibility with oil enabling it to fulfill a wide range of special tasks. Of special interest within the range of wet- running plates is the friction combination steel paper lining. This is being used to an ever greater extent in transmission systems in general mechanical engineering and in the motor vehicle...

1780 Wemmel

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...after discharge. Remaining on board quantity includes water, oil, slops, oil residue, oil water emulsions, sludge, and sediment. Rogue Wave - An ocean wave much larger than the current wave sequence. This wave may also be outside the current wave direction and may be 100 feet or more in height Route - See Deep Water Route, Traffic Route, Two-Way-Route. Means Whichever type is...

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...CONTROL to adjust pH on condensate PDF GA05 HIDRAZINE to decrease oxygen on HP, LP boiler PDF GA06 OXYGEN CONTROL SULPHITE to decrease oxygen on LP boiler PDF GA07 OXYGEN SCAVENGER DEHA to decrease oxygen on LP boiler PDF GA08 LIQUID COAGULANT to eliminate light oil contamination PDF GA09 SCALE SEQUESTRANT to clean boiler cooling system underway PDF GA99 LOG dail...

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...lubricant company Van De Voorde. This family-owned company had a long history around oil business and, since its foundation in 1818, has been successful in building up a solid reputation among its local and worldwide customers as well as suppliers. In 1976, the company decided to diversify its business and became exclusive distributor for the European market of Non Fluid Oil...

9200 Baasrode

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...of petroleum diesel with a more pleasant smell. Biodiesel is also used as efficient heating oil. close topic When will we be able to buy biodiesel in Belgium? When will we be able to buy biodiesel in Belgium? Belgium started its biodieselprogram November 1st 2006. However it is only in 2008 that the full 5 incorporated will really kick off. close topic Is Bioro selling to custom...

9042 Desteldonk

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...providing the bunker transport of gasoil, fuel oil and diesel for TotalFina Elf. Lubricating oils and grease Bunkers Dagreda has a large range of lubricating oils and grease of Fina. For every application, we have at our disposal the proper oils and grease. Oils for principal and submotor turbo s, compressors, hydraulic systems, propeller-shafts, stearingmachines, pumps, winches. Grea...

8200 Brugge

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...DESCRIPTION Alpha 2000 2 Green is an over based calcium sulfonate in ISO VG 100 mineral oil, which meets GC-LB specification. It is characterized by exceptional mechanical stability, very high load carrying ability, excellent resistance to water, oxidation and corrosion, and outstanding performance in a wide temperature range of -40?F to 350?F. The product performs well in gear a...

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Dellestraat 24 3560 Lummen

3560 Lummen

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...the milling cutter being cooled and lubricated. A combination of compressed air and cooling oil ensures a lubricating and cooling mist over the milling cutter and the workpiece. The coolant quantity is metered in such a way that after milling there is practically no more oil on the machine worktop. Dust extraction with cyclone Effective dust extraction is indispensable for keeping t...

8972 Poperinge

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...Brush Guard Seals Seal Catalogs Straight Mount Angle Mount Reverse Angle Right Angle Coils Cylinders Custom Brush Metal Channel Staple Set Twisted in Wire Brush Material Data Contact Us About Us...

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Rue Dieudonné-Defrance 16 4020 Liège

4020 Liège

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...possible for beaming wax rolls with or without hole 100 water soluble Wax oil cans Wax oil cans with compound oil to make the yarn smoother --gt improved weaving result. --gt 100 biodestructible Klenotex Safe and strong stain remover - degreaser. Used with stain removing guns. Pile wire oil Special composed oil used for lubricating and cooling the pile wires on the looms....

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Klà¼ber Lubrication Benelux

...Corrosion inhibitors Lubricant dispensers Lubricant sprays Lubricating greases Lubricating oils Lubricating pastes Lubricating waxes Release agents Service products Applications Industry Components Service KlberEfficiencySupport Test bay LubeSeal Material Compliance Brochures Hints for practice News News Events In focus Technical articles Press releases Seminars Newsletter Career...

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Laboratoire belge de l'Industrie Electrique - Belgisch Laboratorium van Elektriciteitsindustrie

...22 - 23 November 2016 Technical Seminar Condition monitoring of turbine lubricating oils Technical Seminar Recent developments in oil analysis and condition monitoring of power transformers 2017 ENGIE LAB LABORELEC - E-MAIL - TEL. 32 02 382 02 11...

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Bollinckxstraat 43 1070 Anderlecht

1070 Anderlecht

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Prince Belgium

Pathoekeweg 116-118 8000 Brugge

8000 Brugge

050/32 24 27

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...Silicone oil HR-37 DS 73 Lubricants which contain no grease or oil. For lubricating locks, hinges, conveyor belts, etc. Perfect for use in the food industry. Perfectly harmless....

9070 Destelbergen

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...Effect of iron micro- nano- particle additives on tribological behavior of lubricating oils. Proceedings Blattrib 2009 STLE 2010 submitted to Wear journal T. Maliar, S. Achanta, D. Drees, H. Cesiulis Effect of lubrication on fretting wear and durability of gold coated electrical contacts under high frequency vibrations Tribology Materials, surfaces and Interfaces, Vol. 2, 2...

3110 Rotselaar

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...sensors. Read more raquo I m interested Download the productsheet Lubricating Lubricating oil units complete with safety s, heat exchangers, reservoirs, etc. Read more raquo I m interested Download the productsheet Blending mixing Dosing, mixing and producing with only one compact and mobile unit. Read more raquo I m interested Download the productsheet Information form Plea...


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Alcon - Couvreur

Rijksweg 14 2870 Puurs

2870 Puurs

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Industrielaan 5 A 2250 Olen

2250 Olen

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...sensors. Read more raquo I m interested Download the productsheet Lubricating Lubricating oil units complete with safety s, heat exchangers, reservoirs, etc. Read more raquo I m interested Download the productsheet Blending mixing Dosing, mixing and producing with only one compact and mobile unit. Read more raquo I m interested Download the productsheet Information form Plea...


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...Applications Printing Inks Liquid Inks Paste Inks Coatings Wood Coatings Powder Coatings Coil Coatings UV Coatings Thermoplastics and Elastomers ENPLA PSG Thermoplastics Elastomers Thermosets Greases and Lubricants Grease PSG High Thickening Efficiency Moderate Thickening Efficiency Low Thickening Efficiency Oil Dispersions Home Applications gt Greases and Lubricants Boost the P...

3700 Tongeren

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Grotehertstraat 12 1000 Brussel

1000 Brussel

02/513 35 31

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...AMAX garantee a unkeep at lower cost more than 23 points of greasing and lubricating oil AMAX is furnished with 3 bellows of protection anti-dust AMAX A MACHINE SIMPLY ET FUNCTIONAL MADE FOR WORKING The objective AMAX making machines and they very important accessories, guides, covers, carriage, offer the most serious qualities of strengh, precision, longevity, performa...

6900 Marche-en-Famenne

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...for lubricating compressors and sys- tems using HFC refrigerants. They are formu- lated from oils with a Polyolester POE type base and have notable properties in terms of lubrication, protection against wear and per- Climalife contact n7 I 3...

1090 Jette

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...chemicals and appearance products? Valvoline is home to the world?s first lubricating oil, as well as Valvoline Instant Oil Change? quick-lube franchises and EagleOne? vehicle-care products. If you find yourself with a challenge that doesn?t seem to fit within one of our businesses, don?t hesitate to ask. We?re confident that, together, we can make great things happen. 2015,...

2030 Antwerpen

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...concept devised by Millers to solve a long-standing problem in the market. Lubricating oils have traditionally been very difficult to control during pouring and this often leads to glugging, spills and splashes. The situation has been exacerbated in recent years with the many different oil specifications that are now available. This has led to an increase in the use of five litr...

9000 Gent

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Emerson & Cuming Our Focus is Your Solution- Global Landing Page QUICK LINKSCORPORATE LINKS Please Select Region Americas Asia Pacific Europe Japan Products may vary from region to region. To better help us serve your business ...

2440 Geel

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...certified Gensets Stacker for own manipulations Barges Trafuco has 4 barges to deliver lube oils to seagoing vessels. Barges Fleet size 4 Trafuco 5 Trafuco 6 Trafuco 7 Trafuco 8 Equipment Double hull ADN certified Dedicated manifold figures we carry your load BY THINKING ABOUT THE FUTURE Trafuco has enjoyed steady, controlled growth since it was first established. Going forward, th...

2627 Schelle

03/880 72 02

tag: lubricating oil

...piston Blower Exhauster Positive displacement pumps Centrifugal pumps Air Gas Air gaz oil free vanes pumps. Description and working principle. Description coming soon. Markets. Applications. Description coming soon. Our provider for this type of pumps. Realisation exemple Worldwide Copyright 2009 - Apumas Group....

4031 Liège

09328 49 55

tag: lubricating oil

...anchor chain passes. Hawser - A cable used in warping or mooring the vessel. Heating Coils - Coils located in the bottom of cargo tanks that steam passes through to heat cargo. The heat lowers the viscosity of the cargo and permits easier pumping of the cargo at the discharge port. Vessels in clean service normally do not have or need heater coils as the viscosity of the clean products...


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tag: lubricating oil

Noordkaai 8 8870 Izegem

8870 Izegem

051/26 82 00

tag: lubricating oil

...Liquor C A C A A Blast Furnace Gas A A A A A Bleach Sodium Hyprochlorite A A B B ndash Boiler Feed Water A A A A A Borax A A A A A Boric Acid A A A A A Brine Sodium Chloride A A B B A Bromine A A C C ndash Bromine Trifluoride C C C C C Bromoform A A A A A Bromomethane A A A A A Butadiene A1 A1 A1 A1 A1 Butane A A A A A 2-Butanone A A A A A Butyl Acetate A A A A A Butyl Alcohol...

9000 GENT

09/277 92 99

tag: lubricating oil

...- is a frequent reason for failure of the air-conditioning compressor. Loss of lubricating oil, penetration of water or insufficient replenishment of refrigerant can also result in a defect. Failure of the unit usually manifests itself in the form of a loss of cooling power. If the compressor is faulty, its failure can result in impurities which can also damage components in the air...

2300 Turnhout

014 68 99 55

tag: lubricating oil

...sheet or coil. Approved by the German military and German Rail DB. After years of effort, oil companies are being convinced to introduce standardised measurements for road tanker hoses and threaded fittings. There was a colourful mix leading to many practical compatibility problems R-threads similar to BSP, WW- Witworth, Rd- Round and special theads, e.g. 88x1 8. This is the...

2100 Antwerpen

03 328 04 20

tag: lubricating oil
Paulus Stuart collapse Self-lubricating the guides with polyacetal rings require no lubrication. No oil better hygiene. Can be cleaned using high-pressure equipment. - Safety Click to collapse Manufactured to the latest EC standards Stable height-adjustable nonslip rubber under-straps. The blade block is secured in a unique patented rotating system. This ensures that the block can be...

1070 Anderlecht

02 521 46 12

tag: lubricating oil

Noordkaai 8 8870 Izegem

8870 Izegem

051 26 82 00

tag: lubricating oil

...air and is obtained as a by-product of the liquefaction and separation of air. Properties Boiling Point -186.0C Relative density 1.38 Air 1 Classification Noble gas Discovered in 1894 by Sir William Ramsay and named after the Greek word for inert Argon. See also liquid argon. AS 9100 The standard quality management system for the aerospace industry which, although linked to I...

1120 Brussel

02/268 00 20

tag: lubricating oil

...Costa- Kreuzfahrten - Cruise Tours - Germany de-rot Roth Roth - Schlenk Metallfolien - Metal Foils - Germany uk-rot Rotherham Rotherham - ACMbearings Composites Lubricating - uk nl-rot Rotterdam Rotterdam fr-rou Rouen Rouen bg-rou Rousse-Ruse Rousse-Ruse - Town in Bulgaria hr-rov Rovinj Rovinj - City of Croatia hr-rov Rovinj Rovinj - Hotel Lone - Croatia de-roy Royalty Royalty-ARD-info...

1030 Schaarbeek

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tag: lubricating oil
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