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...Industry Manufacturers Production maintenance Production planning Point of sales systems Spare parts control Container terminal management Graphical CT terminal Planning container movements Physical movements RF Transport documents Post Express parcels Production systems Messaging Delivery tracing Holiday industry Sales Accounting Hotel Reservations Inbound agents Airport...

2520 RANST

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ASCOM NIRA and paging technologies, smartly integrated via Ascom Unite into existing enterprise systems. The company has subsidiaries in 12 countries and 1, 200 employees worldwide. Founded in 1955 and based in Gàteborg, Sweden, Ascom Wireless Solutions is part of the Ascom Group, listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange ASCNSIX. back 2015 Ascom Legal Information and Privacy Impressum Deze...

1130 BRUSSEL 13

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ASCOM (BELGIUM) and Paging technologies, smartly integrated via Ascom Unite into existing enterprise systems. The company has subsidiaries in 13 countries and 1, 200 employees worldwide. Founded in 1955 and based in Gàteborg, Sweden, Ascom Wireless Solutions is part of the Ascom Group, listed on the Swiss Stock Exchange ASCNSIX. back 2015 Ascom Legal Information and Privacy Impressum Deze...

1130 Brussel

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...ndash all of which were patched through the Internet to the central control room. Backup systems were devised and tested at each step of the behind-the-scenes process, including laptops, routers, VPN points and servers, guaranteeing that if one thing went wrong, it could be fixed immediately and other aspects of the system would not fail as a result. When the medical sales training m...


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Software A.G. Belgium

...powerful enterprise service bus that enables organizations to quickly connect virtually any system and application. We offer enterprise architecture management solutions that help align the IT landscape with business needs. Our in-memory computing solutions provide faster access to big data while our Business Process Management BPM and business process modeling solutions help create...


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...We act as a 1st contact on the existing software hardware, Internet connections, e-mail systems, cabling telephony, website management and all kinds of peripherals support.. We offer the best working environment for people who share our passion and together we can offer our customers unprecedented value Meet our team David Van Impe Manager Yochi De Ridder System Engineer Sander Meyfr...

9420 Erpe-Mere

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Otegemstraat 435A 8550 Zwevegem

8550 Zwevegem

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...deployments, ... Simulator To develop and test new flows, based on data from backend-systems which are not yet available, the simulator can be used to simulate these backend-systems. Multi language support PasserelleEDM is standard available in English, Dutch and French. Also all created interactive Flows Flows requiring user interaction can be presented to the User in his ow...

9000 Gent

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...Planning and selected based on the organization s specific wants and needs for the system. But extending an existing ERP system with a supplementary CRM module isn t a terribly logical move. Read160more160... Category CRM The power of email marketing and CRM Published 07 November 2016 Written by A. Bemelmans Hits 159 Archie CRM is optionally integrated with the pow...

2200 Herentals

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...discussed the best approaches for installing a new SAP HANA system or upgrade existing systems towards the SAP HANA platform. I am pleased to say I passed the final exams and obtained an official Record Of Achievement . Details News - openSAP Course 39SAP Business Suite powered by SAP HANA39 14 04 2014 I am following the course on 39SAP Business Suite powered by SAP H...

9100 Sint-Niklaas

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Gontrode Heirweg 73 9090 Melle

9090 Melle

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Blarenberglaan 4 2800 Mechelen

2800 Mechelen

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...OS X. Parallels Desktop for Windows and Linux Simultaneously run multiple operating systems on your PC Service Provider Products Parallels Automation Hosting, SaaS, and cloud computing automation solution. Parallels Plesk The Best Control Panel Ever For Easy, Complete and Profitable Hosting This page was generated by Parallels Plesk 1999-2014. Parallels IP Holdings GmbH. All...


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...Portmade Customs All customs documentation Formalities training Full edifact messaging system Electronic document flow Customs claims department Consultancy projects Salf Pionira Downloads Contact Offices Staff Management Links Track Trace Events Choose your language English Nederlands Franais PHYSICAL DISTRIBUTION Good supply chain management is one of the most important as...

2030 Antwerpen

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...PORTMADE CUSTOMS All customs documentation Formalities training Full edifact messaging system Electronic document flow Customs claims department Consultancy projects SALF General...

2030 Antwerpen

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...course and the candidate must be familiar with the functions of the target operating system. Having followed WebSphere MQ fundamentals course would also be a useful pre-requisite, but a WebSphere MQ overview section is included in this course. Some knowledge of SNA and or TCP IP networking is useful. In the UK no background is needed since the course starts with the WebSphere MQ...

1000 Brussel
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Terhulpsesteenweg 177 1170 Watermaal-Bosvoorde

1170 Watermaal-Bosvoorde

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...this OEM manufacturer in the automotive industry, who makes gear boxes and infotainment systems for cars, I am looking for a seasoned Linux Embedded Software Engineer... Lees meer Deel op LinkedIn IT MANAGER CD IDVT01 vacancy closed Gent Online sinds 17 01 2014 Voor deze internationale organisatie met vestiging in de Gentse haven, zijn we op zoek naar een IT Manager... Lees meer...

9000 Gent

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...a comprehensive application management post-academics Development of a complete management system for post-graduate training. Development of a complete management system for post-graduate training. Various tools allow the management of training moderation and administration contact information of members, all activities organized by the association and subscriptions, newsletters,...

4031 Liège

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...The entire product suite is HIS-independent and can, therefore, be easily integrated with systems of any type, size or scope. UltraGenda provides its own generic integration layer which consists of a variety of methods such as HL7 messages for asynchronous messaging Visual integration based on CCOW for the context switch with fat-client and thin-client applications XML web services...

9070 Destelbergen

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...op afstand. Operating systems. We beheren alle kerncomponenten van uw Windows operating system. Systems management operations. We beheren uw globale Windows-infrastructuur proactief - wat u meteen al een heleboel kosten bespaart. Zo streven we op lange termijn naar een gecentraliseerd en uniform pc-park dat geeft u minder kopzorgen bij updates en softwareaanpassingen. Messaging ...

2870 Puurs

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Molièrelaan 475 1050 Elsene

1050 Elsene

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Molièrelaan 291 1050 Elsene

1050 Elsene

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ABACUS MARINE - International Service And Trade

Guido Gezellestraat 42 2630 Aartselaar

2630 Aartselaar

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...cataloging, and infinite storage and processing. Data refinery The data would be systematically cleansed and refined through various stages. For instance, the data is ingested in a raw format. Then it would reside in a sandbox, where business users could begin to shape or clean it for prototype reporting and scenario testing. Last, the data could be further enhanced and cleansed unt...

2018 Antwerpen

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...of other applications. Our Automation products allow businesses to optimize their systems to maximize profit. Our Virtualization products allow personal computers to run several operating systems on one computer like OSX and Windows and for individual servers to function like many servers at once for creating cloud computing environments. This website was created using our P...

8310 Brugge

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NETCONNEX a service Unified Communications Callcenter Contact Center Netwerken Videoconferentiesystemen Producten Cloud Applications MS Dynamics CRM Hosting Microsoft Office Microsoft Sharepoint Webconferentie Webhosting Reseller Hosting MS Windows Hosting Database Hosting Domeinnamen Domeinaanvraag domeinnamen registeren Email Hosting Email basic business Cloud Desktop Diensten Design en t...

3740 Bilzen
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...includes User warning The following module is missing from the file system nice menus. For information about how to fix this, see the documentation page. in drupal trigger error with delayed logging regel 1128 van var www vhosts httpdocs includes Diepgaandere interventie nodig dan simpelweg depanneren? Schakel ons in voor alle...

3010 Leuven

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COVR event a simple registration system, entrance control scanning only, lead capturing system, webcast recording of your symposium, 267 Congresses 850.000 Happy participants 398000 KM travelled 1.654322 Cups of coffee we Love to hear from you Contact Us Get in touch Please complete all required fields Name This is a required field. Email Address This is a required field. Messa...

2490 Balen

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Binnenheide 24 2288 Grobbendonk

2288 Grobbendonk

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...een erkend verdeler van vooraanstaande merken zoals Dell, HP, Cisco, Swyx, Barracuda? Onze system engineers bepalen samen met u wat de juiste hardware is om in te investeren, gebaseerd op de specifieke noden van uw bedrijf. Wij zorgen ervoor dat uw investering beantwoord aan uw verwachtingen terwijl we steeds uw budget voor ogen houden. VOIP Er zijn vele manieren vandaag de dag om iem...

2140 Antwerpen

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...consist of experts in the areas of SAP The SAP basis team takes care of the different SAP systems running on an AS400 ECC6.04, BI 7.01, CRM 7.01 and AIX platform SCM 7.01, PI, Business Objects. Lotus Notes Lotus Notes is mainly used for email and instant messaging SameTime but also for certain applications that are built on Lotus Notes Databases. A BlackBerry infrastructure is i...

1880 Kapelle-op-den-Bos
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La Place La Place 1325 Chaumont-Gistoux

1325 Chaumont-Gistoux

010/68 88 15

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Culliganlaan 2F 1831 Machelen (Brab.)

1831 Machelen (Brab.)

02/268 20 65

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Dijkstraat 9 9140 Elversele

9140 Elversele

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...Services Contact Info Cisco Unified Communications is a comprehensive IP communications system of voice, video, data, and mobility products and applications.? It enables more effective, more secure, more personal communications that directly affect both sales and profitability.? It brings people together by enabling a new way of communicating-where your business moves with you, sec...

3391 Tielt-Winge

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Iptor Managed Services Belgium

...deliver real business results and can help connect your business s people, information and systems to create a smarter, more successful enterprise. 8594 Learn More About IBM Services IBM Cloud Learn more Simplify and standardize your underlying infrastructure to run cloud computing. IBM SmartCloud foundation offerings include servers, storage and virtualization components for buildi...

9052 Gent

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...clients, end-users or managers do. It has been designed to run under the Linux operating system, but works fine under most NIX variants as well. The monitoring daemon runs intermittent checks on hosts and services you specify using external quotpluginsquot which return status information to Nagios. When problems are encountered, the daemon can send notifications out to administr...

2550 Kontich

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Vosveld 21B 2110 Wijnegem

2110 Wijnegem

03/248 82 24

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GFI Benelux obvious choice, we still had to find the right partner to deploy the solution onto our systems, including mobile devices, of all our users, 8221 explains Christian Kersmakers, Director of the IT department at SWCS. 8220We published a very precise tender and compared the proposals of different service providers. It shows that Gfi is way ahead of its competitors their proposal...


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...on an infected machine Systemcbevtsvc.exe and creates a new service CbEvtSvc in the system. Quite some registry modifications are being made as well as a direct IP address connection to a remote host on TCP IP port 443. Virus Total permalink and MD5 dabb5a9b431c88c77281bcf1158a9879. back to news We re glad to help you. Please email us or call at 32 53 789906 or mobile 32 495...


053/78 99 06

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Cisco Systems Belgium

De Kleetlaan 6A 1831 Machelen (Brab.)

1831 Machelen (Brab.)

02/704 50 00

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...WEB-interface, API worden de gegevens beschikbaar gesteld aan de gebruiker of aan andere systemen en dit op een automatische wijze. Voor verder info zie TStar About Us Site Map Privacy Policy Contact Us 2005 Copyright Talsoft B.V.B.A....

1570 Galmaarden

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Barastraat 175 1070 Anderlecht

1070 Anderlecht

02/560 21 50

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...a team Natural organiser, with experience establishing and improving administrative systems and business operations Displaying self-motivation and confidence, and an ability to learn quickly and get stuck in from day one Strong knowledge in managing a community and ability to develop relationships with a broad range of people Desirable Familiarity with social media Knowledge...

1030 Schaarbeek

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03/232 40 40

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...Agenda en booking system for artist management office. The artist booking office use this system to book the different events for each artist in a calendaring system. Additional information is provided for each event. The artist can consult his booking information and work information sheet via an extranet access. The application handles both normal PC Laptop browsing functionality a...

2110 Wijnegem

03/354 18 02

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Nieuwlandlaan 66 3200 Aarschot

3200 Aarschot

016/56 66 60

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...format to a particular e-mail address. Technical Information Works with virtually any system Runs on Windows Platform Can use different print file formats ASCII, Epson, PCL, PostScript 1 to 64 lines available Receive route faxes depending on T30 subaddress, DID number or DTMF, Line or CSID Fax?Star Exchange Mail Gateway Fax?Star Exchange provides an interface between MS Exchang...

1170 Watermaal-Bosvoorde

02/725 75 34

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Vinck & Thys Systems - VTS

Boekweitlaan 3 2500 Lier

2500 Lier
tag: messaging system

Zagerijstraat 11 2960 Brecht

2960 Brecht

03/294 00 37

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...from consumers to the cloud, Juniper Networks delivers innovative software, silicon, and systems that transform the experience and economics of networking. The company serves more than 30, 000 customers and partners worldwide, and generated more than 3 billion in revenue over the last year. Lees meer Blackberry Alliance PartnerBlackBerry is developed by Research In Motion RIM, a l...

9230 Wetteren

09/250 04 00

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...from consumers to the cloud, Juniper Networks delivers innovative software, silicon, and systems that transform the experience and economics of networking. The company serves more than 30, 000 customers and partners worldwide, and generated more than 3 billion in revenue over the last year. Lees meer rsaquorsaquo Blackberry Alliance PartnerBlackBerry is developed by Research In...

9230 Wetteren

09/250 04 00

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Zagerijstraat 11 2960 Brecht

2960 Brecht

03/658 00 36

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...constant evolution of technology forces companies to adapt continuously their information system. These changes require skills to secure against loss of data during the migration phase and to minimize the unavailability of the system, thus decreasing the total migration cost. Demo Software... Security Management Openness of wide area networks leads the information system to be sensi...

1050 Brussel

02/657 40 07

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gfi Wavre

...IT infrastructure, but lack the necessary capacity to execute the healthcare of their systems themselves. Security and compliance Security breaches can have a major impact on your business. You may not only loose data, it can also harm your reputation in the long term. Gfi8217s security solutions help you enforce compliancy and take pro-active measures, as well as act on immi...

1300 Waver

010/23 73 11

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...of IBM MQ messaging environment. Contribute to continuous improvement process for systems and monitoring. Search Recent Comments Archives Categories No categories Meta Log in Entries RSS Comments RSS Symbiosys - Emmanuel Delcon 2016 All Rights Reserved...

3020 Herent
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...badges also exist. Live tracking of your attendees is possible via the instuituve Dashboard system where you can look up a specific guest or review attendance statitics. This is an offline system and does not require an internet connection. Add-ons are available for collecting manual signatures on touch-screen technology and for sending targeted SMS notifications to guests. Download th...

1140 Evere

02/702 36 36

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Boerenkrijglaan 81 2260 Westerlo

2260 Westerlo

014/54 98 06

tag: messaging system

Eikenboslaan 9 3 2500 Koningshooikt

2500 Koningshooikt

03 422 53 84

tag: messaging system

...most of TelAlert s customers use it with network management applications or help-desk systems, it can be integrated with any program capable of issuing commands. It also includes C libraries and Java classes, to be tightly integrated with custom applications. With its optional hardware component, TelAlert can monitor environmental conditions, automatically warn users of potential p...

1348 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve

010/45 61 30

tag: messaging system

...Infrastructuur Flexibele Meldkamer Discrete communicatie Accessoires Applicaties Intercomsystemen Voertuigoplossingen Motoren Signalering On Board Systems Mobiele data Crash Recorder Draadloze Communicatieoplossing Video Additionele uitruisting Event Support Mobiele Meldkamer Sportevenementen Referenties Abiom Shop Home communicatie apparatuur applicaties Applicaties Alles uitvouwen M...

9100 Sint-Niklaas

03/777 63 06

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TIJDELIJKE VERENIGING TEIN TELECOM - CEGELEC THV announce that it has been selected by IPC Connecting Opport ... Tunnel Management system VTC Flemish Tunnel Ce ... Brussels, February 1 2016 Tein Technology is proud to inform you that we established a next step in being a long ter ... Tein Technology @ Salon des Mandataires 2016 Brussels, January 27 2016 Tein Technology will be present @ the yearly Salon des Mandataires w...

1030 Schaarbeek

02/240 64 65

tag: messaging system

Berentrodedreef 1 2820 Bonheiden

2820 Bonheiden

015/34 31 83

tag: messaging system

...phones, mobiles smartphones, physical and virtual servers, telecom firewall, messaging systems video-conferencing, databases, applications, etc. NETiKA IT Services customers include small medium companies as well as international organisations. All our tools have been designed and tailored to meet their needs, from eMonitoring of infrastructure right through to users IT coachin...

1040 Brussel

010/83 25 00

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Proact Belgium

Brouwerijstraat 1 9031 Gent

9031 Gent

02/725 45 18

tag: messaging system



02/709 01 50

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de Meeà»ssquare 38-40 1000 Brussel

1000 Brussel

02/736 50 40

tag: messaging system

De Sevillastraat 14 2100 Antwerpen

2100 Antwerpen

03/322 78 71

tag: messaging system
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