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PERDAEN-D´HOOGHE x 1200 mm with pallet change CNC vertical milling machine 4200 mm x 1400 mm Surface grinding 400 x 1250 mm Boring Table 1200 x 1200 mm, vertical 1600 mm Key way slotting machine up to a length of 200mm Heihoekstraat 96 9100 Nieuwkerken-Waas Oost-Vlaanderen, Belgi T 32 03 776 24 65 F 32 03 777 94 50 E 2013 Perdaen - D Hooghe Privacy- and c...

9100 Sint-Niklaas

03/776 24 65

tag: surface grinding
Dedecker Precision Mechanics

...saw. DPM also does serial part machining and specialises in finishing - 5 centreless grinding machines - 9 robotised cells lathes and integrated machining centre - external honing Ralt0.2 - specialised in the machining of pins - In-house heat treatment case hardening, tempering, induction hardening - In-house surface treatment Mg Phosphating, Zn Phosphating Dedecker Precisi...

7700 Mouscron

056/85 75 26

tag: surface grinding

...Mechanical properties Physical properties Welding Forming Machining, cutting, and grinding Post-fabrication treatment The effects of alloying elements Stainless steel surface finishes Hero Area Content ???????????????????????Producing stainless steel ?????Outokumpu Handbook of Stainless steel? ??View full copy of Outokumpu Handbook of Stainless Steel? View Stainless steel types...

1000 BRUSSEL 1

013/53 03 40

tag: surface grinding

...Investments Recruitments Jobs Jobs Contact Address Form Surface treatment Centerless grinding Precision machining Automatic milling Dedecker Precision Mechanics - Industrial lane 104 - 7700 Mouscron - Belgium - Tel. 32 56 85 75 26 - Fax 32 56 85 75 27 - VAT BE 0406.079.216 - E-mail - Sitemap Member of...

7700 Mouscron

0494/9 4 39 39

tag: surface grinding

Route de Genval 15 1380 Lasne

1380 Lasne

02/633 36 79

tag: surface grinding

Industrieweg 25A 8800 Roeselare

8800 Roeselare

051/26 40 26

tag: surface grinding

...Robotic Surface Finishing Optidrive delivers complete robot installations to automate grinding, polishing or deburring tasks. The entire support during your automation projects is guaranteed from engineering and simulation, construction, commissioning to technical support, training and after sales services. Optidrive delivers robotic solutions for Metal, Plastic and Stone Industry....

3050 Oud-Heverlee

016/25 95 35

tag: surface grinding

...Robotic Surface Finishing Optidrive delivers complete robot installations to automate grinding, polishing or deburring tasks. The entire support during your automation projects is guaranteed from engineering and simulation, construction, commissioning to technical support, training and after sales services. Optidrive delivers robotic solutions for Metal, Plastic and Stone Industry....

3012 Leuven

016/25 95 35

tag: surface grinding

...Surface grinders to 1200 x 600 mm Rotary grinding to a diameter of 250 mm Centerless grinding Contact us for more info copy BO-Solutions - Blown Away - site by MOQO...

8800 Roeselare

051/24 89 32

tag: surface grinding

...The abrasive effect and the grain details quoted are not comparable with those of grinding papers and cloths for the same grit size, webrax non-woven web abrasives generally grind finer. Aluminium oxide and silicon carbide are generally used as the grains. 3. Bonding The abrasive grain is firmly anchored to the synthetic fibres by resins. The resin bond allows use under both d...

1750 Lennik

02 581 02 08

tag: surface grinding

...Surface grinder S60 SAWING MACHINE T40 COLUMN drilling machine f200 Vertical belt grinding machine sfv150 SAWING MACHINE WITH HORIZONTAL DISK TH400 CF1 - CUTTING FLUID SEMO S.A. BOULEVARD PRINCE HENRI 3A - LU-1724 LUXEMBOURG SALES 00 32 64 26 58 91 INFO@SEMOGL...

7110 La Louvière

064/67 54 48

tag: surface grinding

Rue de l'Avouerie 7 4000 Liège

4000 Liège

04 254 50 11

tag: surface grinding

Chaussée des Forges 74A 4570 Marchin

4570 Marchin

085/27 04 80

tag: surface grinding

...Hard facing Spray and fuse coating Plasma transferred arc Welding Machining Cylindrical grinding Other services Repairs Hard chrome Nickel plating Grit blasting Hard Anodizing Technical Ceramics Rubberize About Plasmajet Mission, Vision Values History Environment RD Lab Contact Hard Anodizing Through an electrochemical process it is possible to provide aluminium parts with an oxid...

3560 Lummen

013/52 17 37

tag: surface grinding
PLATRIMO - Engine overhauls crankshaft grinding machine cylinder head and engine block surface grinding machine valve seat processing machine cylinder head test setup injection pump test bench fully automatic vertical honing machine horizontal honing machine small parts - Repairs We can take care of your repairs thanks to our extensive machinery that includes both CNC and conventional machi...

8970 Poperinge

057/33 36 84

tag: surface grinding

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...3000 x 1500 x 900. 1 Cylindrical grinding machine 450 diameter length 2000. 1 Surface grinding machine 800 800 x 300 x 250. 1 Radial drilling machine CM5 passage 1500 mm. 2 Slotting machine diameter 1000. 2 Assembly presses....

4340 Awans

042/63 45 58

tag: surface grinding

...- Type 3K - Type 3R Turnkey shredder projects Bottle liquid separator CL System Blade grinding Second Hand Machinery Stock Machinery type 3R Shredders The 3R heavy duty shredders have three shafts that are hydraulically driven by separate hydraulic motors. The speed of the shafts can be independently altered ensuring maximum cutting efficiencies for even the most difficult materi...

8930 Menen
tag: surface grinding

Vierwegstraat 5 8800 Roeselare

8800 Roeselare

051 25 19 00

tag: surface grinding
Etablissements Biebuyck

...bevelling option, Polishing option Different configurations for POLY12F bottom grinding without sawing, POLY12L automotive lenses grinding without sawing POLY12S1 sawing and grinding, Maximum diameter 170 mm, Maximum height 350 mm, Maximum production speed 5 pieces minute. POLY12 F L Te?? POLY12 S1 S2 Technical data LASER MARKING BENCH This bench has been spe...

7110 La Louvière

064/23 92 11

tag: surface grinding
Tecnolon Works

...a surface to give it a better appearance and better flatness. We do flat grinding. Flat grinding involves horizontal milling the part in several passes to eliminate layers of material 20 to 40 micrometers on each pass. The part moves back and forth longitudinally this can be combined with cross scanning to grind a width greater than the width of the grinder. This provides several a...

7700 Mouscron

056/85 75 48

tag: surface grinding
REMY INTERNATIONAL efficient and cost-effective alternative to the old conventional hammering and or grinding operations. On top of a considerable noise reduction and the suppression of abrasive dusts, they allow an irreproachable and undisputed surface finish, unconceivable by hand. The idea was adopted by small and large companies, worldwide, and is renowned as giving the best Quality. Models o...

6041 Charleroi

071 25 65 25

tag: surface grinding

Mandeweegsken 54 9900 Eeklo

9900 Eeklo
tag: surface grinding

Geldenaaksebaan 456 3001 Leuven

3001 Leuven

016 39 15 00

tag: surface grinding

...Our services solutions View all our services Plasma coating Cylindrical grinding Hard chrome HVOF-spraying Plasma transferred arc Repairs Electric Arc Spraying Welding Grit blasting Flame spraying...

3560 Lummen

013/52 17 37

tag: surface grinding

...Organisation ISRO. At the same time, AMOS upgraded its optical production facilities grinding and polishing systems and an ion beam facility and commenced the processing of optical surfaces, essentially mirrors, for use in the professional astronomy field. At the turn of the millennium the company undertook a series of studies for the European Southern Observatory ESO, resulting...

4031 Liège

0436/1 4 04 0

tag: surface grinding

...of finishing the most complex parts through flat surface grinding and cylindrical grinding. Our extensive quality department, equipped with a 3D coordinate measuring machine, projector and hardness testing tool, ensures a perfect quality of all ground parts. Info Machinery 2 cnc flat surface grinders 2 cnc external cylindrical grinders 1 mechanical internal cylindrical grinder 1...

2500 Lier

03/489 05 28

tag: surface grinding

Rue du Charbonnage 11 4020 Liège

4020 Liège
tag: surface grinding

Hoveniersstraat 2 2018 Antwerpen

2018 Antwerpen

03/226 68 17

tag: surface grinding



051/51 31 84 16

tag: surface grinding
LASERTEK-TRADING drilling, tapping and galvanizing turning and milling sheet rolling deburring, re-grinding descaling, post-brushing grinding weld seams in stainless steel materials fitting press-in nuts, studs, rivets and Tubtara glass bead blasting metalizing, painting and surface treatment assembly Laser cutting Flat cutting Rotary cutting Profile cutting Waterjet cutting Flat cutti...


015/40 90 30

tag: surface grinding

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Landbouwstraat 15 2490 Balen

2490 Balen

014/81 03 72

tag: surface grinding

...spark erosion and threadsparking Precise fastmilling, surface grinding and cylindrical grinding Laserwelding State of the art, modern machinery High quality, Chinese low-budget molds with finishing and checking in our own workplace. Diverse international customer base Copyright 2014 IMDA NV BTW BE0423.352.243 site door Inbound Back to top...


03/312 50 33

tag: surface grinding

...Knives according to OEM Specifications. If needed, we provide a pyrolysis cleaning before grinding to remove all the remaining plastic. All grindings come with a Quality Control certificate and logistics can be arranged by BKS for the convenience of our customers. Repair Revision BKS provides a refurbishing service of worn out die faces. We apply a unique extremely wear resistant tu...

4800 Verviers

087 31 09 06

tag: surface grinding

Hemelrijken 23 2890 Sint-Amands

2890 Sint-Amands

052/21 26 65

tag: surface grinding

Industrieweg 10 9200 Appels

9200 Appels

052/21 26 65

tag: surface grinding

Elleboogstraat 7 8500 Kortrijk

8500 Kortrijk

056 38 06 21

tag: surface grinding
National Machines Outils

...Vertical boring machine for engine block Vacuum pump Accuracy table for engine block grinding machine Bore gauge Wheel balancing machine Grinding support for inclined valve Valve seat grinder Valve seat machining head Cylinder head testing machine Motor exhaust fume tester by infrared Seat, seat locations valve guide reworking machine Cylinder head test bench Cleaning machine Wa...

7520 Tournai

069/22 62 58

tag: surface grinding
Harsco Infrastructure Industrial Services

...service businesses, mark Harscorsquos successful return to the North American contract grinding sector, where Harsco rail grinding machines have long been a major player in improving track conditions and enhancing safety. Regular rail grinding re-profiles railhead contours for extended rail life and smoother travel, thus reducing fuel consumption, operating costs and noise, while al...


03/231 22 48

tag: surface grinding

...rollOutthis, medias images visite livraison.png Machine-tool boringcylindrical grindingdeep drillingEDMengravinghoningjig boringmetrologymillingmiscpolishingslottingstellitesurface grindingturningwelding Dimension 4 axis5 axisbig sizeCNCconventionalcoordinateshigh precisionmiddle sizerotary chucksmall sizevertical Welcome Your partner in precision mechanics, small and middle run...

4040 Herstal

04 240 57 60

tag: surface grinding

Veldstraat 33 8850 Ardooie

8850 Ardooie

0474/5 2 89 02

tag: surface grinding

...and tear strength.LUCPREEN materials are easy to machine turning, drilling, milling, grinding and can be applied as a 2-layer system, both layers with different hardness.Just like many other polyurethane systems of LUC, LUCPREEN shows very little crack formation when subjected to bending and other dynamic loads, even in multiple cyclic modes. The material remains very flexible at...

9140 Temse

03/774 18 35

tag: surface grinding

...Metalworking fluids LUBETEC offers high performance water-soluble metalworking and grinding fluids designed in accordance with international health and safety trends and recommended for all types of machining of ferrous and non-ferrous materials. LUBETEC 3700 LUBETEC 3700 is a fully synthetic transparent metalworking and grinding fluid without hazardous components, developed to...

2630 Aartselaar

03/234 29 18

tag: surface grinding

Villalaan 83 1190 Vorst

1190 Vorst

02/534 15 15

tag: surface grinding

Sleihagestraat(ONK) 63 8840 Staden

8840 Staden

051/20 59 47

tag: surface grinding
Limburgse Urethane Castings

Slakweidestraat(M) 18 3630 Maasmechelen

3630 Maasmechelen

089 77 38 09

tag: surface grinding

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Herrmann-Debrouxlaan 42 1160 Oudergem

1160 Oudergem

02/661 16 84

tag: surface grinding
LASERTEK drilling, tapping and galvanizing turning and milling sheet rolling deburring, re-grinding descaling, post-brushing grinding weld seams in stainless steel materials fitting press-in nuts, studs, rivets and Tubtara glass bead blasting metalizing, painting and surface treatment assembly Laser cutting Flat cutting Rotary cutting Profile cutting Waterjet cutting Flat cutti...

2800 Mechelen

015/32 04 33

tag: surface grinding

Hofstraat 36 1982 Zemst

1982 Zemst

015/61 10 31

tag: surface grinding

...softer Coticule has the advantage of releasing its garnets very quickly, thus creating a grinding compound. This property is particularly appreciated by razor users. Les Latneuses is a very soft stone and produces a yellow-cream grinding compound and occurs mostly as a combination stone with a hybrid substrate. This hybrid layer is a mixture of chlorite and quartz. The quartz particle...

3600 Genk

089/35 05 02

tag: surface grinding

...milling machine large field with vacuum table Miscellaneous Machine for surface grinding of concrete Cutting machine for Sheet Moulding Compound Vaskon Krommebeekstraat 24 8930 MENEN BELGIUM 32 56 52 14 80 ...

8930 Menen

056/52 14 80

tag: surface grinding

...processing industry can be found on this website centrifuges for sugar industry cacao grinding filter cartridges sieve bends for effluent screening, feather-offal dewatering screw separator for dewatering and compacting of vegetable waste vibrating screen for classification in vegetable processing rotary drum for dewatering of sugar beets, effluent, crate washing, ... candles for p...

8790 Waregem

056 62 72 22

tag: surface grinding

Jules Vandenbemptlaan 71 3001 Leuven

3001 Leuven

016/23 20 40

tag: surface grinding

Zevenputtenstraat 20 3690 Zutendaal

3690 Zutendaal

089/51 88 90

tag: surface grinding

Steinerberg 5 4780 Sankt Vith

4780 Sankt Vith

080 29 10 70

tag: surface grinding
Alphaplan International

Heibaan 176 2235 Hulshout

2235 Hulshout

016/68 06 80

tag: surface grinding
Mulder Hardenberg België

Hoge Weg 129 2940 Stabroek

2940 Stabroek

03/660 13 20

tag: surface grinding
The Fitzpatrick Company Europe

...extend the comminutors ability to deal with exotic or hard-to-handle materials Cryogenic grinding injecting a cooling agent into the mill chamber The FitzMill feed throat can have Inlet ports for Liquid Nitrogen LN2 or Carbon Dioxide CO2 injection Cryogenic Grinding. This process can be used to cool the feed material to prevent melting or to make the product brittle. In the l...

2070 Zwijndrecht

03/780 62 00

tag: surface grinding

Europalaan 37 3900 Overpelt

3900 Overpelt

011/ 6 6 13 75

tag: surface grinding

Vaartdijk 3 3018 Leuven

3018 Leuven

016/47 49 60

tag: surface grinding
Centre de Recherche scientifique et technique de l'Industrie diamantaire - Wetenschappelijk en Techn being replaced by machines based on EOS technology. The diamond is processed with a grinding wheel, bonded with diamond, running in a fluid. High accuracy, ultra low risk and high speeds make it an excellent machine for medium to large goods. In the field of diamond polishing, WTOCD developed a revolutionary technique which is grain independent, cold and more than ten times faste...

2500 Lier

03/488 06 09

tag: surface grinding

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...instruments in Titanium. Our workshop is built in four cells The miling cell The grinding and polishing cell The assembling cell And the cleaning and the quality control cell Our machinery equipment consists of more than 50 specifics machines including CNC milling and turning machines. All our Titanium intruments are produced in our facility, giving us a better control of the...

5030 Gembloux

081 45 04 59

tag: surface grinding
verbist tools engineering

Tervuursesteenweg 519B 1982 Zemst

1982 Zemst

015/62 00 72

tag: surface grinding
AVL Metal Powders

Elleboogstraat(Kor) 9 8500 Kortrijk

8500 Kortrijk

056/22 00 21

tag: surface grinding

Graaf van Landaststraat 3 A 9700 Oudenaarde

9700 Oudenaarde

055/33 00 33

tag: surface grinding

...2000 x 1000 Spark erosion machines Ingersoll - Gantry 2000 2000 x 3200 x 1350 Jig grinding machines 2 x Hauser 5 SM 700 x 500 x 650 Cylindrical grinding machines Jones Shipman 1300X diameter 300 x 1300 Surface- profile grinding machines Blohm HFS 512 1200 x 500 3 x Jung F50 en F50 RD 600 x 200 GH Schleiftechnik FS 420 Z CB 400 x 200 Lathes diam. x 1 Yamazaki Ma...

3900 Overpelt

011/79 45 73

tag: surface grinding

...dispersions and solutions NeoPac urethane-acrylic dispersions for primers, pigment grinding, surface and lamination printing, overprint varnishes, shrink sleeves, ... Setaprint Eco-Rez Alpha-Rez Setalin Decotherm Ultrapoly Polysperse ... resins, varnishes, and additives for formulating Offset inks Flex-Rez Reactol Hydro-Rez Polysperse ... resins and additives for formulating...

1080 Sint-Jans-Molenbeek

02/219 45 96

tag: surface grinding

...the working of the refurbished parts in our mechanical department lathe work, milling, grinding....

4340 Awans

0424/6 5 47 6

tag: surface grinding
AIRPRO the manufacturing of the Floorduct ducting system. The base material comes from the grinding of recycled PVC products essentially PVC windows. Multiple applications The Floorduct ducting system has an operating temperature range from -20C to 60C, which allows it to be used in installations with either cold or hot air flow. A low recessed height with reduced air resistance...

8310 Assebroek

050/69 33 94

tag: surface grinding
BMT Aerospace International

Handelsstraat 6 8020 Oostkamp

8020 Oostkamp

050/83 37 10

tag: surface grinding

Sell and buy of used woodworking machines

8501 Kortrijk

056/68 08 60

tag: surface grinding

Warandestraat 16 9850 Nevele

9850 Nevele

09/279 84 43

tag: surface grinding

...conventional and CNC controlled, horizontal vertical. Honing and Cylindrical and surface grinding. Assembly. Welding. Read more Products Quality Control Vous cherchez la qualit avec des dlais respects? Les pices en cours de fabrication sont automatiquement soumises des contrles intermdiaires tout au long du cycle de production. CONTACT Our goals We strive to continues...

1480 Tubize

02 355 23 97

tag: surface grinding

Venecolaan 11-13 9880 Aalter

9880 Aalter

0499/0 7 43 13

tag: surface grinding
LUFTHANSA TECHNIK BRUSSELS processes for valuable components Grinding Greater process reliability in the grinding of landing gear components AISHA II Monitoring the aircraft structure Cost-efficient aircraft operations Cutting down the cost per flight hour There are many factors that have a strong influence on the cost per flight hour. Key issues are the performance of the engines, the weight of the...

1820 Steenokkerzeel

02/253 14 54

tag: surface grinding
Métaux Emboutis

En Haute Marexhe 176 4040 Herstal

4040 Herstal

0424/8 0 82 8

tag: surface grinding
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