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B. Rekencentra NV is a leading provider of cargo and freight software. Software development is our core business. We regularly invest in new technologies and frameworks.

2520 RANST

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...Temperature-, Signal and Pressure calibrators, reference thermometers, calibration software datalogging. Exclusive distribution in Belgium Chauvin-Arnoux, analog and digital multimeters, clamp-on digital ammeters, earth and resistivity testers, power and energy quality analyzers, installationtesters etc. Other brands in this groupe are Enerdis, Metrix, Pyro-Controcircle. En...


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...and window mode LB-2 keyboard optional support the set of predefined skin schemes for software interface the set of predefined buttons images multilanguage support, languages Chinese English German Italian Korean Lithuanian Magyar Polish Romanian Russian Spanish BM, BPW layout position, size ultrasound area size font size B mode general measurements and calculations Distance Len...

8400 Oostende

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Medcalc Software

...this trial period you should purchase a MedCalc license so you can continue to use the software. Sample data After installation of the software, you will find some MedCalc sample data files in a MedCalc subdirectory of your My Documents folder. The spreadsheet data window In MedCalc data are entered in a spreadsheet. You can open the spreadsheet by selecting Spreadsheet in the View m...


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Bedrijven een eenvoudige, snelle en veilige manier bieden om efficiënt online domicilieringen en domicilieringsmandaten te beheren.


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...hardware cost and maintenance issues. Simulations are based on in-house developed software platforms, in casu Elsyca PlatingManager for the current density and layer thickness distribution simulations. For projects that involve the CAE of an optimised tooling configuration, Elsyca optionally delivers also the CAD of the entire rack skeleton, including technical drawings and Bil...

3018 Leuven

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...industriespecifieke oplossingen ontwikkeld als uitbreiding op de SAP Business One software. PDMX WMS is een gecertificeerde en geàntegreerde add-on voor SAP Business One die voldoet aan de SAP Business One integratiestandaarden en -overeenkomsten. Daarom ontving het ook de SAP Business One Add-On Solution Certification. PDMX WMS werd ontwikkeld om meer controle te hebben over de lo...

1820 Steenokkerzeel

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Chaussée de Louvain 420 1380 Lasne

1380 Lasne

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Cuylitsstraat 14 2018 Antwerpen

2018 Antwerpen

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...met de wing MA voldoet aan MA verlichting behoeften voor een mobiele oplossing, onPC software die de gebruiker echte faders en sleutels in combinatie met de gratis grandMA2. Sinds dit jaar hebben we dergelijke vleugel in de verhuur. set PC, software, toetsenbord en een multi-touch scherm en onpc fader console OnPC fader met de wing MA voldoet aan MA verlichting behoeften voor...

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Luikenaarsstraat 66 1050 Elsene

1050 Elsene

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...markup language dconf Een hulpmiddel om systeem snapshots te maken zowel van hardware, software en actieve configuratie om gemakkelijk wijzigingen op een systeem te vinden of om wijzigingen rond te sturen naar de beheerders van een systeem. docbook2odf Flexible XSLT converter for text documents to OpenOffice, a piece in the conversion chain from practical documentation to professio...

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...Transactions for SOA Visit us on Facebook Follow us on Twitter Find us on LinkedIn For software development teams working on transactions-based projects such as e-Trading applications, who are dissatisfied with heavy weight platforms, Atomikos Atomikos ExtremeTransactions is a lean, light-weight transaction management library for atomicity. Unlike legacy JEE app servers or ESBs, we...

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...Zavelstraat 10 3665 As Belgium Contacteer ons voor meer informatie Contact PLC software Antisway regeling voor portaalkranen Vancluysen BVBA Apps Creëer uw eigen recepten collectie Recipe Diary Verlies gewicht door punten te tellen Watch My Weight Zoek de voedingswaarden van producten op Nutrillion Luister muziek rechtstreeks vanaf je SkyDrive SkyBeats Download en deel g...

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Heikant(STE) 16 9190 Stekene

9190 Stekene
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...footscan 7-software voor ganganalyse, evenwichtsmetingen of schoenadvies. footscan 7-software is wetenschappelijk onderbouwd zodat de gebruiker een professionele analyse kan uitvoeren. De software is verkrijgbaar in verschillende versies gericht op specifieke toepassingen en aangepast aan de noden van de verschillende footscan gebruikersgroepen. Minimale systeemvereisten foot...

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EPSTM is an industry leading solution for asset and people tracking, with applications in multiple sectors.


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Schubert & Salzer Benelux

Kortrijksesteenweg 1174 9051 Gent

9051 Gent

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Brielstraat 112 9990 Maldegem

9990 Maldegem

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2850 Boom

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Kanaalstraat 15 3560 Lummen

3560 Lummen

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...and chart inclusions, for the best rough planning ever. DiaMark-Z Eye with Advisor software, with its Best Value planning and inclusion-charting feature is the ultimate rough planning marking package available today. DiaMark-Z Eye? features include Marks the stone according to a recommendation provided by Advisor?, eliminating discrepancies between the planning stage and the d...

2018 Antwerpen

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...and mixing system applicable to new and existing silo installations. The user-friendly software allows you to perform your daily tasks faster and more accurately. With its large internal memory it is possible to store your recipes and stock records, this can in pieces, weight or volume. The extended base software and communication possibilities, make the SPC suitable for the craft b...

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Hoveniersstraat 2 2018 Antwerpen

2018 Antwerpen

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MATERIAL for MATERIAL s well-known software packages CADWIND, the filament winding software, and COMPOSITE STAR, the database and design software for composites. Furthermore it will offer engineering services for filament winding technology including part and process design, winding program calculation, process optimization, production planning and prototyping. ETAMAX s founder,...

1000 Brussel

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Belgiëlei 194 2018 Antwerpen

2018 Antwerpen
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...range of stone sizes from 3.0 mm to 28.0 mm. Supported by the DiaVision? and Instructor software packages and allows the measurements of round brilliant cut diamonds, from the blocked stage initial 8 cuts up to a fully polished stone, as well as improved performance for fancy shaped cuts. Extremely fast diamond laser marking allows for increased production and greater throughput Ke...

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...of your product and will lead to the best plant with a acceptable infrastructure The Vrex software suite defines all improvable losses in a methodology which we call the The 7 mudas of productivity...

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Chaussée de Dinant 167 5170 Profondeville

5170 Profondeville

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8972 Poperinge

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...non-working HDD hibernation, HDD faulty alarm, Raid function. 8211 Powerful network software built-in web server, multi-DVR client CMS. Networking access for remote live viewing, recording, playback, setting, system status, event log, e-mail ftp function. Meer gegevens Specifications System Main Processor High performance embedded microprocessor Operating System Embedded LI...

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Avenue Emile Vandervelde 3 4300 Waremme

4300 Waremme

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Onafhankelijke Software Groep

...infants Polygraphy REM Sleep disorder SleepRTtrade for research SleepRTtrade analysis software Equipment Video acquisition Amplifiers Amplifiers Introduction The SleepRTtrade equipment offers multiple PSG amplifier solutions to suit every need. Please refer to the technical brochures for more information. PSG amplifier for online PSG recordings Dimensions 20 x 15 x 3 cm Weight...

2840 Rumst

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...the data can be pushed towards Atlantis. Atlantis All data is collected in dotOcean s software platform, Atlantis, is a big data acquisition system with a user friendly web based visualization tool. The platform provides an online interface to visualize the captured data real-time. Atlantis is an online data storage platform where all sensor data is acquired and stored in an online...

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...Documentatie Video Jobs ORTEC ORTEC is een van de grootste aanbieders van optimalisatiesoftware en analyseoplossingen ter wereld. Wij maken uw bedrijf efficinter, voorspelbaarder en effectiever, en zetten complexe uitdagingen om in gebruiksvriendelijke oplossingen. Wij werken voor klanten in vrijwel iedere sector. En met kantoren op strategische locaties in vier continenten kunnen...


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Specialist in weighing technology since 1853. A dynamic and technical service near you. Hundreds of wear parts in stock. Various aggregations, quality, safety, performance. All inclusive service.

4821 Dison

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Geelsebaan 45 2470 Retie

2470 Retie

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As a Lotus Notes development company, we aim the best possible service and cutting-edge software. We bring you +10 years of experience in Lotus Notes development and consultancy.

2100 Antwerpen

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Rue Camille Hubert Rue Camille Hubert 5032 Gembloux

5032 Gembloux

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...and to your own website. Share video images with customers immediately. User friendly software. Sharp and brilliant video images. User controls for color including Saturation, Hue, Brightness, Sharpness. Realistic stone colors. Includes master color stone D to Z and fancy yellow inside. Zoom lens built-in to control viewing size. View 4 image positions Front, Back, Left side, Right...

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Paapsemlaan 22 1070 Anderlecht

1070 Anderlecht

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Buchtenstraat 9 9051 Gent

9051 Gent

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...It sure is a good thing the internet runs a diverse set of operating systems and server software. Even the small percentage of servers that were infected by slammer were able to bring large parts of the net to a crawl. Network outage Wed Jan 23 151755 MST 2002 There was an equipment failure on part of our service provider s service provider. It was from 2130 to 2310 MST, Jan 22. B...

4020 Liège
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...The best store builder by ShopFactory powers D64. All-in one store builder and eCommerce software....

2660 Antwerpen

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...settings for the weigh equipment, is too labor intensive to be profitable. With PROMES software we can do the processing automatically. Bottom line? The normal distribution theory learns us that we can save easily 5 on raw material consumption. This will also reduce the drying time, and so reduce the cycle time, increase capacity. For this specific example we also can replace a lea...

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Project Management Engineering Services afgekort PROMES

...settings for the weigh equipment, is too labor intensive to be profitable. With PROMES software we can do the processing automatically. Bottom line? The normal distribution theory learns us that we can save easily 5 on raw material consumption. This will also reduce the drying time, and so reduce the cycle time, increase capacity. For this specific example we also can replace a lea...

2900 Schoten

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ALPHA SOLAR SECURITY, medical devices, healthcare, project, system-level, software development Embedded software for weather station For Aurigas customer, a leading US weather-broadcasting service, Auriga enhanced the embedded software of the customer?s compact weather stations. Auriga?s broad expertise in the area of mobile development, significant experience with embedded and system-level developm...

1170 Watermaal-Bosvoorde

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Chaussée de Louvain 22 1300 Wavre

1300 Wavre

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Interleuvenlaan 86 3001 Leuven

3001 Leuven

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Pachthofstraat 13 9800 Petegem-aan-de-Leie

9800 Petegem-aan-de-Leie

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CTC Moyson

Kruisveld 38 1840 Londerzeel

1840 Londerzeel

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Doornweg 19 9260 Wichelen

9260 Wichelen

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...voor eacuteeacuten set powered Studio Monitoren. Houdt het audio-niveau van de software op 0dB en regel het geluidsniveau eenvoudig met de grote volume draaiknop op de Nano Patch. Inputs en outputs zijn voor zowel geba- lanceerde als ongebalanceerde bronnen. De Active Speaker Starter Set is een handige all-in-one package bestaande uit 1x Nano Patch, 2x Speaker Isolation Pa...

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...? NDT SECURITY Solutions Applications About X-RIS Contact Detectors and software X-ray Generators Inspection Cabinets Services Standard Inspection Cabinets - NEW GemX in combination with DeReO WA-P constitute a complete portable digital X-ray inspection system that can be used on the field. In order to use the system indoor outdoor, X-RIS offers an inspection cabinet that can be used up...

4040 Herstal

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L.A. Consulting

Hoonakkerdreef 1 8791 Waregem

8791 Waregem

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Berlaarsestraat 14 2500 Lier

2500 Lier
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ComBus Technologies

Kanaalstraat 1A 8020 Oostkamp

8020 Oostkamp

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Borkelstraat 18 2900 Schoten

2900 Schoten

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Marketing Map

Marketing Map > home contact l vacatures l client area Welcome marketing map uitbreidingstraat 2 2600 berchem T +32 3 260 66 60 F +32 3 260 66 66 our mission is to be the premier thought-leader for retailers and consumer goods c

2000 Antwerpen

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Rue Léopold Genicot Nov. 5380 Fernelmont

5380 Fernelmont

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Lode Vissenaekenstraat 52 2600 Antwerpen

2600 Antwerpen

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Marketing Map > home contact l vacatures l client area Welcome marketing map uitbreidingstraat 2 2600 berchem T +32 3 260 66 60 F +32 3 260 66 66 our mission is to be the premier thought-leader for retailers and consumer goods c

2000 Antwerpen
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Mama Don't

...performance power. Sophisticated extras include an auto chromatic tuner, sound management software for your PC, and convenient USB audio interface operations. The ToneLab ST is designed to deliver the ultimate in tonal dexterity to the musician in any situation, from stage to studio and everywhere in between. VOX ToneLab ST Specifications Amp models 33 Cabinet models 11 Effect models...

3940 Hechtel-Eksel

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Rue Saint-Martin 34 5000 Namur

5000 Namur

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Ijsedal 6 3040 Huldenberg

3040 Huldenberg

02/782 26 59

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Party contractors fairs architects fairs coordination banquet organisers reception organisers table holders product presentations personel parties company parties

1730 Asse

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Wochterberg(HRT) 29 2200 Herentals

2200 Herentals

014/23 53 42

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Dieweg 54 1180 Ukkel

1180 Ukkel

02/375 61 98

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...Vacatures Sitemap Contact copy2017 ABM, Belgium Functionality Overview COMPASS is a software portfolio with modules to update your existing WMS with extra WCS functionality. Both for efficient order management as well as for orderpicking, COMPASS has flexible and optimal answers. A set of paperless picking strategies can be integrated into a total solution with tremendous improve...

8755 Ruiselede

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...MG2014 MMF2014 svantek2014 tira 2014 ci Wiener Baniereeee ban fylde Hanwell Synergy software kmt 700 150 ban london ISI S.A. We help our customer to find a solution to the problem of measuring and or control. We are first technicians. We want to share with our clients over 35 years of experience in the measurement of physical quantities, both static and dynamic, noise and vibrat...

1180 Ukkel

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Korenmolenweg 38 3520 Zonhoven

3520 Zonhoven

011/74 70 74

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Hinnenboomstraat 1 Ba 2320 Hoogstraten

2320 Hoogstraten

03/314 18 01

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...for technical installations and computer infrastructures. Audits of computer and software companies. External expert for solving company disputes regarding hardware and software problems. Top Automation Automatic weight measurements and data collection, linked to real-time transport list and invoice generation. Automation of production lines linked to networked computer system...

2460 Kasterlee

014/65 19 01

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...or XP - IE 6.0 for Windows CE or XP - ICA and RDP clients - 5250 3270 Terminal Emulation software - Windows interface for and XP models - For CE.Net models, the management software aids in cloning user configurations, including creation and use of Macros, and customizable Hot Spots BOStablets are a perfect fit for many environments including healthcare, manufacturing, distribut...


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Berlaarsestraat 14 2500 Lier

2500 Lier

03/488 02 84

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