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B. Rekencentra NV is a leading provider of cargo and freight software. Software development is our core business. We regularly invest in new technologies and frameworks.

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...calibrating instruments decade boxes, portable and benchtop calibrators, test benches, software and process equipment. Tradinco develops and sells a broad of pressure test- and calibration instruments for portable and benchtop use. Capability in modular calibration systems. Kern, weights and masses from class M2 to E1, from 1 mg to 50 kg. D.Marchiori, digital air data test sets and...


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...and window mode LB-2 keyboard optional support the set of predefined skin schemes for software interface the set of predefined buttons images multilanguage support, languages Chinese English German Italian Korean Lithuanian Magyar Polish Romanian Russian Spanish BM, BPW layout position, size ultrasound area size font size B mode general measurements and calculations Distance Len...

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Medcalc Software

...MedCalcreg easy-to-use statistical software Menu Home Features Download Order Contact FAQ Manual Contents Introduction Program installation Auto-update Regional settings support Selection of display language The MedCalc menu bar The spreadsheet data window How to enter data How to enter dates Missing values Data checking How to save data Statistics Variables Filters Graphs Add graphica...


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Bedrijven een eenvoudige, snelle en veilige manier bieden om efficiënt online domicilieringen en domicilieringsmandaten te beheren.


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...hardware cost and maintenance issues. Simulations are based on in-house developed software platforms, in casu Elsyca PlatingManager for the current density and layer thickness distribution simulations. For projects that involve the CAE of an optimised tooling configuration, Elsyca optionally delivers also the CAD of the entire rack skeleton, including technical drawings and Bil...

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...Freight and Loadsheet System EFLS is a powerful Weight and Balance Load and Trim software made for airlines and ground handling companies allowing them to quickly prepare a full range of operational weight and balance tasks, fulfilling IATA standards. EFLS is powered by a complete relational database designed to fit the companyrsquos needs. With a user friendly graphical int...

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Cuylitsstraat 14 2018 Antwerpen

2018 Antwerpen

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ALL PROJECTS uw verlichting hoeft mee te nemen in n scene. Kortom, zeer gebruiksvriendelijke software waarmee u een zeer professionele lichtshow kunt creren met minimale inspanning. DVC 3 Gold pakket Het DVC 3 Gold pakket heeft twee DMX aansluitingen waarvan er n een vaste uitgang is en de andere kan ingesteld worden als in- of uitgang. De interface is ook stand-alone te gebruiken n...

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Heikant(STE) 16 9190 Stekene

9190 Stekene
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...of the foot. Easy STL-export gives the opportunity to use the 3D-data in other design software. Request price information hereor e-mail PLANTAR 3D SCANNERS E500 Whether you need to scan a foot, a cast or a foam box, iQube is ableto produce high quality 3D images in seconds saving you time whilstimproving the quality of the orthotics. Accuracy - 0.4mm...

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ESSENSIUM This easy to use, text based, interface allows deployment partners to write software solutions for their specific market applications which use the LOST high performance position tracking system from Essensium. The intuitive commands and simplified interface mean that new software solutions can be up and running in a minimum of time and effort. See the EPSProduct Page f...


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Schubert & Salzer Benelux

Kortrijksesteenweg 1174 9051 Gent

9051 Gent

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3560 Lummen

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...grayscale. Ability to see transparent and opaque inclusions Hardware supports most Sarin software and hardware Key technical specifications are as follows Stone sizes Multi Lens ML 3 to 28 mm in diameter approx. 0.30 to 100 carats rough with interchangeable lenses Lens 0 13-28 mm up to 100 ct Lens 1 6?21 mm up to 40 ct Lens 2 4?13 mm up to 10 ct Lens 3 3?8 mm up...

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...and mixing system applicable to new and existing silo installations. The user-friendly software allows you to perform your daily tasks faster and more accurately. With its large internal memory it is possible to store your recipes and stock records, this can in pieces, weight or volume. The extended base software and communication possibilities, make the SPC suitable for the craft b...

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...connection Operates with Sarin?s industry standard DiaVision?, Instructor? and Advisor? software Key technical specifications are as follows Stone Sizes 1.5 to 20mm on 5 different machine models S4 1.0-4.0mm S7 3.0-8.0mmv S9 4.0-11.0mm S15 6.0-15.0m S20 7.0-20mm High-resolution Digital Camera 12801024 pixels Accuracy Linear 20 microns 0.02 mm Angular 0.2 deg...

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...on filament winding, composites, thermoplastic composites, computer control systems and software as well as the economics of composite materials. He is designer and publisher of MATERIAL S.A....

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...and chart inclusions, for the best rough planning ever. DiaMark-Z Eye with Advisor software, with its Best Value planning and inclusion-charting feature is the ultimate rough planning marking package available today. DiaMark-Z Eye? features include Marks the stone according to a recommendation provided by Advisor?, eliminating discrepancies between the planning stage and the d...

2018 Antwerpen
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...grayscale. Ability to see transparent and opaque inclusions Hardware supports most Sarin software and hardware Key technical specifications are as follows Stone sizes Multi Lens ML 3 to 28 mm in diameter approx. 0.30 to 100 carats rough with interchangeable lenses Lens 0 13-28 mm up to 100 ct Lens 1 6?21 mm up to 40 ct Lens 2 4?13 mm up to 10 ct Lens 3 3?8 mm up...

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...of your product and will lead to the best plant with a acceptable infrastructure The Vrex software suite defines all improvable losses in a methodology which we call the The 7 mudas of productivity...

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Chaussée de Dinant 167 5170 Profondeville

5170 Profondeville

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Couthoflaan 14-16 8972 Poperinge

8972 Poperinge

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...non-working HDD hibernation, HDD faulty alarm, Raid function. 8211 Powerful network software built-in web server, multi-DVR client CMS. Networking access for remote live viewing, recording, playback, setting, system status, event log, e-mail ftp function. Meer gegevens Specifications System Main Processor High performance embedded microprocessor Operating System Embedded LI...

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Onafhankelijke Software Groep

...infants Polygraphy REM Sleep disorder SleepRTtrade for research SleepRTtrade analysis software Equipment Video acquisition Amplifiers Amplifiers Introduction The SleepRTtrade equipment offers multiple PSG amplifier solutions to suit every need. Please refer to the technical brochures for more information. PSG amplifier for online PSG recordings Dimensions 20 x 15 x 3 cm Weight...

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...layer. Based on this profile the Ton Dry Weight of the layer is visualized by the software. Bed erosion and turbidity With the dotOcean GraviProbe and DensX system it is possible to accurately determine the characteristics of the fluid layers above the hard bottom. Density, turbidity and sediment consolidation are parameters that will ensure a correct picture of the soil erosion...

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...voor de consumentengoederen industrie ORTEC Routing and Dispatch Logistieke software voor optimalisatie van rit- en routeplanning over meerdere locaties heen. Realtime multi-user oplossing voor continue, bedrijfsbrede ondersteuning. ORTEC Route Scheduling Software voor optimalisatie van routeplanning voor logistiek en buitendienst. Ondersteunt operationele planning en mul...


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Specialist in weighing technology since 1853. A dynamic and technical service near you. Hundreds of wear parts in stock. Various aggregations, quality, safety, performance. All inclusive service.

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Geelsebaan 45 2470 Retie

2470 Retie

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As a Lotus Notes development company, we aim the best possible service and cutting-edge software. We bring you +10 years of experience in Lotus Notes development and consultancy.

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Rue Camille Hubert Rue Camille Hubert 5032 Gembloux

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2018 Antwerpen

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PLUG AND GO INFO date. Users of other platforms should also seriously consider using virus detection software. Please note Any message from SoftHome will be plain text and may have an HTML part. Nothing else, Symantec and others all have descriptions of this and other viruses. Routing Problems Wed Mar 10 032306 MST 2004 One of our ISPs ISPs ISPs is having some routing problems. T...

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...The best store builder by ShopFactory powers D64. All-in one store builder and eCommerce software....

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...settings for the weigh equipment, is too labor intensive to be profitable. With PROMES software we can do the processing automatically. Bottom line? The normal distribution theory learns us that we can save easily 5 on raw material consumption. This will also reduce the drying time, and so reduce the cycle time, increase capacity. For this specific example we also can replace a lea...

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Project Management Engineering Services afgekort PROMES

...settings for the weigh equipment, is too labor intensive to be profitable. With PROMES software we can do the processing automatically. Bottom line? The normal distribution theory learns us that we can save easily 5 on raw material consumption. This will also reduce the drying time, and so reduce the cycle time, increase capacity. For this specific example we also can replace a lea...

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...Testing and Test Automation case study DDC embedded healthcare medical devices mobile OEM software development Company Overview Management History Awards Recognition Press-room Services Outsourced Product Development Application Development Maintenance Sustaining Engineering Re-Engineering and Porting Software Testing Models Dedicated Development Centers Fixed-Price and TM Ag...

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Chaussée de Louvain 22 1300 Wavre

1300 Wavre

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Interleuvenlaan 86 3001 Leuven

3001 Leuven

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9800 Petegem-aan-de-Leie

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...? NDT SECURITY Solutions Applications About X-RIS Contact Detectors and software X-ray Generators Inspection Cabins Services GemX-160 and GemX-200 GemX-160 and GemX-200 are battery-powered, wireless controlled, portable constant potential X-ray monoblocs. They can operate from 20 to 160 kV resp. 50 to 200 kV. Each LiPo battery pack can deliver up to 200, 000 kV.mA.s of radiation eg. 2...

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L.A. Consulting

Hoonakkerdreef 1 8791 Waregem

8791 Waregem

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Berlaarsestraat 14 2500 Lier

2500 Lier
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ComBus Technologies

Kanaalstraat 1A 8020 Oostkamp

8020 Oostkamp

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Borkelstraat 18 2900 Schoten

2900 Schoten

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Rue Léopold Genicot Nov. 5380 Fernelmont

5380 Fernelmont

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5000 Namur

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...Vacatures Sitemap Contact copy2017 ABM, Belgium Functionality Overview COMPASS is a software portfolio with modules to update your existing WMS with extra WCS functionality. Both for efficient order management as well as for orderpicking, COMPASS has flexible and optimal answers. A set of paperless picking strategies can be integrated into a total solution with tremendous improve...

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...MG2014 MMF2014 svantek2014 tira 2014 ci Wiener Baniereeee ban fylde Hanwell Synergy software kmt 700 150 ban london Merken Kemo Kemo Filter Modules Basic Filters Laboratory Filters Fixed frequency modules DC 1MHz Programmable DC 255kHz A weighting networks Psosometric filters ISO 2621 filters Wide range of filter responses More 1 9 channels Designed for semi fixed sett...

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TIDATA database analysis for companies that need dedicated solutions. Top Dedicated software, drivers, ... ComData Uuringave Dutch version. If you don t know which customer your employees are working for, use ComData Uuringave . Your employees fill in their timetables on their own workstations. ComData Uuringave provides overviews, statistics and suggests invoices, sorted out pe...

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SOFTWARE CENTER 80 - Windows interface for and XP models - For CE.Net models, the management software aids in cloning user configurations, including creation and use of Macros, and customizable Hot Spots BOStablets are a perfect fit for many environments including healthcare, manufacturing, distribution and warehouse with custom fit for forklift operators. The tablet weighs only 2 lbs....


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Berlaarsestraat 14 2500 Lier

2500 Lier

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Transport Denecker

Nijverheidsstraat 2 8630 Veurne

8630 Veurne

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...all of these can be drastically reduced. Warehouse 2000 Interface is an advanced software module for creating common interfaces between Warehouse 2000 and external systems. The module allows for the creation of inbound and outbound interfaces, using flexible design processes. This gives significant control of the interface process, reduces costs and cuts development time - le...

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Balteau Non Destructive Testing

Rue Voie de Liège 12 4681 Oupeye

4681 Oupeye

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Klaverbladstraat 19/F 3560 Lummen

3560 Lummen

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Hoogkamerstraat 345 A 9140 Elversele

9140 Elversele

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Prins Boudewijnlaan 41 2650 Edegem

2650 Edegem
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...field relies on special extrusion heads, designed with the support of simulation software to analyse melt rheology. Bandera offers extrusion systems and complete lines for corrugated and or spiral pipes for producing composite multilayer plastics steel pipes and coating lines heads for steel drawn products. Production lines are equipped with automated quality control systems a...

1130 Haren
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...offering automates and secures the cash processes in the store. The cash management software gives retailers total control over their cash and opportunities for better optimisation of store operations. How you will benefit Safety Minimizes risk for operating personnel Minimizes risk for public Security Minimizes risk for theft and robberies Minimizes risk for internal fraud Cost...

3500 Hasselt

011/87 08 75

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...Kassasysteem RVS Behuizing Incl. Windows XP PRO Kasticketprinter, Thermisch, Serieel Kassasoftware ?HorecaTouch CAS-Weegschaal, Serieel Module ?HorecaTouch.weight Geldlade Euro HorecaTouch BVBA Meerlaan 6 9620 Zottegem - T 09 360 99 44 - F 09 360 99 46 -

9620 Zottegem

09/360 99 44

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Roshaagstraat 4 3990 Peer

3990 Peer

011/62 18 88

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Belcrownlaan 9 2100 Deurne

2100 Deurne

03/328 19 70

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...time, without notice to you, with respect to the materials available on this Site, the software, and any other items accessible on this Site. Indemnity You agree to defend, protect, indemnify, and hold harmless Vanguard Logistics from and against any and all claims, causes of action, or liabilities including without limitation, claims for property damage, personal injury, or death,...

2030 Antwerpen

03 543 19 91

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Solid Soft Design

...2, 000 RF devices supported Up to 16 STARGATEtm RF base stations network STAR-Linktm software for Windows Conformance with European ETSI standard EN 300 220-3 Excellent price performance ratio F725E RF F734E RF Superb reading capability Large data and programme memory capacity user-friendly interface with icons Long range versions for F725RF Very light weight Wireless versio...

2880 Bornem

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Gewerbestrasse 1M 4731 Raeren

4731 Raeren

087 85 04 78

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