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La société Task Ingénierie Environnementale est spécialisée dans la réalisation de stations d’épuration des eaux usées industrielles, d’installations de traitement des émissions industrielles (traitement des rejets gazeux, corrosifs, nocifs et ...


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...are available in natural or black Polypropylene, filter media s can be chosen from membranes to melt-blowns, ranging from 0.1 to 70 micron Connections hose barbs, Luer Locks, Quick couplings, NPT threads Sometimes, you need a larger volume to get a better idea of the quality. Date December 2013 Product ARR-LB-5SF - 5 Liter Filtration Unit Full stainless steel device to perform...

3740 Bilzen
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Depuis 1999 AAQUA N.V. s?est specialisee dans l?ingenierie et la construction de stations d?epuration industrielle.


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Porte des Bàøtisseurs(EST) 20 7730 Estaimpuis

7730 Estaimpuis

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Filtres pour liquides traitement des eaux detartrage filtres a eau traitement des eaux installation eaux demineralisation conditionnement pour huile tondeuses filtres filtres hydrauliques filtres magnetiques filtres a moteur flux devie filtres filtres


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J. Kamps & Cie

Rue Nazareth Rue Nazareth 4651 Herve

4651 Herve

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Filter Service

...spciales Papiers filtres en feuilles Filtres pour applications techniques Filtres membranes Membranes filtrantes PORAFIL Filtres pour seringues CHROMAFIL Cartouches d extraction Cartouches d extraction en cellulose Cartouches d extraction en fibre de verre Tests rapides Papiers test pour dterminations semi-quantitatives et qualitatives QUANTOFIX Autres papiers test pour d...

4700 Eupen

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Moteurs filtres filtres a air filtres pour liquides filtres a eau filtres a lair appareils filtres a gaz conditionnement pour huile tondeuses filtres filtres hydrauliques filtres magnetiques filtres a moteur flux devie filtres filtres a huile

2070 Zwijndrecht

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Donaldson Europe

...Donaldson is the leading worldwide manufacturer of Tetratex microporous expanded PTFE membranes, films and laminates. Process Our product is engineered to provide lower pressure drop, longer filter life, quick and easy element change-outs and more predictable maintenance. Production Printing Making our mark on imaging filtration by removing toner, ozone, and other contaminants genera...

3001 Leuven

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...by increasing reuse opportunities Reduce energy consumption and footprint with innovative membrane solutions Treat and clean severely impaired water Improves uptime while reducing maintenance time and costs Explore this application Water Quality Monitoring Meet regulations and ensure quality with accurate TOC monitoring By using GEs analytical instruments, customers can measure total o...

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Louizalaan 523 1050 Elsene

1050 Elsene

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...verticale en PVC-C, PPH, PVDF Pompe de circulation, transfert, vide tourie Pompe membrane, p?ristaltique Formulaire de demande d informations S?lectionnez les domaines concern?s, et indiquez-nous comment vous contacter. Demande d informations sur le produit Demande d informations sur l entreprise Demande de contact avec le service des ventes Sujet Galvano - Agitation Galvano -...

1190 Vorst

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...filters The Meura 2001 Hybrid mash filter is a thin bed mash filter equipped with membranes. Its the latest design of our mash filter which provides exceptional simultaneous performances. Read more about Meura 2001 Hybrid... The Meura 2001 Junior has the same advantages as the Meura 2001 Carbo but its specially designed for breweries with a throw of less than 4 tons of malt...

7600 Péruwelz

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...removal by lime HYDROGYR TD Filtration through pressure filters. Filtration on porous membranes Reverse Osmosis Process named R.O.C. Production of permeat Line 1 25 m? h Line 2 20 m? h When used in parallel 45 m? h and 35 ?S cm When used in serial 20 m? h and 3 ?S cm Water treatment in a metallurgy industry line of outgasing Settling with internal sludge recirculation...

4141 Sprimont

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Crown Graphic

...the outlet side. Depending on the application the filter can be customized with different membrane types. Inline filters come with PTFE membranes for venting applications and PS and PA Membranes for liquid media in different pore sizes, with and without pre-filters. Due to its high filter area of 1735mm2 the filter is suitable for long term gas filtration venting applications or it...

9041 Gent

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...se spcialise dans la ralisation de bassins en bton arm, dans la pose de membranes armes et de liner, dans la pose de carrelages et de mosaques. Paralllement, nous dveloppons les comptences ncessaires la gestion des systmes de filtration, de rgulation et de dsinfection de l eau pour la piscine prive et collective. La qualit de nos ralisations...

7640 Antoing

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Al meer dan 30 jaar ontwerpt, ontwikkelt en produceert Aquatreat chemische producten voor waterbehandeling. Aquatreat is uw specialist voor de behandeling van koelwater, ketelwater, afvalwater, proceswater,drinkwater en water voo


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...Piscibel est sp?cialis?e dans plusieurs types de recouvrement bien sp?cifiques 1?- La membrane arm?e de 1, 5 mm Alkor souder sur place 2?- Le recouvrement en Pierre Naturelle 3?- Le recouvrement en mosa?ques 4?- La membrane peinte Chlorpaint Pour ces diff?rentes sp?cialit?s de recouvrement, la conception de la piscine sera diff?rente ou adapt?e en fonction des besoins. Nous vou...

4432 Ans

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...of aqueous and organic solutions as well as gases. Available in a large variety of membranes Cellulose Acetate CA, Mixed Cellulose Ester, MCE, Nylon, Polyethersulfone, PES, Teflon Hydrophobic or Hydrophilic, Polyvinylfluoride PVDF Regenerates Cellulose RC. Produced under the ISO 9001 quality management system. Housings made from Top quality virgin polypropylene...

5070 Fosses-la-Ville

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...Bâtis et systèmes de filtration tangentielle Filtres tangentiels Chromatographie sur membrane Filtres en profondeur Filtres pour virus Système d inactivation UV-C L endonucléase DENARASE Process Control Analyseurs de processus Outils de Commande de Processus Produits microbiologiques Logiciel de Chimiométrie Media and Buffers Media USP Media Buffer DSP Fermentation Cell Cultur...

1030 Schaarbeek

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Centrifugaalpompen in kunststof, horizontaal en verticaal, mechanische dichting of magneetgekoppeld, doseerpompen, tandwielpompen, lobbenpompen, piston-membraan-slangenpompen. Meet- en regelapparaten voor niveaucontrole en lekdetectie van...


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...nanofiltration MF, UF, NF separation of solid substance particles through the use of membranes membrane filtration reverse osmosis RO separation of solid substance particles by high pressure membrane filtration Shall we get technical together? Get in touch Ràtgers opt to invest in the production of phtalic anhydride and we chose Induss as a partner to outsource our demin water...

2018 Antwerpen
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...a long time? Microbox filters are based on a depth-filtration principle?as opposed to membranes, which are surface filters. Depth filters limit dehydration the longer the filter plug, the less dehydration. Our white filter strips have the longest filter plugs, the green filters the shortest thus, the white filter strips limit de-hydration the most. Another factor influencing dehyd...

9820 Merelbeke

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...system for domestic and commercial use. The Everpure range, combining micro-pure and membrane filtration. Click below to download the chapter Domestic Reverse Osmosis of our catalogue Domestic Reverse Osmosis File Size 826 kb File Type pdfDownload File RO Pallas 5T Shut Off RO Pallas Compact Premium PRF RO Everpure S-100 Domestic Ultrafiltration Pallas Trio UF, the ultrafiltrat...

7700 Mouscron

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...Pall Corporation and plant personnel worked together to develop an integrated membrane-based system to produce high-quality permeate water to maximize ion exchange run times. Learn MorePall Making a Difference Learn More Power Utilities View Product 60, 000 in Savings in Just Eight Months A 775 MW combined-cycle plant in the northeastern United States was experiencing prematur...

1930 Zaventem

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...ASV STUBBE Prvu pour liquides corrosifs Vanne boule DN10-DN150 Vanne membrane DN12 DN 150 Vanne papillonDN50 DN 600 Electrovanne DN 1 DN50 Vanne process DN10-DN200 Soupape Vanne rduction de pression Dbitmtre Contrle de niveau Pompe centrifuge Pompe magntique Pompe horizontale Filtres Brides Raccords Tuyaux w...

1000 Brussel

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...all necessary pretreatment, filtration, chlorination and dechlorination before the RO membrane unit and post treatment with e.g. UV, chlorination, rehardening with dolomite, pH control, and distribution pump system. Water quality according to WHO, national or company standards. Available in all capacities with optional redundancy. 150 -450 ltr. h UniRO 401 UniRo 401 product line is...

1500 HALLE

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...contamination and improve fluid quality with microfiltration and ultrafiltration membranes. Learn More Controls Electrical Protection Safeguard systems and equipment in extreme conditions and hazardous environments. Learn More Related Product Lines Anderson Greenwood Visit Anderson Greenwood Biffi Visit Biffi Clarkson Visit Clarkson Codeline Visit Codeline Crosby Visit Crosby...

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...s range of fluid-management products and solutions includes pumps, pumping systems, membranes and housings, as well as tanks and tank stands. Pentair offers custom-design and installation services and maintenance support. Pentair helps to maximize fluid handling, pressurization, and transfer performance. Increase Productivity AND Decrease Costs It is more important than ever to fi...

2200 Herentals

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...kinds of solid, liquid and gaseous chemicals. The wastewater treatment facility uses a membrane bio-reactor system, with ultra-filtration through ceramic membranes and distillation. Minakem is continuously improving processes to reduce the carbon foot and reduce volumes and waste as a good steward of the environment. Safety is paramount Training and Prevention is the cornerston...

1435 Mont-Saint-Guibert

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...of production quantities of UPE ultra-high molecular weight polyethylene filtration membranes and other UPE-based technologies. The UPE membrane is a core material used in high-purity filtration solutions for semiconductor and life sciences applications. Since its initial opening in 2014, our i2M Center has become one of the world?s most advanced centers for the research, develo...

3320 Hoegaarden

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...de support, etc? Contactez-nous Accueil Qui sommes-nous Filtre-presses Filtre-presse membranes Tables d gouttage Tambours d?gouttage Entretien Contact Wijngaardveld 5 9300 Aalst Tel. 32 53 77 70 25 Fax 32 53 77 68 93 info@wft.be Website by The Online Nut Company...

9300 Aalst

053 77 70 25

tag: filtration sur membrane

...EXSEL reverse osmosis The EXSEL reverse osmosis technology makes use of semi-permeable membranes for the removal of dissolved salts and potential viruses from the feed water after suspended solids, viruses and colloidal material have been removed in a previous filtration step. Read more LUCAS aerobic LUCAS aerobic is an ultra-compact and intelligent solution for the treatment of in...

3000 Leuven

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...empchent leau de stagner sous la piscine, en favorisant son écoulement naturel. La membrane isole les graviers de la terre en dessous, qui pourrait boucher les interstices. Des tuyaux souples sont enterrés en des endroits stratégiques autour du futur bassin. Ces drains captent leau de pluie ou issue du sol, et lacheminent vers un puits de décompression. La structure du bassin ...

4670 Blégny

0484/1 6 08 03

tag: filtration sur membrane

...épuration aérobie par élimination totale des nutriments à laide de bioréacteurs à membranes. Post-traitement et récupération filtration sur sable filtration membranaire filtration sur charbon actif désinfection Pour la mise en oeliguvre de techniques spécifiques, nous faisons appel à notre réseau de partenaires spécialisés....

3150 Haacht

016/64 91 96

tag: filtration sur membrane

...... panier rinçage autom. poche filtrante cartouche filtrante filtre à bande filtre à membranes autre autre type de filtre Entrée sortie Matériel cté de produit Matériel autres pièces Filtres en service Vous avez une idée du budget? Remarques Si vous rencontrez des problèmes lors de l envoi de ce formulaire s.v.p. informez nous info@filtermat.be Ou prenez contact avec nous Téléph...

9140 Temse

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...separate a water flow in a high quality permeate and a concentrate flow. The operation of membrane systems requires good knowledge of the process and specific follow -up in order to maintain the required water production quantity and quality. Operational problems such as scaling and fouling must be controlled. This training is focussing on operation, maintenance and trouble shooting of...

9000 Gent

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...water and at the same time the amount of waste water. The flux through the membranes can be preserved on an acceptable level by regular cleaning operations for at least 1 year. The advantages of the Vinnolit process can be summarized as follows Reduction of fresh water consumption to approx. 1.4 m3 ton PVC pipe grade Reduction of waste water Proven in producti...

9200 Dendermonde

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tag: filtration sur membrane

...... panier rinçage autom. poche filtrante cartouche filtrante filtre à bande filtre à membranes autre autre type de filtre Entrée sortie Matériel cté de produit Matériel autres pièces Filtres en service Vous avez une idée du budget? Remarques Si vous rencontrez des problèmes lors de l envoi de ce formulaire s.v.p. informez nous info@filtermat.be Ou prenez contact avec nous Téléph...

9140 Temse

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...ultra performant, qui assure une qualit? d?eau trait?e m?connue ce jour Le r?actuer membranes est un syst?me de purification bilogique classique, ou de l?eau pre-trai?e est m?lang?e des boues biologiques, et l?ensemble est a?r? intesivement. La grande inovation est que l?eau trait?e, n?est pas ensuite re trait?e dans un d?canteur classique, pour s?parer l?eau de la boue. Avec le...

9820 Merelbeke

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...lot of repairs, some more serious than others. For example, when the permeability of the membranes in Cross Border suddenly decreased drastically, all manpower had to be used to firstly find the reason and secondly successfully clean all modules. Other tasks of course had to continue as usual as well, but luckily the whole team managed to restore and hence keep this important membrane...

3150 Haacht

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...and design of the water treatment plants drinking water, process water, water reuse, membrane filtration. Preparation of offers includes technical, commercial, and contractual aspects. In collaboration with the Sales Business Development Director, you are responsible for achieving the sales targets. You travel frequently. Responsibilities You are responsible for the process desig...


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...as well, but luckily the whole team managed to restore and hence keep this important membrane reference running. Taipa, Macau Klaas - Director NewEnergy plant Ypres Becoming Managing director of the Waterleau New Energy plant was a dream. But on the other side of the coin and the title, there were so many problems, setbacks and often quite some frustration. And as good news often...


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Waterleau NewEnergy

...pure and appropriate for immediate reuse. Read more AQUALITY ultrafiltration AQUALITY membrane filtration is a micro- or ultrafiltration system for treating raw water and producing high quality water, free of suspended solids, colloidal material and bacteria. Read more BIOTIM aerobic BIOTIM aerobic is our conventional and proven-concept aerobic wastewater treatment system. The BI...

3150 Haacht

016/65 06 57

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...by the coating. Once they come in contact with the aeliggisreg coating, the cell membrane of the organism is punctured, as if by a sword. The piercing mechanism deactivates the microorganism, preventing growth and proliferation. aeliggisreg is specially designed to deactivate the microorganisms fungi that dustmite need for the predigestion of its food skin cells. By di...

9600 RONSE

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Rue Hubin 2A 1300 Wavre

1300 Wavre

010/43 90 70

tag: filtration sur membrane
SAC 02

...filtration with randomly arranged fibres Non-Microsac surface filtration microorganism membrane filter substrate fig 3 Non-Microsac surface filtration with micropores Saco2 privacy and disclaimer...

9850 Nevele

09/280 09 80

tag: filtration sur membrane
INOVYN Belgium

Olympiadenlaan 20 1140 Evere

1140 Evere

02/264 21 11

tag: filtration sur membrane

...G Mesurage de conductivité pour ROHD Lire la suite ROHD-SB Option WM 60 Cuve à membrane Wellmate 60 Lire la suite ROHD-SB Option WM 120 Cuve à membrane Wellmate 120 Lire la suite ROHD-SB Option WM 180 Cuve à membrane Wellmate 180 Lire la suite ROHD-SB Option WM 330 Cuve à membrane Wellmate 330 Lire la suite ROHD-SB Option Kit de raccordement 3 flexibles Vanne boule à t...

4140 Sprimont

043/68 78 87

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... Industrial Ronus manufactures machines and constructions that can be classified under membrane filtration technologies News 21.04.10 From now on the four star Grand Hotel Casselbergh in Bruges relies on a Ronus reverse osmosis. The reverse osmosis is installed at the dishwash installation and purifies the water. Minerals and lime are extracted from the water and the dishes are p...

7700 Mouscron

056/85 40 00

tag: filtration sur membrane

Steenbergstraat 47 9520 Sint-Lievens-Houtem

9520 Sint-Lievens-Houtem

050/51 33 08

tag: filtration sur membrane

... De la cuve en beacuteton armeacute vibreacute hydrofuge au liner ou membrane armeacutee de 1, 5 mm d eacutepaisseur Alkorplan Solvay en passant par des pompes de filtration Hayward, les filtres Lacron ou les Pompes agrave chaleur PSA hellip Pour que nous puissions creacuteer ensemble votre espace de recircve bleu, nrsquoheacutesitez pas agrave...

1060 Sint-Gillis (bij-Brussel)

02 534 77 05

tag: filtration sur membrane
Prime Water

Lodewijk De Raetstraat 51 3920 Lommel

3920 Lommel

011/66 08 00

tag: filtration sur membrane

...We have a solid knowledge of all classic treatment steps as well as the more innovative membrane technologies. This is why we can advise you the best available technology to meet your needs and your application. Whatever watersource there is available, together with the customer we design the most optimum watertreatment in order to achieve your desired water quality. We achieve this...

9870 Zulte

09/278 74 09

tag: filtration sur membrane
De Bruyne Instruments

Paepestraat 73 9260 Wichelen

9260 Wichelen

050/51 33 08

tag: filtration sur membrane

Avenue Prof. Henrijean 145 4900 Spa

4900 Spa

087/77 01 72

tag: filtration sur membrane

...liners armés, que nous préconisons, ont une épaisseur de 150 100ième et contiennent une membrane en polyester leur conférant ainsi une plus grande solidité et une meilleure résistance dans le temps, aux UV et aux produits chimiques. Ces liners arrivent en rouleau et sont découpés sur place aux dimensions de la piscine, ils sont assemblés par soudure à l?air chaud. Le polyester Le po...

1300 Wavre

010/40 25 80

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emac works

...up Accumulatori Idropneumatici Accumulateurs Accumulateurs à vessie Accumulateurs à membrane Accumulateurs à piston Batteries d?accumulateurs Eléments de fixation Blocs de sécurité Soupapes de sécurité càté fluide Bouteilles additionnelles Accessoires divers et pièces de rechange. www.epeitaliana.it BOWMAN up Echangeurs thermiques à eau et à l?huile échangeurs...

1070 Anderlecht

02/428 04 01

tag: filtration sur membrane

Waterloose Steenweg 266 1640 Sint-Genesius-Rode

1640 Sint-Genesius-Rode

02/358 34 51

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Merck Chemicals N.V/S.A.

...the manufacture of IVD and life sciences reagents. Learn More OEM Membranes Rollstock membranes for filtration and venting applications. Learn More guava easyCytetrade Flexible, intuitive, affordable flow cytometers. Learn More Direct Detect Goodbye, Bradford Assays. Learn More Smartflaretrade Live cell RNA detection now possible. Learn More Amicon Pro Choose the direct route....

3090 Overijse

03/047 99 07

tag: filtration sur membrane

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...system Submerged Aerated Filter, SAF floating vortex bed Moving Bed Bio Reactor, MBBR membrane bio reactor MBR extensive systems plants filters tertiary and quaternary treatment microfiltration ultra filtration disinfection grey water systems Start The Company Fields of Expertise Products Business Opportunity Tools Contact Disclaimer...

3800 Sint-Truiden

011/68 00 92

tag: filtration sur membrane
Mortelecque Benelux

...tiss?, intiss?, ... Traitement du m?dia Hydrophobe Ol?ophobe Plein bain PTFE M?dia avec membrane PTFE Antistatique ExCharge 174 R?sistant aux particules incandescentes FireGuard 174. Produits Savoir-faire ?prouv? aux contraintes industrielles Manches avec snap ring inox, joint feutre ou double bande avec ou sans renfort bas et coutures renforc?es Manches anneaux Poches filtra...

8560 Wevelgem

056 40 38 32

tag: filtration sur membrane

Rue du Vieux Muret(F-E) 5 6140 Fontaine-l'Evàªque

6140 Fontaine-l'Evàªque

071 52 66 80

tag: filtration sur membrane

Kalkenstraat 86 9255 Buggenhout

9255 Buggenhout

052/39 93 70

tag: filtration sur membrane

rue des pilettes 3 1700 Fribourg

1700 Fribourg
tag: filtration sur membrane
HACH lange

Produits chimiques fabrication produits petrochimiques charbon actif fabrication produits chimiques silicones fabrications

2800 Mechelen

015 42 35 00

tag: filtration sur membrane

Avenue du Pont de Warche 40 4960 Malmedy

4960 Malmedy

080 79 54 11

tag: filtration sur membrane

...de pulvrisationPompe videPompe lectrique airless, airmixte, ...Pompes membranes et pistonsRaccords, tuyaux, vannes, soufflettes, ?Rgulateurs de pressionRservoir d039airSableuseScheurs d039airSystme de traageSystme de traitement de surfaceSystme lectrostatique pour liquide Recherchez par marqueAirblastAircolorAnest Iwata compresseursAsahi suna...

4040 Herstal

04 248 27 37

tag: filtration sur membrane

Chaussée de Louvain 473 1300 Wavre

1300 Wavre

010/22 41 03

tag: filtration sur membrane

Sur les Thiers 12 4890 Thimister-Clermont

4890 Thimister-Clermont

087/35 00 91

tag: filtration sur membrane

Rue Jules Vantieghem (EV) 12 7730 Estaimpuis

7730 Estaimpuis

056/84 68 62

tag: filtration sur membrane

Imperiastraat 8 1930 Zaventem

1930 Zaventem

02/717 79 11

tag: filtration sur membrane

...vitesse variable. HAYWARD, SPECK, KRIPSOL, PENTAIR, EUROSTAR Liners 75 100, 85 100 et membrane armeacutee 150 et 200 100 Fourniture Placement Piegraveces agrave sceller, skimmer, skimmer mirroir, buse de refoulement, bonde de fond, diffeacuterents coloris Couvertures thermiques et de seacutecuriteacute Volets eacutelectriques Produits d entretien Chauffage, pompes ...

4550 Nandrin

085 51 33 90

tag: filtration sur membrane

...afin de prot?ger la membrane d?osmose. Apr?s la pr?-filtration, l?eau passe sur la membrane d?osmose. Elle est ensuite stock?e dans le r?servoir. Un robinet fourni, permet le puisage de l eau purifi?e. Les impuret?s sont ?vacu?es vers l??gout. Les usages de cette eau de qualit? sont multiples consommation d eau pure pour r?pondre un besoin fondamental pour la bonne sant? de...

1325 Chaumont-Gistoux

010/88 19 43

tag: filtration sur membrane

...two component adhesive Dosing- and mixing system for continuous process with dosing and membrane pumps, 3 flow meters and a static mixer for guaranteed quality. Read more raquo I m interested Download the productsheet Dosing liquid additive into a compounding extruder suurDOSreg unit for dosing liquid additive into a compounding extruder. Read more raquo I m interested Download...


03/544 40 77

tag: filtration sur membrane
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