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...converted to node powers in the nodes behind the transparent wall surface i.e. mass absorption These solar boundary conditions are added to the other boundary conditions e.g. outside air temperature as a function of time, heating or cooling power, ventilation flows Material properties The thermal conductivity, specific heat, material density, solar reflection factor, solar transm...

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...sans devoir vidanger le systme. Le nouveau Vitosol 200-T existe avec une surface d?absorption de 2 ou 3 m. Les absorbeurs dans les tubes sont pourvus d un revtement spcial qui capte l nergie solaire trs efficacement. Grce aux tubes sous vide permanent, le Vitosol 200-T offre un rendement particulirement lev. Le capteur peut mme convertir de petites quantits d...

5300 Andenne

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tag: heat absorption

We focus on the development of unique and innovative solutions for the textile market. We invest in the future. We believe in working together and discover unexpected ways to face the challenges of the future.

9600 RONSE

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...Revealing surface anomalies in structures by in situ measurement of acoustic energy absorption R.G. Duan, G. Roebben, C. Sarbu, J. Vleugels and O. Van der Biest An improved method is proposed for revealing surface anomalies in structures by in situ relative measurement of acoustic energy absorption. Characterization and mapping of partinotcular structures, such as plasters of ant...

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Proliver manufactures innovative protein extracts out of fresh chicken or turkey meat parts.

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...Chemical engineering and environmental technology thermal separation distillation, absorption, evaporation, liquid liquid extraction, pervaporation. Powder suction and introduction in liquids by means of large jet feeder injector. Technology for catalytic hydrogenation and other gas liquid reaction. Unit operation and skid mounted plants. Test center....

1547 Bever

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Omloopstraat 15 1760 Roosdaal

1760 Roosdaal

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...regulation combination. SOY Soy yarn is a renewable easy care yarn with high moisture absorption and a silky soft hand. Soy yarn has its own particular attractive creamy color. SPECIALTY YARN SPECIALTY FINISHINGS Monks International Menu Home Company History Dyehouse Weaving Knitting Finishing Products Ticking Double knit Specialties Covers Quality News Contact Jobs Home Company Hist...

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Van der Cruyssen-Van de Sompel

...with the giving of bonemeal. The only problem by the feeding of pellets is that of the absorption. When one gives parrots a choice between pellets and sunflower seeds, the parrot will of course prefer to eat the fatty seeds. We also prefer to eat french fries than the usual cooked potatoes. One can immediately allow young birds to take grain feed as their staple diet. By older more ?in...

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Vecters LLC brushes, brush seal, weather seals, weather stripping, brush guards, machine guards, door seals, dock seals, industrial brushes, cleaning brushes, custom brushes, special brushes, standard brushes, containment systems, brush, brushs, brus

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...air as the insulation component, the ceramic compounds in HOT PIPE COATING resist the absorption of heat trying to come off the surface. HOT PIPE COATING traps and holds the heat onto the surface for more effective insulation performance. HOT PIPE COATING has a combination of highly effective specially designed high-temperature resins. This coating will dry slowly by evaporation a...

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Avenue Reine Astrid 92 1310 La Hulpe

1310 La Hulpe

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...needs. 2. Solar control The body coloured tint gives the glass an increased energy absorption most of the absorbed heat is then re-radiated outward and consequently reduces the solar heat radiation entering the building or vehicle. 3. Optical comfort and UV protection. The influx of direct sunlight will be softened, increasing visual comfort for the occupants. UV rays are largel...

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Rue de-Clérembault 17 4031 Liège

4031 Liège

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...LED-based lighting modules, thanks to their dielectric insulation, shock and vibration absorption, thermal stability, and optical clarity at elevated temperatures. SILICONES STAND UP TO TROPICAL WEATHER Thanks to silicone building sealants, glazing and curtainwall adhesives, the gleaming glass towers of Hong Kongs Exchange Square building have stood proudly since 1984 despite tropical...

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Provimi Belgium

...surface, in an effort to dissipate heat, and this can impair gut function and nutrient absorption. To address this problem, Provimi has developed I.C.E.TM Internal Cooling Elements nutrition, a technology combining key ingredients including an osmolite compound that helps animals stay hydrated under heat stress. I.C.E.TM nutrition works at the cellular level to maintain the structura...

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...material provides protection against damage and helps to prevent loss of moisture and absorption of smells. Really fresh eggs 1 to 2 days old should not actually be shelled? Furthermore, it is essential to boil eggs and not merely heat them gently. Research has shown that eggs which are 10 days old are the tastiest of all? After the egg is laid, several processes take place to deve...

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Plastic Constructies Teblick is specialised in custom build plastic constructions. Wij maken uw installatie in kunststof (thermoplasten). TEBLICK, Plastic Installations & Constructions

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Benvitec Environment

...Humidification and cooling Separation of medium to large size particles Stage-wise absorption of soluble gases Simultaneous collection of fine to medium size particulates Direct contact heat transfer Final separation of fine particles, mist, and aerosols Features and benefits of KON-TANE Highest liquid to gas ratio available Lower HTU146s One-piece construction Easy installati...

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de Tyraslaan 111 1120 Brussel

1120 Brussel

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Crown General NV Havenlaan 2 ( Park Ravenshout) B-3980 Tessenderlo CROWN GENERAL WELCOME -WELKOM - WILKOMMEN - BIENVENUE PVC-Schaum,PVC-Schaum auf Rollen,Schaum offene Zallenstruktur,Schaum Geschlossene Zellstruktur,Haftschaum,selbstklebend Schaum,A

3980 Tessenderlo

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Reeds 25 jaar fabrikant en leverancier van touwen, koorden, scheepstrossen. Specialized in harbour, towage, sport, leasure. Exsil - Koordenfabriek Van Houte

9200 Dendermonde

03/889 54 23

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Crown Engineering Plastics

Crown General NV Havenlaan 2 ( Park Ravenshout) B-3980 Tessenderlo CROWN GENERAL WELCOME -WELKOM - WILKOMMEN - BIENVENUE PVC-Schaum,PVC-Schaum auf Rollen,Schaum offene Zallenstruktur,Schaum Geschlossene Zellstruktur,Haftschaum,selbstklebend Schaum,A

3980 Tessenderlo

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Vacuum Barrier Systems Europe provides liquid nitrogen handling and transfers systems with a full line of liquid nitrogen dosing equipment and sealed and dynamic cryogenic pipe and hose. liquid nitrogen injection and transfer, cryogenic handling equi

1380 Lasne

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...50 ndash 90 micro Offers high lubricity and uniformity Provides high oil absorption Enhances wear and water resistance Mascara Application for Eyelash Lengthening FluoroPUREreg UltraFINE 50W is a PTFE dispersion in water standard with soft, submicron particles. FluoroPUREreg UltraFINE 50CW 50 PTFE in water Polytetrafluoroethylene 0.5 micro Ease of handling whi...

3700 Tongeren

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...in nylon or PU to protect tubes from damage in tube mills. Anti-vibration, isolating absorption materials Our Tiflex company specialises in the design and production of materials and components to isolate and absorb noise, vibration and heavy impacts. Its Tico High-Duty materials and pads are typically used as buffers on slow counterblow hammers, anvil mats on forging hammers, spi...


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Celsius is a market focused organisation that develops and delivers innovative solutions to its customers, consistently outperforming our peers and provide a dynamic and challenging environment for our employees.

3294 Diest

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Cour Lemaire(Battice) 11B 4651 Herve

4651 Herve

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...It?s made from coconut shells and thus has a very low dust percentage, a very high absorption coefficient and it virtually doesn?t break down. Crustacare activated carbon comes in bags of 12, 5 kg. Heat exchangers Crustacare custom built titanium heat exchangers are specially designed to cool seawater, which is not to be confused with salted water. In seawater the combination of s...

1840 Londerzeel

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Avenue des Villas 3 4180 Hamoir

4180 Hamoir

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Botermelkdijk 266 2900 Schoten

2900 Schoten

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Chinheid 18 4860 Pepinster

4860 Pepinster

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...easier free monomer removal. The homogeneous porosity also improves plasticiser absorption properties and can be adjusted to give fast dry-up times and a low ?fish-eye? count, reducing the reject level in critical applications. Alcotex secondary suspending agents can be either aqueous or solvent based solutions of low hydrolysis polyvinyl alcohols. They have been developed by S...

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...Nitto products entail. Particle Filtration Flame Retardant Anti-corrosion Vibration absorption Noise Damping Sealant Injury Prevention Care Adhesion and medical care tend not to be thought of in the same context. However Nitto, with its advanced adhesive technologies, has joined hands with the health care industry to create products based on a new concept of care healing by means...

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Tollaan 101B 1932 Zaventem

1932 Zaventem

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Plastic Constructies Robert Téblick

Kunststof constructies en installaties. Teblick, uw partner Al meer dan 40 jaar, speelt Plastic Constructions R. Teblick een belangrijke rol in plastic constructie technologie. Vandaag staan onze plastic constructies van hoge kwaliteit en onze ...

2610 Wilrijk

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...PP or EVA foam gives our products excellent physical properties lightness, shock-absorption, heat and sound insulation, resistance to chemical products, ?Beside the intrinsic qualities of the material, Foam-Tec exclusive manufacturing techniques make it possible to design products in all kinds of shapes, to meet your highest demands....

1400 Nivelles

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...some of them are more sensitive to it. A dye molecule becomes energetically unstable by absorption of light photons. A fluorescent dye will lose a lot of its energy by the emission of light but this is mostly only a fraction of the energy that is absorbed. The excess of energy can also be used to produce warmth or destroy itself, by producing radicals or by reacting with radicals of...

3530 Houthalen-Helchteren

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Dehon Distributeur de fluides frigorigènes pour le froid et la climatisation, produits bactéricides et nettoyants pour les installations frigorifiques, laboratoire d'analyse des gaz. Dehon Distributeur de fluides frigorigènes pour le froid et la cli

1090 Jette

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ECO-oh! Recycling

...This is important for use in marine applications pontoon, bank reinforcements. Water absorption is minimal, 15 times less than wood. Other important factors are that the material does not rot and does not contain impregnating agents. 5. Weather sensitivity 5.1 Weather-o-meter-test A period of time equivalent to 6 months is simulated to determine the effect of UV-light and precipitat...

3530 Houthalen-Helchteren

011/45 41 46

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As a manufacturing site for all stencil technologies and in combination with Alpha Metals process materials, Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials offers you the best process solutions. Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials NV - Welcome

2370 Arendonk

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Louizalaan 287 1050 Brussel

1050 Brussel

02/629 43 00

tag: heat absorption

Owens Corning offers insulation, roofing, basement finishing & acoustic systems for building & remodeling, composites solutions and asphalt Insulation, Roofing Shingles, Basement Finishing and Fiberglass Composites at Owens Corning

1170 Watermaal-Bosvoorde

02 674 82 11

tag: heat absorption
Shur-Lok International

...as galvanic compatability, interference fit, hold edge crushing, vibrations, and water absorption. The types bonded-on, bonded mechanical, and nonmetallic potted-in. The bonded-on type includes studs and insert plates supplied with pre-attached thermoplastic adhesive. The adhesive is melted by applying heat to the fastener. The bonded mechanical type uses a combination of adhesive and...

4800 Verviers

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Steamloc Int'l is specialist in Steamloc condensaatafvoer als kostenbesparend alternatief voor condenspotten. Tevens zijn we actief met een milieuvriendelijke waterbehandeling op stoomketels.

2330 Merksplas

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tag: heat absorption

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EMMA Nutrition

...presence of leaves of Solanum Glaucophyllum rich in cholechaliferol stimulates the absorption from calcium of the feed and diminish the time of farrowing. At heat sows are coming in heat limit interval weaning and insemination elevate the member of piglets by sows Direction of use In the maternity 1 tablet per day 8 days before farrowing until 2 days after farrowing At weaning 1...

8970 Poperinge

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...Cotton or blended fabrics are made of natural fibres they don t only have good absorption capacities but also have natural water repellent properties. Combined with chemical surface treatment, water is repelled while the tent maintains its breathable properties. Synthetic fabrics made of fibre or filament yarn do not repel water and require coating or lamination to ensure that...

7911 Frasnes-lez-Anvaing

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Leeuwerikweg 8 3300 Tienen

3300 Tienen

016/81 56 23

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...chemical and heat resistance. The improvement to UV is mostly resulting from the absorption in the bulk of the material of the UV radiation energy PTFE wax are totally transparent to UV and therefore diffuse and diffract in depth the radiations rather than in surface. Copyright 2011 Marly Login Created and maintained by WSI...

1030 Schaarbeek

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Home ...click to enter... Copyright c 2007 SOCACHIM -XRF Scientific

1030 Schaarbeek

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Culimeta Textilglas-Technologie Culimeta | Textilglas-Technologie Culimeta Textilglas-Technologie

8670 Koksijde

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Studiebureau G2

...parts to guarantee privacy. T 0.161 x volume sum of all wall surface x their absorption coefficient T60 time required to reduce the noise level by 60dB Heat pumpConcrete core activation - based on a very low temperature heating VLTH and high temperature cooling HTC - is the ideal heat output system for a heat pump. We chose to use soil heat as a heat and cooling sou...

8710 Wielsbeke

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...neuroma. In this particular case we suggested shoes that offer good support and shock absorption, and that are wide enough to suit this customer. The other requirements were shoes designed for indoor wear on concrete floors and with ESD function. The customer already had individually made inserts from an orthopedic surgeon. Our reply and recommendation Arbesko 380 and 384 are two mode...

8570 Anzegem

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Industrie - Négoce - Confort - Hygiène

Matras- en kussenbescherming in de professionele, de collectiviteiten- en de consumentenmarkt INCH - Waterproof mattress protection. matrasbescherming,protege matelas,mattress protection,kussens,lakens

7522 Tournai

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Kaneka Pharma Europe

...absorption EPERANtrade-PP and EPERANtrade have outstanding cushioning and energy absorption properties and can therefore offer excellent solutions in the field of safety and protection for the automotive and other industries. Flexibility and resilience EPERANtrade-PP and EPERANtrade demonstrate outstanding elasticity and strain recovery properties, allowing the foam parts to...

1932 Zaventem

02/663 03 40

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Vacuum Barrier Systems Europe provides liquid nitrogen handling and transfers systems with a full line of liquid nitrogen dosing equipment and sealed and dynamic cryogenic pipe and hose. liquid nitrogen injection and transfer, cryogenic handling equi

1480 Tubize

02/354 71 77

tag: heat absorption

Kleinhoefstraat 5 2440 Geel

2440 Geel

014/24 85 10

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...insulation properties Long term heat stabilility Low thermal expansion High shock absorption Excellent paintabililty Unlimited design freedom Outstanding corrosion resistance Weight-savings opportunities High aesthetic performance Metal replacement materials Recycled materials that meet environmental requirements Automotive overview Consumer Consumer Ultrapolymers works in partne...

3920 Lommel
tag: heat absorption
Schneider Electric Energy Belgium

AREVA, world energy expert, offers its customers reliable technological solutions for CO2-free power generation and electricity transmission and distribution. AREVA - Solutions for nuclear power generation and electricity transport

4801 Verviers

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Royennestraat 84 7700 Mouscron

7700 Mouscron

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Steenweg op Antwerpen 99 2300 Turnhout

2300 Turnhout

014/37 20 61

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...under test. The difference in signal level between these two conditions indicates the absorption capability of that absorber. OUTDOOR RANGE An outdoor range is the alternative to an anechoic chamber. It involves making measurements outdoors instead of indoors. Measurements made on an outdoor range however, are compromised by reflections from the ground and nearby structures which lim...

2260 Oevel

014 59 58 00

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Stormestraat 159- 8790 Waregem

8790 Waregem

056/60 13 82

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LONGÉVIE SA - Compléments nutritionnels - La synergie des compléments nutritionnels au service du bien-être ACCUEIL PRODUITS BIBLIOGRAPHIE AGENDA INFOS CONTACT LONGÉVIE s.a. La synergie des compléments nutritionnels au service du bien-être Rue de l'I

7503 Tournai

069/76 50 60

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Nukamel.com the art of growing home nukamel products news faq contact links Welcome to the Nukamel site ! With more than 50 years of experience, Nukamel is your reliable partner for dairy. Born from the veal industry, Nukamel has developed the knowle

2250 Olen

014/24 85 10

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Specialist in laboratory instruments for grain, feed and food analysis Cereal Tester - Laboratory Instruments for grain feed and food analysis Belgium, cereal, laboratory instrument, Perten, Chopin, Vicam, feed analysis, food analysis

6224 Fleurus

071/81 55 83

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...In a refrigerator, the intended effect is the production of cold, in other words the absorption of heat from the food placed inside the refrigerator. The cooling circuit allows this heat transfer. A heat pump works according to exactly the same principle as a refrigerator. A refrigeration system allows to transfer heat from a cold environment to a warm environment thanks to a compre...

7020 Mons

065/40 30 30

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Royennestraat 2 7700 Mouscron

7700 Mouscron

056/33 78 10

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...SBHPP phenolic foam for floral application, is an open cell foam which allow absorption of a high amount of water that will be retained for a long time. Products focus Phenolic resins Key feature Customized formulating, high reproducibility Laminates 1 Wood electrical Laminates SBHPP phenolic resins are used as binder for the manufacturing of wood and electrical laminat...

3600 Genk

089/32 03 00

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...heat capacity DIN 4108 J KgK 1470 1470 1470 1470 1470 1470 1470 1470 1470 1470 Water absorption when submerged -after 7 days DIN 53428 vol. 3, 0 2, 3 2, 2 2, 0 1, 9 1, 8 1, 7 1, 6 1, 5 1, 4 -after 1 year DIN 53428 vol. 5, 0 4, 0 3, 8 3, 5 3, 2 3, 0 2, 8 2, 6 2, 4 2, 2 Water vapour diffusion 151 1 20-50 30-70 40-80 50-100 60-120 70-140 80-160 90-180 100-200 110-220 resistance...

2220 Heist-op-den-Berg

015/24 46 21

tag: heat absorption

...carotenoids, XAROCOL delivers the desired level of red coloring as well as efficient absorption, optimal dispersability and stability in final feed. Product features Homogeneous particle size providing top bioavailability Free-flowing characteristics Easy handling and application Produced in line with the Novus Quality Management System 98 percent saponifcation level guaranteed Safe...

1200 Sint-Lambrechts-Woluwe

02/771 77 07

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Waterleau - Home Home Protecting the future of our children and grandchildren requires a constant attention to the quality of our environment. We are all aware that pure water, clean air and energy are limited and thus valuable commodities. Hence, we

3000 Leuven

016/22 03 29

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...Applications Control of Light Control of Light Control the reflection, transmission, absorption and wavelength of light Learn More Control of Surface Energy Control of Surface Energy Polymer films that control surface energy to form micro-pores Learn More Conduction of Electricity Conduction of Electricity Conductive clear film for displays touch panels Learn More Separation of Gas...

2070 Zwijndrecht

03 250 05 11

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Dainese Pro Shop Bimoto, online shopping center for Dainese motorcycling ski and bicycling leather suits jackets boots helmets accessories, worldwide deliveries DAINESE motorcycling leather suits jackets boots protectors

9000 Gent

09/221 65 43

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Notre société est également spécialisée dans le développement de produits infantiles et diététiques à la marque du propriétaire. Ces produits peuvent être crées sur base de la formule du client ou selon ses demandes.

1348 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve

010/45 17 19

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