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...met inbegrip van heftrucksystemen, pot dropping, leegmaken van trays, heat sealing en machines voor een speciaal doel voor specifieke toepassingen leveren. Het Dimension-gamma van doseerapparaten van Steck kan een breed aanbod aan producten verwerken, van water tot producten met een hoge viscositeit en ze worden met succes gebruikt in volgende industrien Kant-en-klare...

2820 Bonheiden

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::: : : : IWAKI Belgium N.V. : : : :::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::::

3980 Tessenderlo

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United Caps

...market for transparency, mirror effect, surface appearance, gold and silver colours, heat sealing by induction, labellers, and more. Would you like to keep informed about our products? Please give us your e-mail address to receive our newsletter WARRANTY AND DISCLAIMER UNITED CAPS News Food Market Non Food Market Innovations Customers Jobs Contact Mission Approach Segments Green Hist...

2660 Hoboken

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Celsius is a market focused organisation that develops and delivers innovative solutions to its customers, consistently outperforming our peers and provide a dynamic and challenging environment for our employees.

3294 Diest

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...are Window and door sealing Sealing against air and dust Profile construction e.g. window-sealing profiles Thermal and acoustic insulation Glass industry glass protective pads to avoid damage during handling, storage and transportation General industry Every major appliance in the home, as well as institutional appliances require protection by foam insulation against heat, water or d...

3980 Tessenderlo
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Parc Ind. des Hauts Sarts Parc Ind. des Hauts Sarts 4040 Herstal

4040 Herstal

042/40 90 90

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...in sealing volatile fluids Lower energy costs MTBPM extended up to 10 times Positive sealing of high-purity fluids with virtually no process contamination No damage to pump from corrosive fluids leakage Parameters Temperature Limits -400F to 5000F -40C to 260C Pressure Limits 16 barg Speed Limits 1450 to 3600 rpm Other 25mm to 100mm 1.0 Recommended Applications Process...

1050 Elsene

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...and doors can reduce time and cost of manufacturing by as much as 33 percent. How? By sealing the window glass to the sash with the combined instant adhesion of a glazing tape and the ease of a liquid sealant with none of the individual drawbacks seen with manual tape glazing applications. BUILDING MATERIALS PROTECTION Working closely with OEMs, weve used our expertise and green i...

7180 Seneffe

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Avenue Champion - AUBANGE 1 6790 Aubange

6790 Aubange

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...can be changed to simulate a single row, double row or triple row of stitches. Extra sealing and neater appearance is seen when an edge cutter on the same pattern wheel is used to trim the edge as it is stitched. This feature also guarantees that the edge of the seam and the seam itself are perfectly parallel? a bonus quality feature at no extra labor cost. Sealing the seam edge...

8560 Wevelgem

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Crown General NV Havenlaan 2 ( Park Ravenshout) B-3980 Tessenderlo CROWN GENERAL WELCOME -WELKOM - WILKOMMEN - BIENVENUE PVC-Schaum,PVC-Schaum auf Rollen,Schaum offene Zallenstruktur,Schaum Geschlossene Zellstruktur,Haftschaum,selbstklebend Schaum,A

3980 Tessenderlo

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Crown Engineering Plastics

Crown General NV Havenlaan 2 ( Park Ravenshout) B-3980 Tessenderlo CROWN GENERAL WELCOME -WELKOM - WILKOMMEN - BIENVENUE PVC-Schaum,PVC-Schaum auf Rollen,Schaum offene Zallenstruktur,Schaum Geschlossene Zellstruktur,Haftschaum,selbstklebend Schaum,A

3980 Tessenderlo

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...colours. Technical functional High speed continuous anodising combined with proprietary sealing technology on thin gauge metal can provide a pre-treatment for a range industrial applications. Spacer bars COIL is able to carry out flash anodising at high speed of thin gauge aluminium. This technical treatment improves the speed and performance of the subsequent welding process. Autom...

1000 Brussel

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... Presentations Facts Figures Archive PDF Downloads A full range of product brochures, sealing solution guides and technology technical papers available as PDF downloads. Go to the downloads About Us Home About James Walker History Customer Satisfaction Legal Notice Contact Us FOLLOW US... James Walker on Twitter James Walker on LinkedIn James Walker on Google Visit our YouTube c...


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Groothandel meubels, niet elek. huishoudapparaten | overige groothandel

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Kaneka Pharma Europe

...cure oil resistant and low hardness gasket UV cure and radical cure low hardness UV cure sealing coating materials modifier to improve properties such as higher elongation and higher toughness for UV curing PSA and coatings Contact MS XMAP MX Technical dossiers Research and Application Development Packaging News 29.12.2014 KANEKA @ in-adhesives 29.12.2014 KANEKA @ JEC 2015 Worldwide...

1932 Zaventem

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Rubensstraat 104 2300 Turnhout

2300 Turnhout
tag: heat sealing

Ruytinx packaging en conveyor solutions is een jong, dynamisch, gemotiveerd bedrijf dat gespecialiseerd is in interne transportsystemen en verpakkingsmachines voor, maar niet uitsluitend tot, de voedings- en farmaceutische industrie.

3545 HALEN

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...eccentric tension locking system, which guarantees extreme stability as well as hermetic sealing of gaps and joints. This design eliminates undesireable heat buildup resulting from thermal bridges and greatly enhances cooling efficiency. All hinges are completely crack and corrosion proof enabling easy disassembly or modification even after years of continuous use. All doors and hatc...

9890 Gavere

09/222 86 09

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pack2pack Group

Kruisboommolenstraat 30 8800 Roeselare

8800 Roeselare

051/26 14 70

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MACtac Coordination Center

Bemis Company, Inc. is the largest flexible packaging company in the Americas and a major manufacturer of pressure sensitive materials used for labels, decoration and signage. Bemis uses material science and innovation to supply a global marketplace.

7060 Soignies

067/34 62 25

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Bemis Company, Inc. is the largest flexible packaging company in the Americas and a major manufacturer of pressure sensitive materials used for labels, decoration and signage. Bemis uses material science and innovation to supply a global marketplace.

6031 Charleroi

071/27 77 00

tag: heat sealing

...gas-tight seal between the flue gas and air circuits. Thanks to our specially designed sealing system, By-Cast guarantees that the leakage from air to flue gas side is less than 0, 4 of air flow. CAST IRON TUBE TYPES HT tube finned outside and inside maximum heat transfer surface. LT tube finned outside and ribbed inside to increase the resulting metal temperature. LLT tube fi...

3980 Tessenderlo

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Since its inception at the beginning of 2008, BM Europe has been focussing explicitly towards expansion joints and flexible hoses. BM Europe has continued to upgrade its product portfolio to provide you with solutions for every possible situation

1730 Asse

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Watermolenstraat 102 1654 Beersel

1654 Beersel
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Car Parts Industries Belgium

Avenue Jean Mermoz 29 6041 Charleroi

6041 Charleroi

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...surfaces, for example the seating of a shaft that rotates in a journal bearing or in a sealing ring. It can also be used to give the part a particular shape after the mould has been previously machined to the complementary shape. In the case of cylindrical grinding, the part rotates about itself in parallel with the axis of the grinder. We have 4 centreless machines and 1 centred m...

7700 Mouscron

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...Filling Machines Ham production Thermal treatment Packaging Shrink-wrapping systems Tray sealing machines Thermoform packaging machine Warehouse Logistics Wastewater technology Project Planning Services Trade Shows References Online Shop Contact Bertsch Energy Deutschland GmbH Water-Steam-Circuits Combined Heat Power Plants Cooling Technology Pipework Engineering Service BERTSCH ECOP...


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Vecters LLC brushes, brush seal, weather seals, weather stripping, brush guards, machine guards, door seals, dock seals, industrial brushes, cleaning brushes, custom brushes, special brushes, standard brushes, containment systems, brush, brushs, brus

3920 Lommel

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...spring solves this problem and features a unique inner band profile to provide superior sealing pressure. read more News - VW Endurance Cup Turbo Service Belgium is proud to announce that it will be the exclusive turbo-supplier for the 2011 Volkswagen Endurance Cup. read more News - Audi RS6 Turbo Upgrade One of our latest turbo upgrades is for the Audi RS6 V10 read more News - Bi...


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...to simplify the sealing of the surgical packages. For larger volumes continuous heat sealing machines are usefull. The proposed model has a sealing speed of 10 metres minute with an automatic start-up and stop cell. Traceability is easy due to its integrated printer. POUCHES PharmaCosMedics NV has innovative pouches for the sterilization. Autosealing pouches are made of a plastic...

9000 Gent

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Henry Fordlaan 60 3600 Genk

3600 Genk

089/32 99 10

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Compagnie Royale Asturienne des Mines

...of high voltage coils and bars like vertical separator ELTAPEG, filler REMIKAKIT, sealing tapes ELTACORD and ELTASEAL, conductive tape ELTACARB. The offered materials have to bear a wide scale of testing in COGEBI laboratories for meeting the specific demands of customers. The testing laboratories are invested with the necessary equipment and qualified staff for test...

1020 Brussel

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Sabert - Makes Food Look Great Product Search What's New FAQ About Sabert Sabert Europe Careers Contact Us Foodservice Supermarkets Food Processors Consumer Products Copyright 2001, 2007 Sabert Corporation. All rights reserved. Created with the assis

1400 Nivelles

067 88 84 44

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Vitalo - Home Vitalo group make your choice Home Vitalo Industries Vehicles Equipment Acoustics Vitalo Packaging Medical Hard Disk Drive Electronics Telecom Your project by Vitalo News Careers @ Vitalo Company profile Vitalo contactform Vitalo Addres

8760 Meulebeke
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...The Vanessa zero leakage performance - obtained through its unique triple eccentric sealing principle and its non-rubbing rotation - ensures the plant owner achieves a low maintenance and long valve operational life. Driven by innovation and supported by highly skilled engineering, Vanessa is continuing to expand the boundaries of the Rotary Process Valve concept by designing an...

1040 Etterbeek

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aed infusion pump pmma silimask endoprep endodontics intensive care reanimation first aid enternal tpn nutrition catheter cvc arterial catheter pediatric bicarbonate cartridge blood dialysis hurricaine vacuneedle endoneedle vmk zoll sensiline flex no

1700 Dilbeek

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2600 Antwerpen

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Henry Fordlaan 7 3600 Genk

3600 Genk

089 62 02 60

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Vacuum Barrier Systems Europe provides liquid nitrogen handling and transfers systems with a full line of liquid nitrogen dosing equipment and sealed and dynamic cryogenic pipe and hose. liquid nitrogen injection and transfer, cryogenic handling equi

1380 Lasne

02/354 71 77

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...suitable for cleaning by manure robots and also fixed manure scrapers Optional in-built sealing valves ensure your company?s future due to the low emission factor 78 farmers who had been using the floor for an average of 24 months, saw an increase in life span of 7 months. This signifies a guaranteed short payback effect. Interested? Questions? Contact us Download the brochure Picto...

2280 Grobbendonk

014/51 21 29

tag: heat sealing

...Impressed current linear anodes Coatings for fittings, bends and tees Insulated pipe joint sealing systems Linings NSF ANSI Standard 61 Certified for pipe and tanks Pipe girth weld coatings for FBE, PE, CTE PP coated pipe Liquid adhesives and primers Plant applied pipe coatings Over the Ditch in-situ pipe coatings Reconditioning Systems Repair systems for pipe coatings Technical...

2260 Oevel

014/72 25 00

tag: heat sealing

Vestingstraat 53-55 2018 Antwerpen

2018 Antwerpen

03 226 04 05

tag: heat sealing

Spinnerijstraat(H) 30 7712 Mouscron

7712 Mouscron

056 33 15 74

tag: heat sealing

Monnikenwerve 127 8000 Brugge

8000 Brugge

050 31 50 71

tag: heat sealing

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Schupstraat 9-11 2018 Antwerpen

2018 Antwerpen

03 234 17 70

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White Diamonds

Hoveniersstraat 40 2018 Antwerpen

2018 Antwerpen

03/233 38 29

tag: heat sealing
Aciéries Somville

Rue de la Gare(AI) 43 6250 Aiseau-Presles

6250 Aiseau-Presles

071 77 13 56

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DefaultHomePage Welcome to tecnoband.be ! This is a place-holder for the tecnoband.be home page. If you are the domain owner: Log in to the Site Administrator interface to start managing this site (you might want to bookmark this link). Through the S

2018 Antwerpen

03 259 24 80

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Vacuum Barrier Systems Europe provides liquid nitrogen handling and transfers systems with a full line of liquid nitrogen dosing equipment and sealed and dynamic cryogenic pipe and hose. liquid nitrogen injection and transfer, cryogenic handling equi

1480 Tubize

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Rue des Alouettes 1 4042 Herstal

4042 Herstal

042/78 91 60

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...PDF zip Profiles Profiles 1 Edge Protectors and Sealing section Combined profiles with sealing and protecting functions, also decorative trim mouldings. Sponge Rubber Sections Permanently elastic seals for doors and flaps, also suitable for containers and housings in vehicle and machine construction. ? Profiles 1 ?? ?? PDF PDF zip Profiles 2 Metal Sections Impact protect...

2800 Mechelen

0475/2 0 27 96

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...30 bar pistonpumps 80 bar valves 200 bar PH 0 -14 V 20 m s Application Used for the sealing of pumps, mixers, valves and sliders. Advantages The AP 4030 Packing is suitable to be used both for acids and for bases. The packing has a very low shrinkage, does not lose volume, it is very flexible, does not grow old, and does not get fragile. AP4030G Specifications T -100C 280...

2440 Geel

014/86 03 55

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...and specially designed profiles for sealing the perimeter of the facade. For complete sealing, drainage plugs can be installed between the connections of the mullions and by using the butyl tape and EPDM gaskets. A range of mullion and transom depths have been designed to suit various structural designs. The curtain wall load is transferred to the main structure of the building thr...

8770 Ingelmunster

057/22 07 10

tag: heat sealing

Royennestraat 84 7700 Mouscron

7700 Mouscron

056/33 68 40

tag: heat sealing

Reeds decennia lang staat ACG Packaging garant voor kwalitatief verpakkingswerk. Sinds de oprichting in 1963 is ACG Packaging uitgegroeid tot een van de grotere spelers op de Europese markt van blisterverpakkingen.

2100 Deurne

03/326 31 10

tag: heat sealing
De Winter Construction B.V.

Houweg 2 3921DB Elst

3921DB Elst

313184 71735

tag: heat sealing

Het beheersen van vacuüm van 10-9 mbar abs tot atmosferische druk

7730 Estaimpuis

02/363 00 30

tag: heat sealing

...Even with the use of a thermal cycler fitted with a heated lid, the tubes feature 100 sealing without the need for an oil overlay. Flat Cap PCR-Tubes provide handling convenience for low throughput usage. Domed Cap PCR-Tubes facilitate efficient heat transfer with hot-lid thermal cyclers. Each batch of product is certified DNase and RNase free and free from human DNA contamination...

1420 Braine-l'Alleud

02/353 15 05

tag: heat sealing

LUC, Limburgse Urethaan Chemie LUC Group luc, LUC, l.u.c., L.U.C., limburgse urethaan chemie bv, Limburgse Urethane Chemie bv, limburgse urethane, castings nv, Limburgse Urethane Castings nv, luc urethan kunststoff gmbh, LUC Urethan Kunststoff GmbH,

9140 Temse

03/774 18 35

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The ELCIM Group is a holding company located in the Netherlands. The abbreviation ELCIM stands for "ELinar Cogebi Insulation Materials",which incorporates all industrial activities of the ELINAR and COGEBI.

1651 Lot

02 334 91 11

tag: heat sealing

...production of resistant display panels to be used outside, owing to the quality of the sealing....

1310 La Hulpe

02 652 06 84

tag: heat sealing

Pleintje 35 2370 Arendonk

2370 Arendonk

014/67 77 10

tag: heat sealing

Groothandel in industriële 25 of 50 kg zakken: Geweven polypropyleen,katoen,papier,jute & polyethyleen met of zonder PE-liner ,ev. Bedrukt ; zandzakken:jute of polypropyleen; FABRIKANT in big bags (FIBC) en containerliners

2370 Arendonk

014/40 33 20

tag: heat sealing

=- Welcome to Tech International :: Leader in Tire Repair Products -= HOME ABOUT US PRODUCTS DISTRIBUTION TRAINING DISTRIBUTOR LOGIN Global leader in tire repairs and wheel service products Tech International is built on a rich tradition and an unpar

2300 Turnhout

014/42 31 03

tag: heat sealing

...and liquid food Enhanced hygienic sleep mode EHS mode Save function for the vacuum pump sealing water Modernisation of the mixer control system Replacement pumps for Steinecker wort pumps and mash pumps Internal or external finished-product connection Visualisation system on the filler with without operating function Conductivity measurement for media separation Rework tank Emptying...

1348 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve

010/48 07 00

tag: heat sealing

AML fournit du materiel aux laboratoires de biologie clinique Bienvenue sur le site de AML AML, refurbished, reconditioned, remanufactured, second hand, laboratory equipment, laboartory instrument, coulter, technicon, bayer, biomerieux, roche, hitach

5330 Assesse

083/66 89 30

tag: heat sealing

...devices TOPSWING TRANSWAAG PRO Accessories Sealing stripping Sealing Stripping Stripping sealing tongs Transport storage TRANS Control ThermoScan Incubators agitators Blood donation accessories Mobile blood donation seat Mobile blood donation table Accessories Laboratory automation Clinical laboratory Stand-alone solutions The compact, combined solution Bulk Loader Modular soluti...

2600 Antwerpen

03 541 76 92

tag: heat sealing

...form, M Grade polymers can be used to formulate penetrating primers for binding and sealing surfaces or for paper and fabric saturation. For reprographic coatings and diazo systems, Alcotex low hydrolysis polyvinyl alcohols can be used as part of the water sensitive coating formulation. Home Markets Products Performance Polymers Legal Notice Cookie Policy Privacy Policy Sitema...

8530 Harelbeke

056/34 48 52

tag: heat sealing

Eikelaarstraat 22 3600 Genk

3600 Genk

089 36 01 11

tag: heat sealing

Bois la Dame 4 4890 Thimister-Clermont

4890 Thimister-Clermont

087 46 81 11

tag: heat sealing

Rue Vital Françoisse 218 6001 Charleroi

6001 Charleroi

071/44 04 11

tag: heat sealing

Rue de l'Europe Z/N 7080 Frameries

7080 Frameries

065/61 04 51

tag: heat sealing

...to maintaining its technological lead, especially in the fields of tribology and sealing, new materials, functional modelling, electrical control or shape memory alloys bases, as well as small propulsion equipment for satellite platforms. Techspace Aero can also act as a partner for prime contractors responsible for future reusable vehicles programmes. Follow us Linkedin...

4041 Herstal

0427/8 8 11 1

tag: heat sealing

Matedex S.A. : Electronic material dealer Matedex : Home

1420 Braine-l'Alleud

02 387 03 00

tag: heat sealing
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