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Wie aan hoogwaardige industriele sectionaalpoorten denkt, zegt NASSAU. NASSAU heeft ervaring in het ontwerpen en produceren van sectionaalpoorten. Niet toevallig is NASSAU een van de grootste en meest toonaangevende ondernemingen in de branche.


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...steel high-speed AS folding doors. 1983 Production commences for steel high-speed folding doors MFT. 1981 Readiness for marketing the elastic folding door ES. 1976 Strip curtains were added to the range of products. . 1975 Consistent product development - swing gates with drive. 1974 The first product development by EFAFLEX - Swing gates without drive. EFAFLEX leading in innovation...


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...Dirk Hofman After Sales Belgium After Sales Manager, responsible for the installation of new doors and the servicing of the installed base Loves running, skiing and spending time on family activities José After Sales Belgium Installations coordinator Proud father and grandfather, fan of RSCA and real ?Burgundian? Famke After Sales Belgium After Sales Assistant, responsible for invoices...

1000 BRUSSEL 1

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...range from industrial doors and docking, to residential garage doors, high speed roll up doors, warehouse solutions, pedestrian door automation and gate automation, covering every need in industry. We provide innovative products, technical expertise and the complementing portfolios of our specialist brands. Within the Entrematic group, the flexible and rigid high speed roll up doors...

9310 Meldert

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...for example hinges, lock cases, ... Great diversity of work pieces next to windows and doors see hereafter. Characteristics The parts are fully finished in one whole put trough. Input of parts and output of finished parts while the machine is producing. Most of the manipulations take place at the same time and not one after another, which results in a very high production spe...

8800 Roeselare

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Ninoofsesteenweg 123 1750 Gaasbeek

1750 Gaasbeek

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Novoferm Industrie is leverancier en installateur van alle mogelijke dock- en doortoepassingen terug te vinden in een industrieel karakter. Van sectionaalpoorten tot high-tech snelle roldeuren, van laadbruggen tot wielblokkeersystemen en stalen...


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Papestraat 1 8710 Wielsbeke

8710 Wielsbeke

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...their shopping, luggage and pushchairs whatever they take with them. A family car has five doors to make getting kids in and out easier. The Grande Punto 5-door, Bravo, Multipla and new Doblograve are all family cars. Back to top Finance leasing Finance leasing is a flexible, tax-efficient way for your business to acquire the assets it needs without using up valuable cash reserves....

1160 Oudergem

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Steenbrugstraat 114 8530 Harelbeke

8530 Harelbeke

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...making industrial racksStockNr Z.02 6680 Prijs info Naar boven Workshop for alu windows doors Small workshop for the manufacturing of alu windows doors, ideal for an upstart of a new company. Many toolings as standard but can be enlarged to maximize production. Get in though with us to get a quote for all 6 machines. Tekna, punching unitsStockNr O.19 7586 Prijs info Schco E...

9800 Astene

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...has been specially developed so that all integrated components like e.g. engine, gull-wing doors and suspension system act undeniably as major quoteye-catchersquot. copy Edran Cars Terms of use Cookie policy Contact Webmaster...

3970 Leopoldsburg

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Etablissements Mazuin - Neuville Fils

...with 20 24 hp output. Enlarge 1905 An Opel Darracq showroom and service center opens its doors near the Tiergarten park in Berlin. Enlarge 1906 The one-thousandth Opel automobile leaves the factory. Opel establishes a branch factory in Berlin. Enlarge 1907 In a specially built 45 kW 60 hp car, Opel test driver and company race-car driver Carl Jàrns wins the Kaiser?s Prize Race i...

5070 Fosses-la-Ville

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Valvan Baling Systems nv is a modern engineering company specialized in the design and the construction of hydraulic baling presses and peripheral equipment, such as pneumatic transport, conveyors, automatic warehousing of the bales,.

8930 Menen
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JADEC is expert in het installeren van beveiligingssystemen. Wij bieden het juiste product of de toepassing voor uw specifieke noden.


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Glass bottles forming machines and Lerhs for jars and table wares GoTo Intro goto GOTO GoTo Hollow Glass, Roirant, Hanrez, Go To, Glass, Mould, IS machines, R7, S10, Glass Bottle machines, Glass containers, Glass bottles, Glass furnaces, Glass feeder

2222 Itegem

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...mammography Hologic Bone Densitometry and the Evolution of DXA Hologic officially opened its doors in 1986 and just a year later, introduced the industry?s first dual-energy X-ray absorptiometry DXA system. This paper discusses how Hologic s DXA systems have become the gold standard of bone mineral densitometry. Eviva breast biopsy system brochure The Eviva breast biopsy system was d...

1800 Vilvoorde

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...burglary and other problems. Our calculator allows a package to suit your home. Security doors, alarm, multiple points locks, High Security, within the S3 standards. Sales and installation of safes Choose your safe, that best suits your needs. Except delivery, we also embed in your wall, flooring, foundations. We work with all major brands of safes. Our team are close to your place...

1160 Oudergem

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Nijverheidsstraat 11 1840 Londerzeel

1840 Londerzeel

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Oostkaai 23a 8900 Ieper

8900 Ieper

057/49 01 92

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Hille 66 8750 Wingene

8750 Wingene

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3D animation productions, 3D animatie producties Cyborn 3D animation 3D animation, 3D animatie, 3D animation film, 3D models, 3D textures, animatie film, Ives Agemans

2140 Antwerpen

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ASSA ABLOY Entrance Systems Belux

Industriële poorten: sectionaal-, vouwpoorten Industriële binnen- en buiten- snelrolpoorten Laad- en lossystemen: Shelters, levellers, schaarheftafels, laadbruggen Megadoor Tm: Poorten voor uitzonderlijke openingen Automatiseringssystemen ...

9090 Melle

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...composed of 5 to 8 vertical doors fitted with package holding pins on each side of the doors. The number of doors and the total number of pins is defined by the number of pile ends needed in the fabric. In order to build up a tension on the pile yarn and also to compensate for the yarn movement during the shedding special compensator weights are used. The weights are hung over the...

8520 Kuurne

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Schoolkaai 14 9000 Gent

9000 Gent

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Vliegveld 51 8560 Wevelgem

8560 Wevelgem

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C&R products products contact us about us products Digital Media Multi Media GPS Accessories products »  Digital Media  Multi Media  GPS Accessories EXPERIENCE THE NEW MULTI MEDIA DIMENSION... valid xhtml 1.0 strict & css - made by 3sign

2520 Ranst

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...without operators. total production time 5 sec. for each plank NC controlled machine for doors, windows, profiles and related products in wood, synthetic material and non-ferrous metals. Film impression, more info Very high production speed and quality of finishing For example, more than 2 million pieces of 132 different types have been produced in 4 years with the prototype. Despit...

8800 Roeselare

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...comparison with more expensive solutions. The doorframe can be used for glass and wooden doors. Access control by means of an electrical latch as well as ceiling-high doors are possible. Specs. Description NDC Haacht Gypsum By taking over the estabished company Debaere, TecnoSpace acquired a year-long know-how in gypsum works, as well as all types of suspended ceilings. As a Gyproc...

9810 Nazareth

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Rue Edmond Focquet 15 6030 Charleroi

6030 Charleroi

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...head change can be executed. Load unload On both sides of the safety area there are entrance doors in order to load unload the work piece. When working in 2 working zones an extra control panel is foreseen. The machine has a very strong foundation in order to optimize and to improve the accuracy, dynamics and overall machine performance. Stability by beams The U form foundation is cons...

7700 Mouscron

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Business hotel - Alle faciliteiten - Internet - Seminaries - Zakenrestaurant.

2018 Antwerpen

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Principal Promotions LTD

Wilmot Place 2 NW1 9JS LONDON


004420 74855500

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...Thermostat Solid doors Doors 80 ventilated Glazed doors clear Double doors blank Double doors 80 ventilated Double doors glass grey tinted Rear panels Door seals - left or right Extension kit Locking systems Cylinders for swivel handles Side panels Divider panel Cylinder lock Internal locking mechanism 19-inch profiles Metric profiles Number strips Support spacer 100mm Depth po...

3018 Wijgmaal

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Stoktsebaan 16 2350 Vosselaar

2350 Vosselaar

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Dynatex développe et commercialise des composites de renforcement, d'anti-vandalisme et d'anti-vol pour bâches de camion, bâches de containers, bâches de wagons de chemin de fer, bâches de bateaux, capotes de voitures, sièges de transport en commun,

8850 Ardooie

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Botermelkdijk 266 2900 Schoten

2900 Schoten

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Industriepark 12 2220 Heist-op-den-Berg

2220 Heist-op-den-Berg

015/24 66 60

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9290 Berlare

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...pane cannot be excluded. Advantages High impact resistance glass entrances, frameless glass doors No risk of thermal breakage see info sheet Risk of Thermal Stress Spontaneous breakage caused by nickel sulphide inclusions can be controlled by a preliminary heat soak test, which is available on request. Heat Strengthened Glass H.S. Product Thermal treatment, where the glass is firs...

2018 Antwerpen

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Korenmarkt 37 2800 Mechelen

2800 Mechelen

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cip.be if you don't see the entrance, you need the Macromedia Flash Player 6... text only version

3010 Leuven

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Chinheid 18 4860 Pepinster

4860 Pepinster

087 46 05 46

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Galaxy Studios is one of Europe`s leading audio-facilities, with a cutting edge on next generation surround technology. We offer studio & remote recording, mixing, mastering and archiving in any given format.

2400 Mol

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...TecnoSpace uses Pyrobel glass technology. TecnoFlame may be combined with FD30 or FD60 solid doors in laminate or veneer. Specs. Description GIMV Bespoke furniture Over the years we ve collaborated with some reputed carpenters offering our clients bespoke solutions. Whether it s a simple reception desk, a kitchenette, a supersized kitchen or a mailroom, we always advise you thoroughly...

2550 Kontich

03/257 32 34

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Kattegatstraat 1 3500 Hasselt

3500 Hasselt

011/24 22 00

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...internal design presentations. Many of their global home care brands have passed through our doors over the years, emerging as mock-up stars ready to take the stage in TV spots, print ads and other scenarios. The one thing these assignments have all had in common is that they needed to be turned around as quickly as possible. While working within such short timeframes is always challen...

1030 Schaarbeek

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Bruidstraat 14 3290 Diest

3290 Diest

01332 29 60

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...devices HomeLink enables you to operate up to three home automation systems such as garage doors, drive gates and security lighting from a control permanently mounted inside your car. PZ481-00292-ZB Universal ashtray Read more Close Universal ashtray A smart black finish ensures that the Toyota ashtray co-ordinates perfectly with the interior of your Prius. It fixes neatly in the cent...

1140 Evere

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Cobepa heeft zich geleidelijk ontwikkeld tot een goed erkend actor in private equity. Ons succes is gebaseerd op ons vermogen om te investeren in ondernemingen met groei op lange termijn perspectieven en ter begeleiding van deze bedrijven.

1000 Brussel
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1080 Sint-Jans-Molenbeek

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...had allowed a 2000 square-foot section of the slab to sink enough so that interior partition doors cracked, walls buckled and ceilings twisted. The contractor used weighted Power Team brand C256C hydraulic rams, driven by Power Team brand PQ603 pumps, to drive steel piers through the sinking back-fill and into the weathered shale subsurface below. They then jacked the slab in stages,...

4877 Olne

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rue de la Maitrise 11 1400 Nivelles

1400 Nivelles

0475/5 9 01 48

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Willem Lepelstraat 24 2000 Antwerpen

2000 Antwerpen

03/289 66 41

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Blinde-Rodenbachstraat 62B 8800 Roeselare

8800 Roeselare

051/24 39 77

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Kanselarijstraat 2 1000 Brussel

1000 Brussel

02/218 00 55

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ALPACO is exclusief invoerder van het DOMO gamma. DOMO: sanitaire cabines, sanitaire wanden, omkleedcabines, WC-cabines, douchecellen, zitbanken, vestiairekasten en vakkenkasten die toegepast worden in zwembaden, scholen, sporthallen, ziekenhuizen ..

2900 Schoten

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Fruitmarkt 22 3500 Hasselt

3500 Hasselt

011/22 15 25

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Ilgatlaan 15 3500 Hasselt

3500 Hasselt
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Maes Jonker

Maes Jonker biedt klantgerichte oplossingen om de kwaliteit en de productiviteit van snijtoepassingen in de hout-, aluminium- en kunststoffenindustrie, te verbeteren. Voor de metaal industrie bieden we gerichte niche toepassingen aan.

8870 Kachtem

051/31 73 20

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Vaartdijk 3 3018 Leuven

3018 Leuven

016/47 49 60

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Louizalaan 81 1050 Brussel

1050 Brussel
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Bogaerts Greenhouse Logistics de specialist in het vervaardigen van automatische oogstsystemen. De Bocart "BCTP" electrowagens worden ingezet bij het oogsten van onder andere paprika's.

2320 Hoogstraten

03/314 18 01

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...Profile Locations Corporate Design Environment Contact Products Technology for vehicle doors and liftgates Adjustment systems for front and rear seats Electric motors and drives Careers Jobs Professionals Specialist Career Entrant Students Training Apprenticeships Dual-track studies program University study with in depth practical experience School internship Summer jobs Working...

9042 Gent

09 218 08 88

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Lodewijk de Raetlaan 41 8870 Izegem

8870 Izegem

051/31 73 20

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...HI Alu-One 80 HV Alu-One 70 Alu-One 42 Sliding systems Alu-One 130 SD Alu-One 90 SD Special doors Alu-One 68 BF - bifold Alu-One 55 BF - bifold Alu-One 59 HTD - high traffic Curtain walling Alu-One 50 CW Certificates PVC Products Windows and doors Poly-One 70 Sliding systems Poly-One 60 SD Services RD department Estimation service Quality department Logistics IT systems Support Downl...

8770 Ingelmunster

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...fitted within the profile with a rubber joint. The doorframe can hold either solid or glas doors. TecnoGreen is compatible with TecnoWood . Colliers TecnoSlim2 Technical Spec. DWG illustration ABK Gent Chat Board Get rid of your whiteboard, here comes CHAT BOARD . For creative and esthetically demanding people there now is CHAT BOARD . In trendy colours, or plain white, fixed thi...

2610 Wilrijk

03/257 32 34

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Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport

Of het nu gaat om een receptie, een eenvoudige borrel, dansfeest of een thema-avond; bij ons kunt u terecht voor al uw bedrijfsfeesten. Wij denken graag met u mee om voor uw medewerkers h?t evenement van het jaar te maken.

1831 Diegem

02/277 20 00

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Kareelovenlaan 3A 1140 Evere

1140 Evere

02 701 97 80

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Lennikse Baan 451 1070 Anderlecht

1070 Anderlecht

056/37 08 00

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Kievitstraat 42 2400 Mol

2400 Mol

014/31 43 43

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Investment & Management Company Limited

Winderickxplein 18 1652 Beersel

1652 Beersel
tag: high speed doors

Rijvisschestraat 126 9052 Gent

9052 Gent

056/73 45 00

tag: high speed doors

Willem Lepelstraat 24 2000 Antwerpen

2000 Antwerpen

03/289 66 51

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Kanunnik De Deckerstraat 22-24 2800 Mechelen

2800 Mechelen

015/63 79 30

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