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I-Label in Merelbeke (bij Gent, Oost-Vlaanderen) is een specialist in identificatie en signalisatie voor diverse sectoren en toepassingen. Zo leveren wij producten voor industriële, elektrische en labo omgevingen.

9820 Merelbeke

09 324 88 76

tag: lab labeling software

...device that meets the objective integration of a spectrometer and veterinary specific software for the blood results to correctly interpret and treat the animal Remote support Download TeamViewer Theme by Danetsoft and Danang Probo Sayekti inspired by Maksimer...

9160 Lokeren

09/355 38 55

tag: lab labeling software

...printing. These presses utilise LED-array-based electrophotography, open workflow software and application-specific toners. As an OEM supplier, Xeikon also designs and produces plate makers for newspaper printing applications. In addition, Xeikon manufactures basysPrint computer-to-conventional plate CtCP solutions for the commercial offset printing market. For the flexograph...

1070 Anderlecht

02/560 21 50

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...Patch PSI Shoulder Zimmer offers a kit that includes powerful virtual surgery planning software, a complete set of PSI instrument guides and a patient-specific bone model. This provides the surgeon the ability to provide a personalized plan, and execute that plan with precision. View Products Zimmer PSI Shoulder for Trabecular Metaltrade Reverse Glenoid Back to Top Corporate Invest...

1780 Wemmel

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DIAsource ImmunoAssays S.A.

Rue du Bosquet 2 1348 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve

1348 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve

06/788 99 99

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As a manufacturing site for all stencil technologies and in combination with Alpha Metals process materials, Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials offers you the best process solutions. Cookson Electronics Assembly Materials NV - Welcome

2370 Arendonk

014/40 21 50

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Today, DiaMed has become the leader in the field of Immunohaematology Diamed Diamed

9140 Temse

014/41 78 71

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Eurofins Food Testing Belgium

Eurofins Food Testing Belgium kan een totaaloplossing aanbieden op het gebied van chemische analyses op levensmiddelen, dierenvoeders en producten bestemd voor humane en dierlijke consumptie.


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...OHSAS, Responsible care, etc. ExESS exchanges EHS data from Excel, Access or other software with one centralized IT solution provides a flexible database for any Quality, Safety or Environmental Management System. ExESS Inventory Management collects the objects according to your requirements, and is a flexible IT toolbox to support all aspects of Chemicals Management. ExESS is...

7190 Ecaussinnes

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UV curable adhesives and epoxies together with UV spot curing lamps and UV measuring instruments. Gentec Benelux Home Page uv adhesives, Belgie, Belgique, Nederland, Norland, uv curing, Puntstralers, uv spot curing, uv curing, adhesives, EFOS, EXFO,

1400 Nivelles

02 351 18 00

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Esko is a global supplier of integrated solutions for packaging, sign and display finishing, commercial printing and professional publishing. Esko products and services help customers raise productivity, reduce time-to-market, lower costs and ...

9051 GENT

09/216 92 11

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Eurofins OCB

Met zijn jarenlange ervaring is het laboratorium Onderzoekcentrum voor Bouwkunde (OCB) actief op het vlak van bouwtechnische proeven en proeven op de werf...


050/31 02 52

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Eurofins Envirocontrol

Untitled Document Centrum voor de studie van water, bodem en lucht N.V. Officieel erkend laboratorium voor onderzoek van water, bodem, lucht en afvalstoffen Venecoweg 17 | 9810 Nazareth | T 09 222 77 59 | F 09 220 56 50 | info@bec


051/65 62 97

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Eurofins Pharma

Eurofins Pharmaceutical Product Testing Belgium beschikt over een erkenning bij het Federaal Agentschap voor Geneesmiddelen en Gezondheidsproducten.


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tag: lab labeling software

Berkenlaan 8 3940 Hechtel-Eksel

3940 Hechtel-Eksel

011/73 52 60

tag: lab labeling software

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Zwarteweg 60 2030 Antwerpen

2030 Antwerpen

03/778 11 57

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Anton Philipsweg 4 3920 Lommel

3920 Lommel

011 54 88 11

tag: lab labeling software
CHS Consult

Miksebaan 250 2930 Brasschaat

2930 Brasschaat
tag: lab labeling software

Manuele codeerapparatuur "contact en bijhorende etikettenautomatische etiketteersystemenetiketten op rolbarcodeprinters 242390 malletel 03/309 34 14fax 03/312


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Lambda-Plus offre un très vaste choix de modes de Saisie Electronique de Données et allie ses aptitudes informatiques de pointe à une expérience métier de CRO (Contract Research Organization, société de recherche clinique sous contrat).

5032 Gembloux

081/46 80 46

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Federation of European Direct and Interactive Marketing

...criteria will be shown to people whohave downloaded AdBlock Plus? as ad blocking software but user can be disabled this new tools. Agreementshave been made already with some websites and advertisers which stipulate that only advertising matching the criteria will be displayed when AdBlock Plus users visit these particular sites, thus, enabling publishers to get their ads...

1040 Brussel

02 779 42 68

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Avenue des Villas 3 4180 Hamoir

4180 Hamoir

086 38 01 11

tag: lab labeling software

Louizalaan 149 1050 Brussel

1050 Brussel

02/639 36 11

tag: lab labeling software

...s mission is to design, develop and market innovative solutions including instruments, software and reagents for Pathology and Cytogenetics markets. The Alphelys team, composed of sales with strong scientific background and experience, data processing specialists and engineers, is skilled and qualified not only on the commercial level but also at the technical and scientific levels...

2250 Olen

014/70 21 00

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European Authorized Representative, CE marking, Services for Medical Device, personal protective equipment and in vitro diagnostics Manufacturers and medical test laboratories for the European Union Qarad | Consulting for the Health Care Industry

2440 Geel

014/58 23 87

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As the President of HUVEPHARMA, I would like to take a few minutes of your time to communicate to you our vision for growth and the benefits we can offer to you as a partner.

2600 Berchem

03 288 18 49

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Website for Pharm-Olam International Pharm-Olam International pharm, olam, pharm-olam, international, CEE, phase, phase I, phase II, phase III, phase IV, pre-clinical, oncology, gastroenterology, cancer, CRO, Latin America, cardio, data management, c

3272 Scherpenheuvel-Zichem

013/33 80 75

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Baldwin Filters, Inc. - A worldwide manufacturer of heavy-duty filters for on and off-highway equipment, with over 4,800 products for air, lube, fuel, coolant, transmission, and hydraulic. Baldwin Filters

2110 Wijnegem

03/328 18 88

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Kemin Europa

Kemin Industries Inc. - Home Search: British Columbia Food Tehcnologists Suppliers' Night, February 27, 2008 Details Improving the health and nutrition of the world through superior science. The nutritional and health needs of the world are becoming

2200 Herentals

014/28 62 00

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Cosmos Laboratory Equipment

Laboinrichting, projecten, engineering Eigen installatie- en herstellingsdienst Meters voor pH, Redox, zuurstof, conductiviteit en temperatuur, ovens, incubatoren, balansen, ultrasoonbaden, afzuigkasten, centrifuges, autoclaven,...

2845 Niel

03/844 05 84

tag: lab labeling software

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Welcome A» Biomedical Systems home | contact us | portal login | site map Holter Monitoring Cardiac Event Monitoring 12 Lead - ECG Services Pacemaker Follow-Up Our People Imaging Services Imaging Innovation Digital ECGs TQT Studies Holter Monitoring

1160 Oudergem

02/661 20 71

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Alupa is one of the leading European producers of metallized paper with a capacity of over 250 million m² Alupa serves clients in: (wet glue) labels (food and beverage), cigarette inner lining, Packaging, Technology / textiles, ...

3600 Genk

089 84 80 00

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GEA Farm Technologies Belgium

...network the information of the individual farming processes. Many data and complex software offerings which are available do not automatically make life easier or more profitable for the individual farmer. 15nov 2016 Farming 4.0 smart technologies transfer big data to smart data At this year?s EuroTier November 15 18, 2016, Hanover, Germany GEA presents in hall 13, booth E...

2250 Olen

014/28 28 90

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French Pharmaceutical company specialized in Cardiology, Diabetes, Depression, Venous Disease SERVIER - Pharmaceutical company specialized in cardiology, diabetes, rheumatology, depression

1070 Anderlecht

02/529 43 11

tag: lab labeling software
Eurofins Scientific Services

...in Prague, which provides support in the Czech Republic and Slovakia for hardware and software products related to SNIF-NMR and other isotopic analyses. The office also offers authenticity testing as well as consultancy in this field. Company offers food labeling service and consulting in food . Basic food and feed MB testing, ecotoxicity testing environmental labeling, food co...


02/766 16 20

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...were digitalized using the Axipolan 2 Imaging microscope and Axiovision Rel 4.8 software. Quality control QC was performed on each section with determination of correct staining in intrinsic controls sweat glands, m.errector pili and or nerve bundles scale bar 20m. The linear nerve fibre density was assessed by quantification according to EFNS-guidelines. Results Det...

2600 Berchem

03/230 02 65

tag: lab labeling software
Precision Dynamics Europe

...Superband DuraPrintlaser printable patient ID system FamilyLink RFID identification software Flometer intravenous metering labels Funbands pediatric patient identification wristband with cartoon character Ident-Ablood recipient system Ident-A-Band patient wristbands Ident-Alertcolored alert snaps for wristbands Keystone stand alone printing solutions Kleen-print finger printi...

1400 Nivelles

067 89 56 56

tag: lab labeling software

Genetic and DNA solutions - DNAVision SA, an official Affymetrix service provider, offers a wide range of genetic services from genotyping to clinical and pharmaceutical studies. Genetic and DNA Solutions by DNAVision

6041 Charleroi

071/34 78 80

tag: lab labeling software
Medpage Laboratories

...archive facility Bar coding system Our state-of-the-art equipment, instrumentation, and software includes AB Sciex 6500 high resolution Q Trap LC-MS MS systems AB Sciex 5600 high resolution LC-MS MS systems API-5500 Sciex Q trap LC-MS MS Systems with SelexION-Ion Mobility API-4000 Sciex LC-MS MS Systems UFLC Shimadzu LFLC HPLC LC-30XR Systems 19, 000 PSI HPLC Shimadzu UFLC LC-20...


016/39 18 70

tag: lab labeling software

...were digitalized using the Axipolan 2 Imaging microscope and Axiovision Rel 4.8 software. Quality control QC was performed on each section with determination of correct staining in intrinsic controls sweat glands, m.errector pili and or nerve bundles scale bar 20microm. The linear nerve fibre density was assessed by quantification according to EFNS-guidelines. Results...

2610 Antwerpen

03/218 10 80

tag: lab labeling software

Kunstlaan 3-4-5 1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node

1210 Sint-Joost-ten-Node

02/209 11 70

tag: lab labeling software

Panorama 3 4700 Eupen

4700 Eupen

087/55 42 01

tag: lab labeling software

Nijverheidsstraat 8 2260 Oevel

2260 Oevel

014/59 31 21

tag: lab labeling software

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