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Jurgen Van Hover

Van Hover Concept is als enige in België gespecialiseerd in autosportmarketing. Wij regelen voor u een professionele sponsoring in de autosport en vormen een rechtstreekse link tussen uw bedrijf en de vele CEO`s in de wereld van de racerij.

9300 Aalst

0495/2 0 77 20

tag: racing experience

Jaguar is zo dynamisch als zijn naam en logo al laten vermoeden. We zijn altijd al van mening geweest dat, als je iets wilt maken dat echt intens leeft, een auto het dichtst in de buurt komt.


03/241 11 11

tag: racing experience

Chaussée de Louvain 473 1300 Wavre

1300 Wavre

...motorcross, high-en supermotard, we can rely on a large hlins database and the experience of our foreign colleagues active on world level, such as Andreani in Italy and HK Suspension in the Netherlands. Preparing motorcycles for track use Whether it039s for a day of free riding sessions or for the participation at a real championship, your bike can be perfectly prepared her...

9290 Berlare

052/55 67 06

tag: racing experience
DML Performance

Ducati Store à Sambreville le spécialiste pour votre Ducati Ducatistore Sambreville ducati, sambreville

5060 Sambreville

071/77 77 67

tag: racing experience

...Ferrari uses cookies on its website to guarantee an excellent browsing experience to all of its users and to gather information regarding the use of the site itself. We use cookies, including those of third parties, to send personalised promotional messages. To find out more, see a list of the cookies used by the site and, if you wish, to disable those cookies, please read our privacy po...

3530 Houthalen-Helchteren

011/60 37 76

tag: racing experience

...home for sale experience contact looking for a new project For 8 years now, JAN BLOMME has been sailing with YORGO, a former 1985 Whitbread Round The World maxiracer. This yacht, skippered by the legendary ERIC TABARLY during the Whitbread Race in 1985 -1986, is very fast and is still as elegant as ever. This 83-footer is pure fun A refit will bring her back to her former glory. JAN BL...

8650 Houthulst

051/20 04 18

tag: racing experience

Gillet Vertigo Tony Gillet: un homme, une passion! Pilote moto et auto accompli, Tony Gillet a participé à de nombreuses compétitions. Son expérience du sport mécanique, ainsi que ses qualités d'ingénieur lui ont permis de transformer son rêve en réa

5032 Gembloux

081 56 84 44

tag: racing experience

...into new, cutting-edge products of BioRICS and in those of their customers. Our experience Building individualised algorithms is what makes BioRICS unique. Starting from the principle that every human being is unique 8211 being a complex, individually different, time-varying and dynamic system -, the algorithms developed continuously adapt in time to each individual and to h...

3001 Leuven

000000 0000000000

tag: racing experience
Dobby Yamada Serra

Het is dus NIET de bedoeling een tweede winkel online te openen. De breedte van het productenassortiment dat gevolgd wordt evenals de constante evolutie en vernieuwing ervan laat dit niet toe.

1000 BRUSSEL 1

02/512 23 32

tag: racing experience

Waterloosesteenweg 1135 1180 Ukkel

1180 Ukkel

02/372 50 11

tag: racing experience

Terlaemen 30 3550 Heusden-Zolder

3550 Heusden-Zolder

011/85 88 88

tag: racing experience
1040 Brussel

02/287 09 00

tag: racing experience

...years we have performed over 100 restorations on cars of various brands. Through thisexperience we have gained our position as a market leader in classic and vintage car restorations. Underneath you will find a selection of restoration projects we have done or are currently working on for our customers. Maserati Bora Lancia Flaminia Jensen Interceptor LG6 Special Lagonda Rapier Pa...

2160 Wommelgem

03 354 05 52

tag: racing experience

Boulevard d'Avroy 254 4000 Liège

4000 Liège
tag: racing experience

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...Please enable JavaScript to experience the full functionality of mail.com. Email News Tools More Email Features Premium Login MailCheck Email Domains News News Entertainment Sports Science Technology Business Tools iPhone App Android App iPad App MailCheck Browser download Services 11 MyWebsite Jobs Weather Service Credit Cards Real Estate Sign up Sign up Log in Enhanced by Google Sea...

1083 Ganshoren

02 482 01 10

tag: racing experience

...merk- en e-commerce platform. Vertu biedt klanten nu een seamless branded shopping experience op wereldwijde schaal. ANNE FRANK STICHTING In samenwerking met het Anne Frank Huis en Repudo hebben we de mobiele applicatie Anne s Amsterdam ontwikkeld. Met deze app verken je de stad en ontdek je wat er gebeurde tijdens de Tweede Wereldoorlog. Contact Privacy Gebruiksvoorwaarden Terug...

1060 Sint-Gillis (bij-Brussel)

02/537 58 22

tag: racing experience
S & D Leisure Simulations LTD

The Depot Mill Lane 0 SG18 8AZ BEDFORDSHIRE


004417 67313976

tag: racing experience
Team Motivation Consulting

...44 ANA MARIA RUIZ SANCHO Ana Mariacutea brings to Team Motivation her deep, extensive experience in assisting the personal transformation of individuals and other human systems groups, teams, etc.. As a clinician with more than 23 years of practice in the field of mental health, she has developed an outstanding capacity for listening to, understanding and dealing with complex inter...

9921 Lovendegem

09/227 83 44

tag: racing experience

Greepstraat 57 1000 Brussel

1000 Brussel
tag: racing experience

Metrologielaan 10 1130 Brussel

1130 Brussel

02/513 85 40

tag: racing experience

...highest-performance and fastest four-seater in the world that offers a unique driving experience. Go to the section F12berlinetta With the F12berlinetta a new era of extreme V12 cars dawns. Go to the section V8 458 Spider First and unique V8 mid-rear engine with a retractable hard top. Go to the section Ferrari California T The Ferrari California T is a convertible GT with retractable...

9830 Sint-Martens-Latem

09/282 88 58

tag: racing experience

Metrologielaan 10 1130 Brussel

1130 Brussel

02/513 81 01

tag: racing experience

Ringlaan 64 3550 Heusden-Zolder

3550 Heusden-Zolder

011/76 50 77

tag: racing experience

Transport algemeen vervoer beursmateriaal transport beursmateriaal vervoer stands tentoonstellingen transport stands tentoonstellingen vervoer

8870 Izegem

051/33 51 70

tag: racing experience

...the richest countries in culture and nature, are an endless exploration. Extraordinary experiences like participation in a Monks? food donation ceremony, traditional boat racing on Inle Lake, dinner amongst the ancient temples of Bagan, hot air balloons over Bagan at sunrise, ...This country offers a variety of unique opportunities that will certainly sets your incentive apart from any...

3140 Keerbergen
tag: racing experience

...Automotive and Racing industries. Whatever your design requirements are, our team of experienced engineers can design it from idea to final product - engine transmission control for on-road and off-road vehicles, ranging from high performance cars to construction and security vehicles- vehicle hybrid drive and propulsion systems for heavy duty and high performance applications- di...

1180 Ukkel

02/374 78 01

tag: racing experience

Steenbrugstraat 114 8530 Harelbeke

8530 Harelbeke

056/41 60 15

tag: racing experience

Terlicht(KE) 141 9451 Haaltert

9451 Haaltert

053/83 63 43

tag: racing experience
VBK - Afrasteringen

Welkom op de website van V.B.K. Afrasteringen. Wij zijn gevestigd te KERKSKEN, maar V.B.K. Afrasteringen BVBA kent geen grenzen! Wij hebben een zeer uiteenlopend gamma bestaande uit oa.: VBK Afrasteringen b.v.b.a.

9450 Haaltert

053/83 22 45

tag: racing experience

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...will the fun of riding a fixed base simulator be the same again. Indeed, when you have experienced motion, going back to fixed simulator will make them feel like a game. Don?t get us wrong, fixed based trainers are a great tool for learning, fun and professional training. That being said, they will never? well, move Never will you feel the acceleration of your vehicle as you thrott...

1350 Orp-Jauche

019/51 49 80

tag: racing experience
Camping F1 LTD



004420 71932636

tag: racing experience
Mad Dogs Athletics Europe BV

Scheldeweg 3 3144ES MAASLUIS


+31105 904508

tag: racing experience

Ooststraat 38 8630 Veurne

8630 Veurne

051/27 25 57

tag: racing experience

Rue de l'Equerre 29 1140 Evere

1140 Evere

02/779 47 38

tag: racing experience

....experience Brand .experience Our Clients Home Interactive experiences Interactive experiences Interaction and conversation are crucial to efficient communication. Through carefully targeted events, digital tools, and a creative use of interactive social media, we will help you to create groundbreaking interactive experiences. These day-to-day activation strategies will allow you t...

1140 Evere

02/730 06 11

tag: racing experience

Culturama Culturama culturama, kulturama, kultuurama, kultuur, cultur, kaders, verhuur, reclame

2000 Antwerpen

03/237 11 01

tag: racing experience

WebForm1 info@diogenius.net www.ipicplastic.be

4682 Oupeye

0428/6 4 88 5

tag: racing experience

...efficient and motivated team of technicians and engineers, several of whom are highly experienced men who have been with the company since it was set up, just over 15 years ago. Very recently, one key indiviual entered the team Yves Matton, previously in charge of client competition and team manager at Citron Sport. Today, the business has some 30 people who enthusiastically collabo...

5100 Namur

081/40 17 25

tag: racing experience

...en conflict management dan zijn volgende concepten uitermate geschikt Outdoor experience Team trophy Operatie fort van Stabroek Paintball Battlefield live Highland games Robinson games GPS orientatie Ontdek de fortengordel Deze concepten zijn desgewenst aanpasbaar aan uw wensen INCENTIVES Wat is een incentive? Een incentive is een managementinstrument dat kan...

9120 Beveren

03/775 84 00

tag: racing experience

+ RAPID-affichage + rapid , affichage , displays , reclame , biervilte n, outdoor affichage , publikaders , kaders , broodzakken , waaiers , zakdoeken , indoor affichage , plakken , affiches , promotie , festivals , budget , communicatie , flyers , p

2000 Antwerpen

03/259 09 40

tag: racing experience

...South Africa Search We use our own and third party cookies in order to improve your experience and our service. With the aid of cookies we analyze the typical use pattern of visitors to the website. Your continued use of our website shall be conclusively deemed acceptance of the use of cookies. For further information please read our Privacy Policy. 125 SX 2017 STING LIKE A BEE 7 7...

5030 Gembloux

010/47 11 40

tag: racing experience

...FOR YOUR ENGINE The thousands of engines that we have powered with our ECUs give us an experience which guarantees that whatever your engine, we have a perfect solution for you. Our ECUs are equipped with the more powerful microprocessors for breathtaking engine accelerations. The software Winjall allows an easy tuning of all our ECUs in an integrated way. The documentation provided i...

5032 Gembloux

081/40 8 689

tag: racing experience

Stadionplein 4 3600 Genk

3600 Genk

089/84 96 68

tag: racing experience

...you can rent only what you exactly need We will be at your side to have the best track experience wearing the proper motorcycle gear. GO FAST MOTO biedt u alle producten en diensten om met uw motor op circuit in de beste omstandigheden uit te oefenen. Uw veiligheid is onze prioriteit De op GFM op maat motor lederen pakken zijn onze specialiteit Bij ons vindt u enkel premium lederen...

1180 Ukkel

02/851 52 28

tag: racing experience

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Royal Belgian Sailing Club

...o.t.k. 14 06 2015 047 geen 27 05 2015 0477561679 contest 60 Looking for crew with experience in baby sitting.summer period spain and Sardinia. Sailing yacht Contest60 29 01 2015 Cuyt Kim 0032483240407 470 Ik zou een vrouwelijke zeilpartner fokkenmaat om mee wedstrijd te zeilen. Laat maar een berichtje op kim.cuyt@hotmail.com 06 10 2014 Walravens Stephan - Camelot We zoeken een...

9000 Gent

09/227 67 12

tag: racing experience
DVB Racing

...To enjoy and experience top sport at first hand is precisely what DVB RACING can offer you. These last few years this Belgian team has built up a solid reputation in both national and international competitions. DVB RACING one goal...to win DVB RACING is a professional team with years of experience and highly active on the national and international motorsport scene. The experience and...

2830 Willebroek

03/337 41 75

tag: racing experience

Durbuy hotel restaurant le Clos des Récollets Ardennes Belgique Un cadre unique Dans le cadre intime d'une maison XVIIe restaurée du centre du Vieux Durbuy, vous serez séduits par la gentillesse et le talent du jeune chef Frédéric Bruneel qui a fait

7540 Tournai

069/22 37 59

tag: racing experience

...at the highest level, with the best service you can imagine We have several years of experience, and the full EGP team is ready to bring you at the top Latest images EGP is official Rotax Max center, your local distribution and service point Click on the picture below to find out all details about the Rotax engines...

2200 Herentals

014/23 21 71

tag: racing experience
ARRIS Belgium

...broadband technology. We have continually worked with our customers to transform the experience of entertainment and communications for millions of people around the world. The people of ARRIS are dedicated to the success of our customers, bringing a passion for invention that has fueled our history We created digital TV, delivered the first wireless broadband gateway and are pione...

1930 Zaventem

02/718 54 00


...established for several decades there is a highly respected wealth of knowledge and experience within the company, which offers its services to potential clients interested in buying or selling historic sports or racing cars. Steenweg op Turnhout 84 - 2330 Merksplas - Belgium. Copyright 2012 Mroks.com...

2330 Merksplas

014/47 89 00

tag: racing experience
Jeroen Devenyn

Devenyn & Partners zijn een boutique management consultancy die zich specialiseren in het leveren van slimme oplossingen voor complexe problemen

9000 Gent

09/231 28 53

tag: racing experience

...America . They are still active bikers today and are happy to share their knowledge and experience through a professional approach with every one of their customers. We speakenglish Nieuwsbrief E-mailadres Voornaam Nieuwsbrief E-mailadres Voornaam Openingsuren Dinsdag tot vrijdag 09.00-12.30 uur en 14.00-18.30 uur Zaterdag 09.00-12.30 uur en 14.00-17.00 uur Zondag en maandag gesl...

1745 Opwijk

052/35 84 43

tag: racing experience
First Stop Belgium

...This website uses cookies to ensure that we give you the best experience on our website. We also use cookies to remember your settings and gather web statistics. If you continue without changing your settings, we ll assume that you are happy to receive all cookies on this website. However, if you would like to, you can change your cookie settings at any time. Continue Find out more Corpo...

1932 Zaventem

02/712 08 80

tag: racing experience

Auto-Constant et Constant Liège, concessions Dodge, Chrysler, Jeep, NNCC et Mitsubishi, point de service Mercedes-Benz en Province de Liège. Dodge, Chrysler & Jeep, Mitsubishi et NNC, point de service Mercedes-Benz en province de Liège

4650 Herve

087 67 59 25

tag: racing experience

...room - even find a soul mate. But professionals have wildly different views on, and experiences of, social media for business-to-business use. There are fervent advocates, firms whose staff are blogging, tweeting, setting up LinkedIn and Facebook pages. They see social media platforms as a key communication medium of the future. Others regard social media with clear distain and see...

2018 Antwerpen

03/232 87 87

tag: racing experience

...Midway Amazone Schrootpersen Shredders This website uses cookies to improve your experience. We ll assume you re ok with this, but you can opt-out if you wish.Accept Read More...

6041 Charleroi

071 34 43 03

tag: racing experience
Presses et Cisailles Lefort

...sales dealer support manager for the Southeast region. He has more than 20 years of experience in the industry and has worked with Harris, Marathon Equipment and Imabe Balers. ?With Lef... Lees meer Apr 5 LEFORT America will present their LEFORT .SB 660A Crawler at ISRI 2017 Want to get a closer look at our track-mounted shear baler logger, the LEFORT .SB 660A Crawler? Visit LE...

6041 Charleroi

071/35 69 59

tag: racing experience
Auto Luttre

Autoluttre, votre partenaire en plaisir automobile (Ford) : découvrez son expérience en matière de services, de compétence, d'accueil, de location, de véhicules neufs, d'occasion et d'entretien autoluttre.be - Bienvenue

6238 Pont-à -Celles

071 84 45 02

tag: racing experience
1040 Etterbeek

02 647 91 67

tag: racing experience

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Gelaagstraat 53 9150 Kruibeke

9150 Kruibeke

0475/7 4 54 26

tag: racing experience
Moortgat Consumer Services

Duvel Moortgat wil als Belgische brouwerij een leiderspositie bekleden binnen de niche van speciaalbieren en premium merken, zowel in België als in prioritaire exportmarkten. Duvel Moortgat veut occuper une position de leader dans les niches des bièr

2870 Puurs
tag: racing experience

...Leyne 27 uit Leke heeft met succes de vierde etappe van de Ducati Globetrotter 90 experience afgewerkt. lees meer De Leiteweg 4 8020 Ruddervoorde t. 050 27 83 23 f. 050 28 09 50 info@hautekiet.be copy 2009 Hautekiet - disclaimer...

8020 Oostkamp

050 27 83 23

tag: racing experience

Meerhoutseweg 86 2440 Geel

2440 Geel

03/384 03 83

tag: racing experience
9190 Stekene

03/789 07 83

tag: racing experience
Pro Soccer Agent

Tuinwijk ter Heide 48 9050 Gent

9050 Gent

09/230 40 07

tag: racing experience

...Safer on the road? even with 1036 bhp Your exclusive event by DreamDrive? Jeffrey?s experience also comes from F1 Become a Racing Driver for one day Correct technique? will give you better control No tyre barriers, a few cars? is the safest way to learn SafetyDRIVE DriftDRIVE CircuitDRIVE RacingDRIVE Jeffrey Van Hooydonk Jeffrey Van Hooydonk est le plus jeune fils de Mike. Ce d...

1731 Asse
tag: racing experience

Firmin Lecharlierlaan 93 1090 Jette

1090 Jette
tag: racing experience

Rue Trois Bourdons 31 4840 Welkenraedt

4840 Welkenraedt

087/22 39 45

tag: racing experience
Detonation & Company Int. LC



0472/3 5 71 20

tag: racing experience
Construction Incorporation

state route 890 2627 PA 17801 Sunbury

PA 17801 Sunbury

570286 9330

tag: racing experience

Tournebride 53 3620 Lanaken

3620 Lanaken

089/72 19 86

tag: racing experience

Zeeweg 25 8490 Jabbeke

8490 Jabbeke

050/39 37 53

tag: racing experience

...is no longer about linguistics and error detection only, but rather about customer experience and satisfaction. And it is only by becoming part of the development process that we can get there and translate our customers? success. Let s talk Events SectorsMarketing Communication ServicesSubtitling and Voice-overMultilingual Search Engine Optimization SEOContent management syste...

3000 Leuven

016 39 75 51

tag: racing experience

...room - even find a soul mate. But professionals have wildly different views on, and experiences of, social media for business-to-business use. There are fervent advocates, firms whose staff are blogging, tweeting, setting up LinkedIn and Facebook pages. They see social media platforms as a key communication medium of the future. Others regard social media with clear distain and see...

1150 Sint-Pieters-Woluwe

02/660 47 04

tag: racing experience
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Jurgen Van Hover