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...with a single web application that handles all customer contacts via chat, e-mail, Whatsapp, voice as well as the expert knowledge base. Wednesday, 14 Oct 2015 Artilium announces Integration Partnership with Expeto Wireless Artilium announces Integration Partnership with Expeto Wireless inc. ?Expeto? giving MVNOs unprecedented agility and scale by managing their own core network. 1 2...

8210 Zedelgem

050/23 03 00

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Mama Don't

Kamperbaan 126 3940 Hechtel-Eksel

3940 Hechtel-Eksel

011/63 25 00

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Meet Music Magazine/DeeJay Gear December 2007 Meet Music Alhambra Crossover Series DAP Audio X-15 & X-15HL Dynacord Variline Ibanez MDB1 Kawai CA91 Laney Lionheart L20T-410 Line 6 Pocket POD Mapex Pro M Series Yamaha MG124CX Yamaha RBX JM2 ZOOM HD16C

2250 Olen
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Boulevard Initialis 1 7000 Mons

7000 Mons
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des Idées aux mots

...needs of contemporary digital users. He only needs few words to understand the right tone-of-voice wanted by the clients. His copy is flawless 038 a pleasure to read. He has a wonderful personality 038 attitude to work with. Beside that he8217s competent 038 willing to guide junior copywriters. I8217m looking forward to work again with him. Frank Pepermans Business 038...

1090 Jette

02/372 97 72

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...issues in Eastern European languages. Lack of understanding of local needs tone of voice, target audience, style of translated content. Source formats such as InDesign, Illustrator, etc. not supported, extra effort needed to implement the translations into the multilingual files. Lack of a centralized platform to help monitor past and current translation projects. Without t...

3000 Leuven

016 39 75 51

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...your expertise? 3. Creation let?s create content with the right message, the right tone of voice adapted to your targets and the use media. 4. Media print, ezine website, tablet apps, audio video, creating interactions, seminars and trainings, surveys Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consetetur sadipscing elitr, sed diam nonumy eirmod tempor invidunt ut labore et dolore magna aliqu...

9880 Aalter
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La Boàrte à  Musique

Clasical music label specialised in classical music. Pavane Records - Belgian classical music label Classical music, Pavane, Records, Pavane Records, Belgium, Brussels

1000 Brussel

02 513 09 65

tag: tone of voice

...is afhankelijk van uw communicatie. Een verleidelijk format, een overtuigende tone of voice, een aantrekkelijke lay-out ... en uw broodje is gebakken Dankzij onze expertise kust u de gesofisticeerde, maar onaantrekkelijke ?buzz marketing? vaarwel. Wij willen concrete, duidelijke boodschappen en visuals die u de originaliteit bezorgen die u verdient. Ons doel ?instant impact? W...

1780 Wemmel

02/267 85 64

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...service provider ITSP, creating a single conduit for multimedia components including voice, video and data. The SN5200 includes SIP-aware NAT and access controlled lists ACLs for maintaining secure communications when SIP traffic crosses the Enterprise edge. The SN5200 enables IP-based data routing for enterprises in need of a single integrated access device to support their I...

1160 Oudergem

02/675 45 71

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base office

...? Partner Thoughtful yet inquisitive in content. Dynamic, vital and witty in the tone of voice. This is what we did to build the personality of MoMA Design Store. Arno Baudin Design Director We also proposed segmentation, engagement through targeted interest. Inva àota Senior Designer Who says promotions can t be fun? Arno Baudin Design Director The new look for the communi...

1060 Sint-Gillis (bij-Brussel)

02/219 00 82

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...Work We developed Chamarrés brand platform. This resulted a.o. in a tagline, the tone of voice for its different audiences stakeholders, a fact sheet, boiler plate, corporate values and a list of recommended brand-building activities. Chamarré IPAC sprl - bvba Av. W. Churchill 240 B4 B?1180 Brussels Belgium t. 32 2 346 02 02 info@ipac.be www.ipac.be General terms c...

1180 Ukkel

0477/3 7 75 64

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...klantgericht. Schrijf vanuit zijn voordeel. Gebruik actieve taal en de juiste tone of voice. Vermijd ?wij, ik en ons? maar gebruik van ?u en jij . Doe dit consequent voor alle teksten van de webshop. 7 SCHRIJFTIPS VOOR INTERESSANTE PRODUCTBESCHRIJVINGEN Welk voordelen krijg ik? Neem niet klakkeloos de productinfo van de producent over voor je productomschrijvingen. Beschrijf de v...

1348 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve

02/387 01 59

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...met een heldere, precieze boodschap Zorg dat het past bij je brand een consistente tone of voice Stem je advertentie en landingspagina op elkaar af Voeg een duidelijke CTA toe Kies aantrekkelijke afbeeldingen Respecteer de regels van Facebook Ook als je via MailChimp je advertentie maakt, moet je de regels van Facebook volgen. Voldoet je ad hier niet aan, dan kan hij afgekeurd worden...

2840 Rumst

03/820 31 20

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...Like ads, promoted post ads, advertising ads de juiste boodschap onderwerp, tone-of-voice, lengte van de boodschap, call-to-action ... het juiste kostenmodel Cost Per Click CPC of CPM Al deze factoren zijn uiterst belangrijk, want uw return on marketing investment ROMI hangt ervan af. Gelukkig zijn er onze campagnemanagers Ze kunnen een vooronderzoek uitvoeren, uw ni...

3500 Hasselt

013/55 03 50

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Molièrelaan 517 1050 Elsene

1050 Elsene

02/649 47 08

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Dj-Center Party Rental Dj-CenterHome - Register - Login - Email Company | Products | Services | Support | Contact djcenter.be Party-Provider Dj-Center Crew Wie zijn wij News sept '07 Uitbreiding Klankversterking August '07 Wij verhuizen! Nieuwe Locat

8800 Roeselare

051/48 89 88

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CYTAL Business Systems

...Thanks to recent developments, potential customers may benefit from an extended range of voice portals to navigate toward the relevant services they are looking for. Back to Top Selling Support Promotions When trying to promote a new product, you could increase interest in free samples or delivery of information by simplifying the request process for your customers. All they need...

2000 Antwerpen

03/231 10 93

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Ibis Communications

...must have the same impact in every language. We respect the target audience, the tone-of-voice and the medium. For us a target text really does have a target. We think along with you, flexibly and proactively. NEED A TRANSLATION? events living content full service With our full service approach it?s not only the visitors to our events that we surprise. You, our customer, will be d...


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2000 Antwerpen

03/216 71 40

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Vlamingstraat 4 8560 Wevelgem

8560 Wevelgem
tag: tone of voice

Rue du Limbourg 76 4000 Liège

4000 Liège

0422/5 2 07 8

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...een herinnering, waarin u vriendelijk verzoekt om de betaling te regelen. De juiste tone-of-voice is voor het succes van zo?n eerste herinnering ontzettend belangrijk. Wanneer na de eerste herinnering nog niet wordt betaald, kan u een tweede herinnering sturen. Als het gaat om een goede klant, is het zeker aanbevolen om een tweede herinnering te sturen alvorens u formele stappen zet e...

9000 GENT

09/218 90 94

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...dit met een bevlogen team van conversation managers met oog voor de verschillende tone of voice van elk medium en je bereikt geweldige resultaten. Ondanks het feit dat de platformen nooit echt gepromoot werden, zijn de communities rond Life at Belgacom toch al aardig aangedikt. Op Facebook tellen we meer dan 1.700 fans, op Twitter zijn er meer dan 800 followers en op LinkedIn staat...


015/21 81 88

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...Traditionally, artists use it to set the mood for their work, the tone of their voice, and to carry a theme in their craft. In the world of video, color grading is an art form all its own. The Post-production process of color grading is specialized work and requires specific and finite tools. Color grading can make a drastic change to footage, turning day into night or maki...

9990 Maldegem

050/70 42 86

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...management, which extend unit working hours than many WIFI voice device - EASY operation, as voice identify calling in hands-free mode allows staff to keep working while communicating - WEIGHT less than 80g Lightweight, wearable design ensure the C600 is readily available and easy to use. Health Care Products Read more 1 attachment Topic B122 Plus Red Wallmountable unit with 4 one tou...

9100 Sint-Niklaas

03 777 67 80

tag: tone of voice

...every image we create. Words Picking the right words is an art. Setting the right tone of voice even more. We make your message come across. Loud clear Or soft subtle. Always with an impact. People We don?t talk about target groups. We talk about people. It?s people that have the power that are the decision makers. How do you trigger them? What?s on their mind? And how do you...


03/844 86 69

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Page in extremis is a visual communication and design agency creating tools to help international, European and Belgian companies and institutions communicate effectively with their target audience. Corporate identities, rep

1190 Vorst

02/663 85 85

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...Press Releases 2014 ECTA agrees with BEREC warning against premature de-regulation of fixed voice markets ECTA asks the European Ombudsman for clarification Academic study confirms that more competition lead Joint e-Communications Industry Statement on the Open Internet Debate It?s not time to rock the boat... 2013 Competition should remain at heart of EU telecoms regulatory policy EC...

1000 Brussel

02/227 11 11

tag: tone of voice

...on Relevant Markets ECTA agrees with BEREC warning against premature de-regulation of fixed voice markets ECTA asks the European Ombudsman for clarification Academic study confirms that more competition lead Joint e-Communications Industry Statement on the Open Internet Debate It?s not time to rock the boat... 2013 Competition should remain at heart of EU telecoms regulatory policy EC...

1000 Brussel

02/227 11 11

tag: tone of voice

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...enable.. Intelligentias secures a 24 Million order... Sonus Networks brings the power of voice over... Tortel Communications selects Sonus Networks... Dr. Richard Nottenburg to join Sonus Networks as.. TATA Communications and Sonus Networks unveil... Sonus Networks reports first quarter 2008... Leading Canadian operator expands business and... Sonus Networks expands access services...

1000 Brussel

02/227 11 11

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GENERIS Communication Design and Design Management

...decision-makers, experts, industry, the media. Being able to engage the most influential voices in the market requires an understanding of their language and the terms under which they are willing to listen. Our approach focuses on the targeted dissemination of core brand values through applications that speak in the tone and volume to which the audience best responds. We develop al...

1050 Elsene

02 340 27 20

tag: tone of voice

Lange Nieuwstraat 126 2000 Antwerpen

2000 Antwerpen

03/231 68 75

tag: tone of voice

...repetition of three notes played on a piano, with only the addition of violin, bell and the voice of the album?s biggest discovery, 20 year old female singer, Kid A, from Virginia, USA. The beatless ?Kiss My Soul? establishes the intimate tone of the album, which continues with the dubby house of ?Souless Dreamer?, on which Berlin based DJ, Seth Troxler, guests on the track with his t...

3500 Hasselt

011/21 29 09

tag: tone of voice
Garage Theo Vandenperre

Toyota - Omdat wij u bij een volgend bezoek onmiddellijk in de gekozen taal willen begroeten schrijven we een onschuldige cookie weg op uw machine. (IE en Netscape). Indien uw webbrowser echter is geconfigureeerd om geen cookies te aanvaarden, dan zu

1780 Wemmel

02 460 21 79

tag: tone of voice
Cafmeyer Gallery

Kustlaan 29 8300 Knokke-Heist

8300 Knokke-Heist

050 61 10 76

tag: tone of voice
Parfums Christian Dior S.A.B.

Louizalaan 523 1050 Brussel

1050 Brussel

02/642 26 11

tag: tone of voice

Vlasfabriekstraat 30 1060 Sint-Gillis (bij-Brussel)

1060 Sint-Gillis (bij-Brussel)

02/502 70 90

tag: tone of voice

...the way of operation of a professional Talk back intercom. Many features and clear voice communication. Datasheet PDF Professional Talk Back. Way of operation..pdf Contact Contact address PRONOR NV Liefkensstraat 35A B-9032 GENT BELGIUM Telephone Fax T 32 9 257 08 80 F 32 9 257 08 85 E-mail Click here for e-mail How to find us Have a quick view to our map here Dow...

9000 Gent

09/257 08 80

tag: tone of voice

...overdrive pedal for electric guitar with warm tube-style tone, gain control, volume control, voice control, ... 65.00 EUR Hotone Skyline Komp compresseur HoTone Skyline Komp, compact opto compressor pedal for electric guitar, comp control, volume control, tone control, spark switch add brightne ... 65.00 EUR Hotone Skyline Liftup Boost HoTone Skyline Liftup, compact clean boost pe...

7033 Mons

065/35 51 71

tag: tone of voice

Cybertrust is a global information security specialist that helps customers secure data, protect identities, and demonstrate ongoing compliance. Cybertrust â?" Managed Security Services, Identity Management, Partner Security, Risk Assessment, PCI Com

1348 Ottignies-Louvain-la-Neuve

010/45 61 30

tag: tone of voice

...track on Impermanence is ?Heart Beating?, again featuring Kid A?s strong and engaging voice. The song is Agoria?s most direct pop-piece yet and an unexpected proof of his strength as both a songwriter and arranger. Once again instrumentation is kept sparse with Kid A?s singing added to only by changing percussion and soaring strings. It?s a special piece of music that surely will...

7522 Tournai

069/23 53 44

tag: tone of voice

...translations we have made in the past, ensuring consistency in terminology and tone of voice. In the long run that can result in significant cost savings for you. 2.1 Services Avenue Monplaisir 69 1030 Brussels Belgium 32 02 725 51 40 info@ctbelgium.be CT Belgium 2015. All rights reserved. site by D MS...

1030 Schaarbeek

02 725 51 40

tag: tone of voice

Grétrystraat 2 2018 Antwerpen

2018 Antwerpen

03/213 12 70

tag: tone of voice

...van creatieve concepten en grafische prestaties in online copy en lifestyle tone of voice. Het genereren van stand-alone copy o ... meer 1-7 van 68 1 2 3 4 ...volgende Vacatures vinden Wat? Waar? Afstand?...


09/243 91 16

tag: tone of voice

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...marketing, Nieuwsbrieven, content marketing, zoekmachine adverteren8230 de tone of voice blijft hierbij zeer belangrijk. Yes, conversie Alles draait uiteindelijk op conversie en inbound. Gekende termen zijn inbound marketing en conversion marketing. Afhankelijk van de doelgroep zullen leads en conversies in verschillende stadia plaatsvinden. Mikt u op B2B conversie, dan zal...

9940 Evergem

09/330 01 77

tag: tone of voice

...to be an international player on the tourism market. This ambition needs its own tone of voice and styling that?s translated in a unique branding strategy. As every brand Leuven Tourism had his own slogan. I Luv Leuven is a positive and inviting message to everyone who wants to discover Leuven. Aha Footsteps of science All the different faculties of the University of Leuven and co...

3290 Diest

016/43 74 63

tag: tone of voice

Rue Grand Aaz 31 4680 Oupeye

4680 Oupeye

042/29 19 19

tag: tone of voice

Spectre - belgium label for industrial - dark ambient - noise - rhythyms + dynamics ::Spectre:: belgium label for industrial - dark ambient - noise - rhythyms + dynamics

7500 Tournai
tag: tone of voice

Rijselsestraat(Kor) 26 8500 Kortrijk

8500 Kortrijk

056/53 27 78

tag: tone of voice

Frans Pepermansstraat 82 1140 Evere

1140 Evere

02/215 97 86

tag: tone of voice
Hoogenboom Special Products

Brechtsebaan 24 2900 Schoten

2900 Schoten

03/685 17 71

tag: tone of voice

Naamsesteenweg 118 3001 Leuven

3001 Leuven

016/23 27 45

tag: tone of voice
Seven Productions

...we created a remarkable brand personality with sassy communication and fitting tone of voice, unique on the belgian telecom market different, with a twist, young and relevant. The Event Back to work Share this project SEVEN Zorgvliet 17 2860 Sint-Katelijne-Waver Belgium E19 exit Mechelen-Noord t 32 15 45 17 77 f 32 15 21 74 72 e hello@sevenproductions.be From Twitter Aaaa...

2550 Kontich
tag: tone of voice

...both the space and each other. Spend long enough with them and their ?personalities?, or ?voices?, become evident. This is especially true of the stylised bronze cat an ambiguous feline presence that looks both primitive and contemporary. And what of the snail inching along the top of Party?s unique bronze mirror? A creature that, despite having ?eyes? on horns, is almost sightless. M...

1050 Elsene

02/639 67 30

tag: tone of voice

...output DVI RGB SXGA YPbPr Option Multipoints up to 4 HD SD 720P video endpoints 3 voice terminals to join the conference Datasheet VP9030 Videoconference system HUAWEI VP9035A Excellent HD video communications with 4-site embedded MCUOptional, easy-to-use like never before. HUAWEI VP9035A is bringing multi-site, excellent HD video communication and content sharing expe...

1420 Braine-l'Alleud

06/721 20 21

tag: tone of voice

Naast het aanleggen van nieuwe bekabeling en netwerken, kan Connectivity Solutions ook uw bestaande netwerkverbindingen optimaliseren en herstructureren.

3740 Bilzen

089/62 17 75

tag: tone of voice

Portugalstraat 17 1060 Sint-Gillis (bij-Brussel)

1060 Sint-Gillis (bij-Brussel)
tag: tone of voice

...The modules Digital voice announcers Lift doorphones Lift EasyTalk Self-powered module 2 numbers per button 6 numbers in option Optional switches Leds meegegeven Lift Communicator Specialised PABX for 4 or 8 lifts on one PSTN line. Backup batteries integrated Lift Call Connect Permet de raccorder ensemble un module Lift EasyTalk, un t?l?phone in the machinery room and a PSTN line Lift Ea...

1180 Ukkel

02/663 83 03

tag: tone of voice

...on innovative solutions based on world class technologies for several years, believing that voice is and will remain in the future, the most common way of communication. Customers like to interact in a natural way and despise solutions that provide rigid touch-tone or directed dialog voice interface. From the very beginning we realized that NLU Natural Language Understanding will be...

1000 Brussel

02 238 17 11

tag: tone of voice

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Avenue des Aunelles 14 1420 Braine-l'Alleud

1420 Braine-l'Alleud

02/654 16 98

tag: tone of voice

...script from audio or video format. Get in touch Audiovisual Dubbing, subtitling or voice over services are available to broaden the audience for your audiovisual content such as corporate videos, commercials, training e-learning webinars Get in touch Graphic Layout We support your multilingual graphic design and layout needs, delivering ready to print publish content. We...

1310 La Hulpe

02 652 00 89

tag: tone of voice
Super Speedy Car Wash

Romeinsesteenweg 600 1853 Grimbergen

1853 Grimbergen

02/268 67 66

tag: tone of voice
1740 Ternat

02/452 30 11

tag: tone of voice

...message The recipient of your email should be addressed by name and the language and tone of voice should appeal to your target audience. The body text The body text invites the reader to click on a ?call to action? CTA button somewhere in the email. The content should present a clear message, providing the clear benefit of your company and what they could be potentially missing. Mak...

2600 Antwerpen

03/286 06 80

tag: tone of voice

Onze-Lieve-Vrouw van Vaakstraat 24 1000 Brussel

1000 Brussel
tag: tone of voice

...as for advertising. On request, our mixing cinema can be used as a recording room for short voice- or instrumental recordings. Our services Mixing cinema approx. 50 sqm, 5.1 Genelec THX certified monitoring, AVID Pro Tools 10 Project studio approx. 15 qm, 5.1 Fostex Genelec monitoring, AVID Pro Tools 10, Wavelab 7 Audio processing mixing surround Up downmix 1.0-7.1 Film 24fps PAL25fp...

4020 Liège

0436/4 1 20 0

tag: tone of voice

Chaussée Bara 596 1410 Waterloo

1410 Waterloo

02/351 17 97

tag: tone of voice

U kan bij AV Concept terecht voor het kopen van audiovisuele middelen voor elke ruimte, voor verhuur van deze apparaten, voor het huren van prestigieuze zalen met DJ voorzieningen en voor tal van animaties.

1500 Halle

02/534 38 30

tag: tone of voice

...which cannot be deducted from its call number. Overview Resources Description Interactive voice response servers are not isolated from information. In addition to their privileged link with ?Nixxis Interaction Engine?, vocal applications can also access external databases SQL Server, Oracle, etc and Web services HTTP XML, SOAP, etc. Vocal applications can go from the simple play...

1020 Laken

02/307 00 00

tag: tone of voice

ADSL - Voice over IP (voix) - Hébergement - Nom de domaines - VPN - Firewall - Webdesign - Maintenance - Formation myOpenWeb Mot de passe oublié? OpenWeb Produits & services Infrastructure News Bibliothèque Bureau Virtuel FR EN Bienvenue, Openweb so

5300 Andenne

085/23 17 11

tag: tone of voice

...die je brengt zowel eenvoudig als effectief zijn. Het gebruik van de correcte tone of voice is bijzonder belangrijk. Naast het ontwerpen al uw grafische communicatievormen biedt zoz ook copywriting aan om u teksten of slogans hapklaar te maken. Communicatieadvies De juiste snaar bespelen in uw bedrijfscommunicatie is een onderdeel van een strategisch communicatieplan. Het opst...

3800 Sint-Truiden

011/67 28 76

tag: tone of voice

Koning Leopold I-Straat 18 3000 Leuven

3000 Leuven

016/41 40 88

tag: tone of voice

...corporate identity genoemd, bestaat uit uw logo, kleur, lettertype, vormen, taal, tone-of- voice en fotografie. In uw huisstijl komen alle aspecten van uw merkwaarden en identiteit samen. Uw huisstijl vormt de fundering van uw merk. Daarom is het een belangrijk strategisch middel voor uw profilering en positionering. Elke vorm van interne en externe communicatie dient uw huisstijl co...

3680 Maaseik

089 56 87 63

tag: tone of voice

...via MIDI, so ... 358.99 EUR Roland JX-8P The JX-8P is a decent analog polysynth. It has 6 voices of polyphony, great MIDI implementation and patch storage as well as an external memory cartridge slot. Though it is far more advanced than its predecessor, the JX-3P, the JX-8P has its drawbacks. Hands-on programming is sacrificed and reduced to assigning the parameter you want to tweak...

2000 Antwerpen

03/236 45 00

tag: tone of voice
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